Results from Marvellous Mere

*please note- Dunham Forest 11.30am start next week*

Maxitours at The Mere

A sunny and fresh February day greeted over 100 Maxitours players at The Mere golf resort today.

The Harry Braid designed golf course drains superbly and it was very playable despite even more overnight rain. A big thanks to Gwen the head greenkeeper for all his efforts. Max is the new golf manager and his team also looked after us very well throughout the day.

Pete Ledger tried out his expensive new bushnell rangefinder for the first time. Unfortunately his approach shots kept coming up short of the green. On the 17th tee his more intelligent partner Dale Beaghan had a look through his laser and told Peter that he had been playing in meters for the past three hours.

Mark Farmer lost his ball over the wall on the 12th hole. He then picked up after taking 9 shots down the tough 13th hole and put the ball in his pocket once again at the next after he couldn’t get out of the deep greenside bunker. After another wayward shot off the 15th he started looking around the tee box.
‘I’m trying to find my lucky tee.’ He informed his team mates.

The force wasn’t with Sean Hammill and his team either as they finished 2nd last with 68 points.

Donald Trump’s approval rating by his American people has shot up this month for some bizarre reason. Andy Sandham(6) has the look of Donald Trump and his approval rating also shot up in as he surprised his team with some great golf today. He even won nearest the pin to help his quartet of Jim Cox(3) Dave Blood(7) and Ian George(7) take 5th place with 83.

Simon Hemsley’s((9) Bramall team continued their good form to take 4th place despite two three pointers late in their round. Joe Kirwan(5), Gareth Bradley (scr) and Ian King (9) all contributed well.

Mere is home to the rich and famous and it was nice to see Kevin Keegan in the bar mixing with our players before they went out to play this morning. Alan Pengelly(13) isn’t rich or famous but he can play golf and he helped the ever present Shrigley team take 3rd place. Brian Hopkins(4) Mark Taylor(9) and new boy Andy Wisedale(9) completed the team.

Wilmslow’s Paul Dalby(4) and his likeable friends have been quiet in recent weeks due to some harsh handicap reductions but you can’t keep a good man down and the classy quartet played great to take 2nd place. Barney Ross(2), Phil Vokes(4) and Chris Cyprus(8) were delighted to be back in the prizes.

Retired Roy ‘chunky’ Ainsworth(26) is a great guy and I try and give him a nice starting tee so he can spend more time eating his breakfast in the Clubhouse. In return he gives me one of his Aldi ‘chunky’ chocolate bars. He was down on the original start sheet at the 2nd hole but the 9th became free midweek which is very slightly nearer the clubhouse so I kindly moved him there. Unfortunately, I told his three team mates but not Roy. He phoned me up from the course at 11.05am – ‘have you seen my team Tim they have disappeared?’
Roy burnt some more calories as he had to trek over a further three holes to find them but made up for it with some great golf.
‘Give me that chunky bar back- I feel light headed’ was all he could say after his round. Joe Yates(14) Gary Neiles(5) and Mike Verdon(15) were his partners.
They took first place with 86 points- well done!
Thanks to everyone for your support, brilliant.
Yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 3rd Andy Sandham Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 14th Ian Appleton Dozen AD333s
2’s 167.50 3 pro v1s or 8 srixons
Steve Lamont Phil Mayers x2 Dale Beaghan Andy Wisedale x2 Mike Lowe Barney Ross
Paul Dalby x2 Alan Vaughan Andy Stone James Wilson Jim Caldwell Mike Lowe Alan Simpson

Mere 1st Feb-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Gary Neiles, Joe Yates 86 12 Sunice waterproof top each
2 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, Chris Cyprus 86 10 Footjoy shirt each
3 Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Mark Taylor, Andrew Wisedale 85 8 Sunice shirt each
4 Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwan 84 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Andy Sandham, Ian George 83 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Jim Caldwell, Bob Picthall, Bob Day, Jon Hulme 83 2 Bag towel each
7= Pete Ledger, Chris Beaghan, Dale Beaghan, Phil Mayers 82
7= Kev Hart, Ian Fensom, Paul Kennedy, Martin France 82
7= Les Russon, Paul Carroll, Duncan Adshead, Clive Howlett 82
10= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Tony Hereford, Mike Lowe 81
10= Jim Clarke, Dave Thomas, Graham Jackson, Vernon Hayes 81
10= Steve Heywood, Dave Sully, Mike Bennett, Ian Appleton 81
13= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Alan Simpson, Ken Booth 79
13= James Wilson, Mark Pilkington, Steve Lamont, Andrew Walker 79
15= Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent, Kevin Seaton, Rick Cotton 78
15= Simon Wilkinson, Barry Wilson, John Linsky, Steve Lamont 78
17= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright, Mike Wainwright, Guy Levers 77
17= Ian Gemmell, Rod Gorton, James Gorton, Peter Roche 77
19 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 76
20= Dave Bease, Alan Vaughan, Rob Whittle, Karl Maginsons 75
20= Munro Donald, Phil Hanson, Nigel Clowes, Dave Hanson 75
22 Neil Drummond, Brendan Leighton, Andy Stone, Callum Cook 72
23 John Royle, Dave Parsons, Guy Hall, Dave Parsons 71
24 Sean Hammill, Pete Myers, Rob Thornicroft, Jonathon Salen 68
25 Gweneth Bramwell, Helen Davies, Amanda Gilbert, Jan Ravenscroft 64
26 Steve Foxcroft, John Horsley, Trevor Webb, David Wilkinson 63

Dunham Forest start sheet
11.30 am start
1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Mike Stewart x4
2a Mick Mahon x4
2b Simon Hemsley x4
3 Phil Vokes x4
4a Brian Hopkins x4
4b John Hilditch x4
5 Lewis Marland x4
6a Jim Caldwell x4
6b Richard Blackwell x4
7 Richard Williamson x4
8 Yash Turgot x4
9a Martin France x4
9b Les Russon x4
10 Dave Blood x4
11a Bev Crute x4
12a Sam Leach x4
13bSimon Ashton x4
13 John Wallis x4
14a Martin Bramwell x4
14b Roy Answorth x4
15 Chris Adams x4
16 Ian Hellens x4
17a Paul Evans x4
18 Jim Rymer x4