Results from superb Stockport

Great Upcoming Maxitours events
Ringway Thursday 31st Aug – last few spaces
Lancaster 5th Sept -full -please let me know if you are unable to play
Clitheroe 12th Sept – room for 1 four ball

Maxitours at superb Stockport

Stockport was in really lovely condition for the latest Maxitours event . The course is one of the best in the North and Dave Stone was suitably impressed.’ I’ve never been to this neck of the woods before but I will be back- that is a great golf course’ the knowledgeable Lancaster man.

‘Absolutely fabulous’ said Dave McCallum ‘We were terrible but the course was great!’ he admitted.

The Club has spent some money on drainage and the investment was clearly paying off as many players commented on the quality of the fairways.

Thanks also to Paul and Tina and all their catering staff for looking after us so well. The hospitality at Stockport is legendary and this top Steward and his wife are really lovely to deal with.

When I run the Stockport event my registration table is set up the middle of the lounge so I get to listen to many amusing conversations that take place in the Clubhouse The huge grandfather clock in the Clubhouse rang loudly and Mick Mahons’ four balls’ conversation turned to the news that Big Ben would not be rung for 4 years due to major renovations starting this week. According to team mate Frank Hindle it is ‘Because they are building a toilet near the top of the clock for the fella that rings the bell.’
‘Why can’t he use one at the bottom like everyone else’ wondered John Farnsworth.

The first solar eclipse to cross America in 99 years takes place tomorrow. A Mick Hill chip in is an even rarer sight but he managed one in front of the Clubhouse on the tricky 16th to win some golf balls.

Pete Hamlett is doing well on the Order of Merit but by his own admission he didn’t play well today. ‘I need to get some new players on my team next week to give me a chance. In fact if I get someone to play for me can I still have the points?’ He asked optimistically.

In today’s event the scoring was incredibly close with one point separating the first five teams! Accrington’s Andy Walmsley, Peter Houston, Dave Howarth and Frank Wade took 5th place and
Koos Alders, Marc Morris, Barry Simpson, Martin Cox finished in 4th also with 84 points.

Third place went to all round nice guy Paul Gilberts(19) Hale team. Ed Jenkins(15) Neil Shepherd(7) and Colin Gillespie(17) all played well to take third spot. The best of the 84’s was Dave Woods Bramall team they came home in 45 points thanks mainly to surprise package Peter Maher(17) who picked up 5 shots for his team on the back nine. Woodsy(5) was hitting is for miles, Simon Hemsley(9) putted like Ben Crenshaw and Al Brown(19) was… Al Brown.

With their first ever Maxitours win was the low handicap Cavendish team of Phil Major(5) who works for meat supplier Danish Crown, Nick Whitehouse(6), Arron Woodward(4) and Ollie Toseland.(8) They were having an average round before scoring 2 gross birdies on the 13th, 14th and 15th holes to pick up an incredible 9 shots in three holes! They actually dropped a shot over the closing three holes but managed to hang on in to take the bacon home to Derbyshire with 85 points.- congratulations chaps!

Thanks to all who played, once again 100% attendance- I hope you had a great day!

Nearest the Pin 16th Steve Mattinson Dozen Srixon AD333s
Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th Neale Laurent Dozen AD333s

2’s £245 5 pro V1s or 14 Srixon AD333s Simon Carter Bill Rotherer Jack Coleman Steve Mattinson Iain Bartholomew x2 Mike Hewitt Bob Eastwood Richard Palmer Simon Poucher Mark Timperley Mike Hill Brian Hopkins

Stockport 21-Aug-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Phil Major, Hnick Whitehouse, Arron Woodward, Ollie Toseland 85 12 Sunice waterproof top
2 Simon Hemsley, Dave Woods, Al Brown , Pete Maher 84 10 Footjoy shirt each
3 Paul Gilbert, Ed Jenkins, Neil Shepherd, Colin Gillespie 84 8 Footjoy shirt each
4 Koos Alders, Marc Morris, Barry Simpson, Martin Cox 84 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Andy Walmsley, Peter Houston, Dave Howarth, Frank Wade 84 4 Callaway shirt each
6 Gerry John, John Brazier, Ian Barwell, Gordon Brady 83 2 Maxitours Cap each
7 Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Nathan Mills 82 Maxitours Cap each
8= Paul Cooper, Giles Terry, Bill Rotherer, Jack Coleman 81 Maxitours bag towel each
8= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Joe Yates, Gary Neiles 81
8= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew, James Newton, Clive Evans 81
8= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton 81
8= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Neil Simpson, Ollie Tovey 81
13 Bob Eastwood, Ashley Elliott, Joe Kirwan, Ian King 80
14= David Stone, Dave Thorley, Brian Greenwood, Ian Waite 79
14= Martin Bramwell, Andy Veitch, Peter Veitch, Matt Nelstrup 79
14= Jon Hudson, Mike Hill, Gary Brooks, Rob Blaine 79
14= Steve Heywood, Ian Appleton, Barry Wheatley, Colin Axon 79
18= Majid Benyounis, Anthony Grimley, Archie Tahir, Irfan Ashraf 78
18= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Neale Laurent, Paul Butler 78
18= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Roy Rotherer, Kurt Kershaw 78
21= Jim Rymer, John Dickenson, Bob Mottershead, Dave MCcDougall 77
21= Mark Timperley, Ian Sutton, Bob Barington, Darren Booth 77
21= Pete Hamlett, Alex Bagley, Jimmy Caffrey, Mike Lynch 77
21= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Alan Smith, Darren Whittaker 77
25= Neil Drummond, Daniel Dunn, Simon Carter, Dave McGuiness 74
25= Simon Taylor, Mike Savage, Keith Rigby, Tony Roberts 74
27 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth, Frank Hindle 73
28= David Kelly, Stuart Blake, Steve Foxcroft, Dave Harlow 70
28= Steve Mattinson, Harvey Mattinson, Mike Gauden, Anthony Bloor 70
30= Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, John Rigby, Dave Marchant 67
30= John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Keith Coxon 67
32 John Delaney, Nigel Hallows, John Crompton, Mike Gorrill 41

Ringway start sheet
Thursday 31st August
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Jim Caldwell x4
9.18 Rob Platt x4
9.27 Simon Hemsley x4
9.36 David Kelly x4
9.45 Paul Evans x4
9.54 Brian Greenbank x4
10.03 Mick Mahon x4
10.12 Steve Haywood x4
10.21 Mike Stewart x4 (e)
10.39 Trevor Foster x4
10.48 Dave Ross x4
10.57 John Hunt x4
11.06 Steve Aspinall x4
11.15 Barry Wilson x4
11.24 Chris Adams x2 -Paul Fell x2
11.42 Gaham Littler x4
11.51 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.00 Martin France x4
12.09 Dave Thomas x4
12.27Steve Johnson x4
12.36John Wallis x4
12.45 Pete Hamlett x4
12.54John Stubbs x4
1.03 James Wilson x4
1.12 Barry Jackson x4
1.21David Smith x4
1.30 Alan Brough x4
1.39 Chris Ernill x4
1.48 Steve Parle x4
1.57 Gary Parle x4
2.06 Tom Dobbins x4
2.15Pete Norbury x4
2.24Brian Hopkins x4
2.33 Simon Lewis x4