Results from Ringway


Worsley Am Am 8th June – last few spaces
Fixby pairs – 15th June – 2 spaces left!
Vale Royal 23rd June- 2 late times left!
Conway 26th June – 2 spaces left!
Davenport 6th July
Hazel Grove 13th July
21st July Hopwood
27th July Dunham Forest

A fabulous day for golf with benign conditions and a comfortable temperature made for a perfect combination.

As John Hilditch checked in he made mention of the Tiger Woods video being released of his failed sobriety test and said if he was as famous as Woods there would be hundreds of such videos of him staggering around but mainly from lads golf holidays and not driving !!

Iain Bartholomew turned 50 yesterday but was not impressed when he was asked would he now be entering the Seniors section – you don’t look a day over 40 Barty !!!

It was a game of two halves for top Premier League Ref Mike Dean’s team as they went out in a mediocre 36 points but came storming back in with 41 on the back nine for a respectable 77.

Gary “Big Boy” Brooks (new nickname now) drove the 1st with a monster shot of over 300 yards to 20 feet and then calmly rolled in the putt for a dream start but more was to come on the Par 4 406 yard 5th when he holed his wedge from 120 yards for yet another eagle WOW !!!!! Unfortunately the rest of Gary’s team could not help him out as they came in with a middle of the pack score of 76.

Much was made of the fantastic condition of the course so all praise to the green keeping staff and also to top Steward Lee and his catering team for the superb breakfasts, bacon and sausage baps and other freshly made culinary delights that were prepared throughout the day.

As always the management team of Peter & Fiona plus Sam in the Golf Shop were all very attentive and accommodating throughout the day so thank you to them for a smooth operation.

Thanks also to my friend and fellow PGA colleague Matt Turnock for stepping in and making the day run trouble free again so I could relax and enjoy my family break. “It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it I suppose” commented some Maxitours regulars apparently when they found out I was away. Another player commented “I’m coming back as Tim Maxwell in my next life”.

Congratulations to John Stubbs, Dave Allen, Guy Hall and John Royle on a fantastic performance today and a return to the winners podium compared to last week when they couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo. Super to see these guys in the prizes.

Thanks to all those who played today and for your continued support.




Nearest Pin 13th – James Shipton – 1 x Doz AD33’s
Nearest Pin 16th – John Rigby – 1 x Doz AD33’s

2’s – £192.50 = 4 x Pro V 1’s or 9 x Srixon 333’s
Stuart Blake, Brian Greenbank, Steve Blakeway, Paul Durkin, Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Steve Aspinall, Neil Greenalgh, Matt Sayers, David Goodwin & Gary Brooks (2 x eagle 2’s), Chris Heyes & Dan Moss

Ringway 1-June-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 John Stubbs, Dave Allen, Guy Hall, John Royle 87 12 Sunice W/Proof tops each
2 Paul Higgins, Alastair Walmsley, Cameron Moir, Paul McKee 83 10 Footjoy shirts each
3 Dale Beaghan, Gary Beaghan, Philip Mayers, John Fielding 83 8 PGA tops each
4 Jimmy Caffrey, Kit Partington, Paul Randall, Neil Greenagh 83 6 Maxitours shirts each
5 Matt Sayers, James Hampton, Steven White, Darren Greenhough 81 4 Maxitours towels each
6 Martin France, Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Peter Atherton 81 2
7 Brian Greenbank, David Wainwright, John Kennedy, John Newton 81
8= John Hilditch, John Pratt, Iain Bartholomew, Ian Noak 80
8= Jim Caldwell, Dan Macintyre, Richard Blackwell, David Hilton 80
8= Darren Booth, Mark Timperley, Paul Durkin, John Wright 80
8= Barry Wilson, Steve Aspinall, Simon Wilkinson, Euginio Fernandez 80
12 Simon Ashton, Andrew Hill, Chris Heyes, Dan Moss 79
13= David Kelly, Stuart Blake, John Atkin, David Harlow 78
13= Roy Ainswoth, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdon, Dave Lowe 78
15= Colin Roberts, John Rigby, Stuart Hibbert, Tony Evans 77
15= Mike Dean, Karam Dean, Chris Patterson, Maike Masser 77
17= Les Penson, Steve Blakeway, Graham Jackson, Chris Darlington 76
17= Ian Appleton, Steve Hayward, Yashar Turgut, Nigel Dibble 76
17= Chris Brownhill, Pete Hamlett, Gordon Hamlett, Gary Hempstead 76
17= John Hudson, Mike Hill, Gary Brooks, Mark Window 76
21= John Hunt, Gary Vaulks, James Shipton, Alison Shipton 74
21= Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson, David Goodwin, Paul Woodbine 74
23 Jack Coleman, Mike Gordon, Harvey Mattison, Steve Mattison 73
24= Simon Taylor, Tony Roberts, Mike Savage, Stuart Rickaby 70
24= Andy Wilde, Neil Mooney, James Mooney, Ben Chadderton 70

Worsley AM AM 8th June
£22.50 pp 10-3pm
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Jim Caldwell x4
10.18 Simon Hemsley x4
10.27 David Kelly x4
10.36 Dave Stanhope x4
10.45 Mick Mahon x4
10.54 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.03 Munro Donald x 4
11.12 Dale Beaghan x4
11.21 Mike Stewart x4
11.30 Lewis Marland x4
11.39 Pete Birtwistle x4
11.48 John Hunt x4
11.57 Martin France x4
12.06 Jim Kenyon x4
12.15 Ashley Elliott x4
12.24 Pete Hamlett x 4
12.33 Paul Evans x4
12.42 Steve Johnson x4
12.51 Ray Jones x4
1.00 Steve Hayward x 4
1.09 Keith Workman x4
1.36 Dennis Whelan x4
1.45 Richard Blackwell x4
1.54 Pete Booth x4
2.03 John Stubbs x4
2.30 Barry Jackson x4
2.39 Dave Beavis x4
2.48 Pete Norbury x4
2.57 Brian Hopkins x4