Results from deliriously fine Dunham Forest

Room for 2 teams next Friday at lovely Llangollen!!

Maxitours at deliriously good Dunham Forest

Dunham Forest was in great condition for the today’s Maxitours event. While a few local courses are struggling to get some early season growth Dunham was in really tip top condition:

‘That were greet’ said Barnsley’s Rob Platt.
‘Rather Splendiferous’ said Vale Royal’s well spoken Dave Antrobus

Thanks to everyone at this great venue for all your hospitality, the whole set up really is first class.

Nobody believed Sergio Garcia could win a major with that putting stroke and he defied the odds with a great performance on Sunday night. I’m not a particularly emotional bloke(according to my wife) but it nearly brought a tear to my eye to see him achieve his lifetime ambition. Colin Berry also has a desperate putting stroke and it is rumoured that he used to work at the Birds food factory -stirring custard. His partner Steve Aspinall was also in tears after Colin missed a another hatful of putts.

It was great to see big and kind hearted Phil Smeathers back in action after a recent illness. His team mates tell me that they have really missed all his swing tips, advice and negative comments.

Barry Simpson lost his voice before he went out to play, ‘He normally plays like Charlie Chaplin’ said partner Roy Ainsworth ‘Today he sounded like him as well.’

The event scoring was excellent with fast running fairways, preferred lies and a very talented field. Top Cheshire barrister Nick Freeman(3)- aka ‘Mr loophole’ was playing in his first Maxitours today. Unfortunately he is slightly better at finding loopholes than he is golf holes and he had to settle for a share of 18th place.

Mike Spencer(12) has just finished a two year project building his new mansion in the shadow of the Great Orme overlooking Conwy golf Club. The Bramall man was in the shadow of his illustrious playing partner Joe Kirwan(5)this morning who birdied the 7th, 8th and 9th holes in a very impressive display. They were delighted to finish in 6th place.

Tony Doige(12) is a motivational speaker by trade but he was left speechless after collecting just 4 points in their closing 3 holes to narrowly miss out on the main prizes as they finished in 5th place also with 45 points. He was playing with Mike cocker (12).

Grange Park’s Andy Jackson(5) and Billy Rawsthore(6) love Dunham Forest and they were leading for much of the day with a terrific 46 points. Billy collected 4 birdies in his opening nine holes.

Sale Golf Club’s Andy Bentley(14) and Darren ‘White pants’ Jones(17) were close to their first victory after also collecting 46 points. They were non the less delighted with a first ever podium finish due to a strong back nine.

Retired Ian Neilson(27) from Shaw Hill used to run a multi million pound diary product business and he teamed up with milkshake parlour owner Mark Birtwistle(10). Ian ‘creamed’ his drive down the 11th hole to set up a five point birdie. Seventy year old Ian did most of the damage and Mark came in on the ‘udder’ holes. They managed to hold their ‘bottle’ with a cool par down the last and they gave each other a ‘pat’ on the head as they walked off the last green.

Taking first place with his first victory in over a year were home wine brewing kit supplier Richard Blackwell(12) and ex- European table tennis champ John Hilton(12). Hilton is a class act and under pressure you want him on your side. He chipped in for a birdie on the 17th when his partners ball was pinging and ponging deep in the Dunham woods.
Congratulations chaps great golf.

Many thanks to everyone for your terrific support, Tim

Nearest the pin 8th Darren Jones Doz AD333s
Nearest the pin 18th Dave Blease Doz AD333s

2’s ¬£232.50 3 pro v1s or 9 srixons balls each Graham Jackson Steve Blakeway Glynn Brodie Pete Maher Mark Timperley Russ Lees Andy Jackson Leigh Smart Billy Rawsthore x2 Ken Clarke Darren Jones x2 Trevor Foster x2 Nick Freeman Steve Haywood

