Today’s Knutsford start times

Greens freshly cut by top greenkeeper Mark Dingle

Dear Maxitours player,

Knutsford is open for play and the event will go ahead , Thanks for your support, Tim

Knutsford tee times

11.25am Lee Tilley x4
11.34am Colin Roberts x2 Martin Cox x2

11.42 am Roy Ainsworth x4
11.50am Paul Fell x2 Phil Vokes x2
11.59am Roger Percival x4
12.08pm Mick Mahon x4
12.26pm Sam Leach x4
12.35pm Graham Pike x4
12.44pm Ian Fensom x2 Mike Hill x2
12.53pm Dave Goodwin x3 Steve Heywood x1
1.02pm Chih Hu x4
1.11pm John Shore x4
1.22pm Bri Hopkins x2 Andy Thompson x2 buggy