Results from Cracking Caldy

*Maxitours Summer Schedule 2017 released tomorrow!*
Still Room for 1 team at Fairhaven next week
Maxitours at Cracking Caldy

What a day to come to the coast!

There was not a breath of wind, the stunning Caldy course was dry and firm and the warm Atlantic gulf stream kept our players feeling warm – tremendous.

Many thanks to golf course manager Carl Crocher for preparing this top links course to such a very high standard.

Maxitours player Chris Adams was looking bronzed after our recent trip to Portugal. His golf ball seemed to want to go back to the sun and he couldn’t stop hooking it in the general direction of the Algarve.

Graham Dean always tells me a couple of crackers when he checks in. Today he said he was struggling for a team as his regular partner was run over by a train yesterday. ‘He is a real enthusiast who absolutely loves steam trains and wanted to get as close as possible to a moving one- but just got too close’ when I asked him if his pal was alright he told me that ‘yes, he was chuffed to bits.’

Retired Ex- England footballers Matt Jansen(10) and Mickey Gray(7) have discovered that hitting a little dimpled ball is a bit trickier than kicking a big one. They have played in plenty of events but without much success. Something clicked today and ex Blackburn star Jansen had his best ever round collecting three birdies on the back nine to take 4th place. Warren Newton(9) and Pat Keenan(16) also played great golf.

My old science teacher Neil Drummond(13) from Macclesfield played today. The last time I saw him he sent me out of the classroom for setting fire to my pencil case with a bunsen burner. It was Mr Drummond who was on fire today though as he helped his team to 86 points and 3rd place. He teamed up with Andrew Stone(17), Daniel Dunn(21) and Brendan Leighton.(15)

Dave Parsons(15) and his ageing team from Sale Golf Club shocked a lot of people today as they returned a best- ever 87 points to take 2nd place. They had an incident packed round of golf. Steve Thomas(18) is a dentist and watching him play on the course is like pulling teeth. Today however he holed his second shot into the first to collect 5 points. ‘They might put a ‘plaque’ there.’ Said one of his team mates. Geoff Sherburn(16) then had a Maxitours first winning both holes in one (the odds of which are over 10,000-1) – although he did miss both putts. Dave Smith(18) completed the entertaining quartet.

Winning today were experienced players Mark Jones(14) from Clitheroe who teamed up with Mike Parkin(12) from Preston and father and son Gary (5)and Jordan Garner(6) from Haigh Hall. They collected 46 points on the front nine and 42 points on the back nine to take their first win of the year. The consistent but likeable team will be facing another handicap cut before their next outing!

Well played chaps.

Thank to everyone for your 100% attendance once again.
There are some Vilasol photos on the Holidays4golfers facebook page if you want to check them out.

Last week a Galvin Green waterproof top was kindly handed in by Peter Hamlett. Let me know if it was yours please as Pete has his eye on it.

Thanks for your support, Tim

Nearest the Pin 2nd hole Geoff Sherburn!
Nearest the pin 17th hole Geoff Sherburn!

2’s £155 5 pro V1s or a dozen AD333s per two Don Milligan Dave Fellows Matt Jansen x2 Dale Beaghan Pete Ledger Tony Stiles Dave Goodwin James Eaves Steve Aspinall

Caldy 19-Jan-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mark Jones, Jordan Garner, Gary Garner, Mike Parkin 88 12 Ashworth Fleece each
2 Dave Parsons, Geoff Sherburn, Dave Smith, Steve Thomas 87 10 PGA Tour jacket each
3 Neil Drummond, Brendan Leighton, Andy Stone, Dan Dunn 86 8 Kartel shirt each
4 Mickey Gray, Matt Jansen, Warren Newton, Pat Keenan 86 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Martin France, Pete Atherton, James Eaves, Chris Webster 86 4 Maxitours Winter hat each
6 Mick Fenton, Tony Stiles, Don Milligan, Dave Blease 85 2 Maxitours Winter Hat each
7= Jim Rymer, Bob Mottershead, John Dickenson, Dave Holgate 85
7= Dale Beaghan, Pete Ledger, Mark Patten, Phil Mayers 85
9 Simon Hemsley, Ashley Elliott, Dave Woods, Dave Howarth 84
10= Les Russon, Simon Burgess, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 83
10= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Alan Drew, Alan Simpson 83
12 Trevor Foster, Matt Mortimer, Grant Vickery, Connor Taylor 82
13= David Kelly, John Atkin, Dave Harlow, David Fellows 81
13= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Gary Conroy, Mike Wilson 81
15 John Linsky, John Fitzsimmons, Simon Wilkinson, Eugenio Fernandez 80
16 Steve Lamont, Pete Gold, Doug Broadstock, Bob Kingswood 79
17 Chris Adams, Richard Johnson, Charliev Cunningham, Andy Oakes 78
18= Dave Goodwin, Richard Williamson, Paul Woodbine, Pete Keena 77
18= John Rigby, Paul Evans, Chris Adams, Tony Evans 77
18= Eddie Jordan, Dave Ashton, Bryan Carroll, David Carroll 77
21= Koos Alders, Martin Cox, Barry Simpson, Mark Morris 76
21= Ian Neilson, Marl Birtwistle, Simon Bradley, Terry Broderick 76
23 Rob Weston, Trevor Webb, Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews 71
24 John Stubbs, John Royle, Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 70
25 Mick Mahon, Munro Donald, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 65
26 Trevor Nicholson, David Vaughan, Steve Gibbons, Richard T-Carr 63

Fairhaven Start times TUESDAY 24th January
1a Colin Roberts x2 Steve Austin x2
1b Phil Vokes x4
2 Trevor Foster x4
3a Dave Goodwin x4
3b Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
4 Nigel Compsty x4
4b Mark Jones x2 Gary Garner x2
5 Eddie Jordan x4
6 Mick Fenton x4
6 John Berry x4
7 Steve Aspinall x4
8 Ian Greenough x4
9a John Stubbs x4
9b Dave Blood x4
10 Brian Hopkins x4
11a David Kelly x4
11a Chris Adams x4
12 Dale Beaghan x4
13 Simon Taylor x4
14 Roger Fielding x2 Greg Adams x2
14b George Buchan x4
15 Mark Pasquill x4
16 Les Russon x4
16b Steve Lamont x4
17 Ian Greenough x4
18b Mick Mahon x4