Dunham Forest 13-Apr-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton 48 12 Sunice Waterproof top
2 Ian Neilson, Mark Birtwistle 46 11 PGA Travel bag
3 Darren Jones, Andy Bentley 46 10 Galvin Green shirt
4 Andy Jackson, Billy Rawsthore 46 9 Dozen Z Stars each
5 Mike Cocker, Tony Doige 45 8 PGA Top each
6 Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 45 7 PGA Top each
7 Bob Deller, Pete Dolan 45 6 Maxitours shirt
8 Dale Beaghan, Phil Meyers 44 5 Maxitours shirt
9 Paul Evans, Tony Evans 44 4 Maxitours Cap
10 Jack Clarke, Rodney Barlow 44 3 Maxitours Cap
11 Stuart Pearson, Kev Hawkins 43 2 Maxitours bag towel
12 Alan Simpson, Alan Drew 43 1 Maxitours bag towel
13= Anthony Wilson, John Fielding 43
13= Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent 43
13= Stuart Hibbert, Mark Forrester 43
13= Steve Parle, Andy Moon 43
13= Brian Rogerson, George Buchan 43
18= Carl Mollart, Steve Barber 42
18= Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair 42
18= Colin Roberts, Jeff Andrews 42
18= Pete Maher, Martin Higgins 42
18= Craig Dyson, Ben Lever 42
18= Mark Timperley, Darren Booth 42
18= Mike Wilson , Glynn Brodie 42
18= Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant 42
18= Phil Smeathers, Dave Harlow 42
18= Dave Lomax, Jeff Clements 42
18= John Hilditch, JP 42
18= Trevor Foster, Mark Freeman 42
18= Gordon Warke, Ray Royle 42
18= Roy Ainsworth, Barry Simpson 42
18= Mike Taylor, Barry Taylor 42
33= Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt 41
33= Graham Jackson, Mark Cooper 41
33= Ray Jones, Ian Berisford 41
33= Brian Hitchen, Bill Melia 41
33= Don Milligan, Mick Fenton 41
33= Nigel Dibble, Steve Heywood 41
39= Les Penson, Steve Blakeway 40
39= Ian King, Darren Whittaker 40
39= Dave Whaley, Derek Ashford 40
39= Les Russon, Ken Clarke 40
39= Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 40
39= Dave Smith, Tom Wilson 40
39= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 40
39= Dave Walmsley, Derek Ashford 40
47= Russ Lees, Phil Ryan 39
47= John Hunt, Gary Vaulks 39
47= Ian Handy, Rob Kenyon 39
47= Pete Norbury, James Mooney 39
47= Bernard Wood, Chris Ernill 39
47= Peter Cross, Andy Walmsley 39
53= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry 38
53= Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus 38
53= Andy Wilde, Pete Beswick 38
56= Simon Hemsley, Dave Woods 37
56= Steve Tyrell, John Gleave 37
56= Frank Stapleton, Dave Wilson 37
59 Lee Tilley, Gary Torr 36
60 Mick Mahon, Munro Donald 34
61 Phil Gow, Dave Randles 32

Vale Of Llangollen AM AM
Friday 21st April
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Jim Caldwell x4
10.27 David Kelly x4
10.36 Ian King x4
10.45 Rob Little x4
11.00 Les Russon x4
11.03 Tony Evans x4
11.12 Leigh Smart x4
11.21 Mike George x4
11.39 John Hilditch x4
11.48 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.57 Chih Hu x4
12.06 Phil Dermott x4
12.15 Paul Salt x4
12.24 Bev Crute x4
12.33 Rob Weston x4
12.42 Steve Lamont x4
12.51 Brian Greenbank x4
1.00 Simon Poucher x4
1.09 Phil Okil x4
1.18 Brian Hitchen x4
1.27 Pete Tinkler x4
1.36 Pete Lloyd x4
1.45 John Dickenson x4
1.54 Jim Rymer x4
2.03 John Stubbs x4
2.12 Dave Goodwin x4
2.21 Richard Blackwell x4
2.30 Dennis Whelan x4
2.39 Keith Workman x4
2.48 Lee Tilley x4
2.57 Mick Fenton x4