Results from Lovely Llangollen

Space for 1,2 or 4 players at fantastic Conwy this Monday

Space in Knutsford singles on Thursday- all welcome at this little gem!

Maxitours at Lovely Llangollen

Llangollen Golf Club is perhaps the most picturesque venue on the Maxitours rota and the course looked truly breath-taking today.

Freshly striped fairways and greens made the course look a real picture -thanks to all the staff at this great club.

Cliff Greenhalgh was delighted to make his tee time after a stress-free journey this morning. Last year he got lost in Chester and ended up struggling to find his way out of the main bus depot. Today he lost a few balls in the Welsh rough and then lost his team. They were in the Clubhouse enjoying a beer whilst Cliff was trying to remember where he had parked his car.

The hot weather was enjoyed by most of the Maxitours players.

Gerry Salmon had his umbrella up as he played to try and keep in the shade. He thinks he is playing in Thailand. This is North Wales in April Gerry, pull yourself together.

Unlucky Jonny Barton felt that this had been the longest Winter he could remember (and he has seen a few.) Today he was really looking forward to finally playing in some heat. Unfortunately, the first wasp of the year took a fancy to Jonnys’ cheap aftershave and he was last seen running out of the Clubhouse heading towards Oswestry.

Alan Ried stood on the stunning signature 9th tee admiring the beautiful river which flows along the right side of the large fairway. ‘That river should not be in play for me’ he informed his team. It certainly wasn’t as he easily cleared it by 40 yards with his wild slice.

Paul Evans finished 3rd from last yesterday at Caldy after scoring a miserly 66 points. He sacked that team and brought three new players. This group also scored 66 points and finished in last place.

Scruffy Terry Friday once again turned up looking as if he had been involved in a shipwreck. His team nearly deserted him after he failed to make a par after 14 holes. He then made a four point birdie and followed it up with a great par at the last to rescue his team and secure 4th place.

Birchwood legends Eugenio Fernandez(16) Simon Wilkinson (13) John Fitzsimmons(7) and Jerry Salmon(17) took 3rd place. There were rumours of Salmon returning to this beautiful river and there was certainly one in it today as Jerry lost yet another titleist pro v1. The likeable quartet reeled in 83 points.

‘Graceful Ian Gemmell’ led his Stockport team into 2nd place with 83 points. Despite his aging body Ian(5) has a great swing. Team mates Peter Roach(11) Bob Coley(11) and Bill Smith(12) are even older and they were delighted with their performance. Even Peter contributed well with his excellent birdie on the last.

Winning today are the Wychwood Park Team led by Matt Cheffins(11). Matt played yesterday and the team were very average finishing well down the field. A couple of early tramlined putts on the tricky greens saw them get off to a good start this afternoon and good play by Eddy Sterling(8) late on saw them safely home. Ray Cornwell(3) and Saj Hashmi(13) completed the Staffordshire team.

Thanks to everyone for your support, I hope you are enjoying the start of the golf season. Tim

2’s £140 9 pro V1s or 21 Srixon AD333s Sam Leach Peter Roach Jon Hume Simon Wilkinson Craig Dyson

Nearest the Pin 14th Neil Drummond Doz AD333s

Nearest the Pin 18th Simon Taylor Doz Ad333s

Conwy start sheet Monday 23rd April

10.00 David Kelly x4

10.08 Jim Caldwell x4

10.17 Ross Birch x2 -2 players required

10.25 Ian King x4

10.34 Matt Nelstrup x4

10.42 Ian Acton x4

10.51 Paul Benson x4

10.59 Simon Hemsley x4

11.08 Phil Vokes x4

11.17 Barrie Simpson x4

11.25 Trevor Foster x4

11.34 Roy Ainsworth x4

11.43 Steve Heywood x4

11.52 Mike Sallabank x4

11.59 Tom Butler x4

12.06 Eugenio x4


12.15 Stuart Reynolds x4

12.24 Mike Dean x4

12.33 Paul Wrigley x4

12.42 Garry Dowdle x4

12.51 Mick Mahon x4

1.00 Chris Adams x2 Nic Hercules x2

1.09 Ian Hellens x4

1.18 Steve Aspinall x4

1.27 Ian Marchant x4

1.36 Paul Gilbert x4

1.45 Jim Clarke x4

1.54 pete Birtwistle x4

2.03 Jim Rymer x4

2.12 Stuart Reynolds x4


2.30 S Tate x4


2.48 D Acton x4

2.57 Barry Jackson x4