The Terrific new 2017/18 Winter Spring Schedule

Dear Maxitours player,
Many thanks for your terrific support this Summer. I am now delighted to announce the release of the new Winter/Spring Schedule!
Thanks for your unrivalled etiquette and sportsmanship each week on Maxitours. Your respect for the host course and the traditions of the game mean we are welcomed back each year to the best golfing venues Cheshire and the North West has to offer.
I have maintained my low entry fees to provide you with incredibly high quality, affordable golf. Due to the integrity and reliability of my players I can also continue to accept payment on the day- many thanks indeed for that.
Play well this Winter and I hope you enjoy playing in Maxitours events as much as I enjoy running them.

Yours in Golf, Tim

Winter / Spring Schedule 2017-2018
More great news!
Stuburt have sponsored the Winter / Spring Schedule 2017 – 2018 Order of Merit.
The top 5 players will receive Stuburt products.
The End of Season Shootout for the Order of Merit Top 10 is also Sponsored by Stuburt
November 2018
2nd Thurs Mottram Hall 11am AM AM £25.00
9th Thurs Wilmslow 9.45-12pm AM AM £25.00
14th Tues Fairhaven 11am AM AM £25.00
23rd Thurs Prestbury 11am Pairs £25.00
28th Tues Sandiway 11.30am Pairs £25.00
December 2018
7th Thurs Stockport 11am AM AM £25.00
13th Weds Vale Royal 11am AM AM £25.00
21st Thurs Ringway 11am AM AM £25.00
January 2018
3rd Weds Warrington 11am AM AM £25.00
10th Weds Vale Royal 11am AM AM £25.00
11-15th Thurs-Mon Vilasol Portugal AM AM All in! £639.00
Note: 40 Players have already paid deposits. There are only places for 24 more players.
18th Thurs Caldy 11am AM AM £25.00
23rd Tues Fairhaven 11am Pairs £25.00
February 2018
1st Thurs Mere 11am AM AM £25.00
8th Thurs Dunham Forest 11.30am AM AM £25.00
13th Tues Sandiway 11am Pairs £25.00
19th Mon Wilmslow 9.45-12pm AM AM £25.00
March 2018
1st Thurs Caldy 9-2pm AM AM £25.00
8th Thurs Prestbury 11am Pairs £25.00
15th Thurs Dunham Forest 8-1pm AM AM £25.00
22nd Thurs Ringway 11am AM AM £25.00
26th Mon Stockport 9-2pm AM AM £25.00
30th Fri Vale Royal 8.30-3.30 AM AM £25.00
April 2018
3rd Tues Sandiway 9-3pm AM AM £30.00
12th Thurs Mere 8-4pm AM AM £30.00
20th Fri Vale of Llangollen 10-3pm AM AM £25.00
23rd Mon Conwy 10.07-3..30pm AM AM £30.00
26th Thur Knutsford 10-12pm Singles £2