Results from cracking Caldy

2 Spaces at Sandiway next week and spaces at Mere in April

Maxitours at cracking Caldy

A terrific day on the links was enjoyed by the full field of Maxitours players at Caldy today.
This Wirral masterpiece is a favourite of mine and I first fell in love with the stunning coastal venue as a spotty teenager on a day out with three pals in the mid 80’s.

I had a quick nostalgic trip out to collect the nearest the pins this afternoon and the fairways and tees looked as good as any course in the British Isles. Thanks to all at Caldy Golf Club for hosting the event so professionally for us today. – This is a TOP venue!

In the 1930’s and 40’s Caldy lost a couple of their tees and greens due to the cliff top erosion as they were washed into the beautiful Dee Estuary. Paul Evans must have had a very old yardage chart as a couple of his shots were also sent over the cliff tops in the general direction of the missing greens. This eroded any hopes he had of winning a prize.

Roy Ainsworth’s recent hip operation hasn’t improved his golf. His team is thinking of sending him back for a second new hip and a couple of new elbows as well to see if this improves his lack lustre performances.

Dave Moore’s team mates tell me that he hits the ball like ‘DJ’. The only problem is that they are referring to 70’s disc jockey Tony Blackburn rather than the world number one Dustin Johnson. Another day of average ball striking saw a mid table finish for the likeable Sale Golf Club Captain.

The weather was great for 90% of the day but the late starters had a couple of heavy showers and dank conditions over the closing few holes. Big Phil Ashcroft loves drizzle when it is on a generous slice of lemon cake but he is not too keen when it on the course. After an excellent start his team stalled to narrowly miss out on the prizes.

Barry McGuigan(9) played with Sam Leach(11), Chris Walley(17) and Jonny Barton(18). He kept ducking under the ropes put out to protect the course by the Caldy green keeper. He was however delighted to punch above his weight and he helped his team to a season best 4th place finish.

Rob Kenyon(14) was in the bar crying into his third pint after his three putt from twelve feet on the 14th cost his team a share of 1st place. He explained that the last time he felt this bad was when he lost his job ‘supplying and measuring’ newly qualified young nurses for their uniforms. ‘I am absolutely devastated’ said the intelligent financier. Steve Merricks(6) Les Russon(10) and Simon Burgess (14) made up the team.

The best of the weather was enjoyed by the early starters as they enjoyed clear blue skies and a gentle sea breeze. The Trevor Foster(+1) team from Accrington haven’t seen the sun for six months and they made the most of their visit to the seaside. A steady front nine caught fire when under rated Dale Beaghan(11) and ‘Willie’ Wilson(10) picked up a Maxitours record NINE points on the 11th hole. Wilson thinned his wedge shot which scuttled through a bunker and smashed against the flagstick before toppling in. ‘Its all in the wrists’ he declared with a wink. Pete Ledger(18) was the 4th team member.

It’s an early St Patricks Day Celebration for Irishman Joe Kirwan(6) as he finished in top spot. His team of Simon Hemsley(9), Dave Woods(6) and Ian Handy(12) are all members at Bramall and they wished they were back home after dropping three shots in their first two holes. They showed great ‘bouncebackability’ with eight points on the 9th and seven points on the 11th which helped them achieve an unlikely 86 points with a superior last three holes securing the win. Ian Handy did plenty of damage with a career best 4 birdies in the course of his round.
Well played chaps, congratulations on your first victory for many years!

Thanks to all who played, I hope you had a great day.
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 2nd Barry Taylor Dozen Srixon AD333s
Nearest the pin 17th George Buchan Dozen Srixon AD333s

2’s sweep £175 9pro v1s or 21 srixon AD333s each
Trevor Foster Jonny Barton Jim Caldwell John Harrison Chris Marshall Niall Lynch

Caldy 16-Mar-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Simon Hemsley, Dave Woods, Joe Kirwan, Ian Handy 86 12 Sunice waterproof jacket each
2 Trevor Foster, Peter Ledger, Dale Beaghan, Anthony Wilson 86 10 Galvin Green shirt each
3 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks, Simon Burgess 85 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Sam Leach, Barry McGuigan, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton 84 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 John Rigby, Colin Roberts, Mick Butler, Geoff Andrews 84 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Phil Ashcroft, Shan Ashcroft, Keith Jones, Bill Benson 84 2 3 srixon AD333s each
7 Warren Newton, Matt Jansen, Mickey Gray, Pat Keenan 84
8= Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent, Chris Clough, Rob Laurent 83
8= Brian Rogerson, George Buchan, Ron Sloane, Tim Spencer 83
10= Jim Caldwell, Andrew Green, Bob Carruthers, John Hume 82
10= Ian Neilson, Mark Birtwistle, Andy Moon , Barry Taylor 82
10= Steve Aspinall, Alan Drew , Alan Simpson, Simon Wilkinson 82
13 John Royle, Guy Hall, Dave Parsons, Dave Moore 81
14 Peter Dolan, Brian Hitchen, Graham Littler, Joe Tyson 80
15= Eddie Jordan, Terry Martin, Dave Ashton, David Carroll 79
15= Streve Lamont, John Colquitt, Tony Gibbons, Mike Benson 79
15= Bob Mottershead, David Plant, Steve Light, Dave Holgate 79
15= Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, Chris Marshall, Daniel Moore 79
19 Mike Dean, Pete Tomlinson, Mike Masser, Phil Dermott 78
20 Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor, Niall Lynch, Alan Pengelly 77
21= Mike Stuart, Dave Thorley, Ian Waite, Ed Coggin 76
21= Roy Ainsworth, Barry Simpson, Mike Burden, Steve Collier 76
21= Bernard Hessian, John Wallis, Tom Milner, Graham Bailey 76
24= John Atkin, David Kelly, Stuart Blake, Dave Harlow 75
24= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, Peter Atherton 75
26= Pete Cotton, Ed Cotton, Dave Tongue, Robyn Cotton 74
26= Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Alan Forber, Matt Finney 74
28= Paul Evans, Tony Evans, John Harrison, Stuart Hibbert 71
28= Andy Strickley, Andy Taylor, Mike Eardley, Nick Crystal 71
30 Gordon Warke, Ken Swarbrick, Tom Wilson, John Dawson 69

Sandiway Start sheet
Tuesday 21st March
*Please note start times 10 mins earlier than originally published
8.50 Colin Roberts x4
8.59 Jim Caldwell x4
9.16 Ian King x4
9.25 Dave Blood x4
9.34 Phil Scott x4
9.43 Bev Crute x4
9.52 Brian Greenbank x4
10.00 Mick Mahon x4
10.09 Jim Rymer x4
10.17 John Hilditch x4
10.35 John Kilner x4
10.44 Dale Beaghan x4
10.53 Trevor Foster x4
11.02 Les Russon x4
11.11 Steve Lamont x4
11.20 Frank Stapleton x4
11.29 Paul Salt x4
11.38 Simon Taylor x4
11.46 Phil Vokes x4
11.55 Mark Pasquill x4
12.05 Simon Poucher x4
12.14 Eddie Jordan x4
12.23 Steve Johnson x4
12.32 Roger Percival x4
12.41 Ian Greenough x4
12.52 Roy Bramwell x4
1.01 Pete Birtwistle x4
1.10 Phil Harris x4
1.19 Hugh Mullin x4
1.28 Dave Goodwin x4
1.36 Dave Lomax x4
1.45 John Stubbs x4
1.54 Brian Hopkins x4
2.03 Ray Jones x4