Maxitours at Curtis Cup venue Conwy

*Spaces at Knutsford on Thursday!

Maxitours at Curtis Cup venue -Conwy

A wonderful golf course with perfect links land weather greeted over 100 Maxitours players at Conwy today. Dry fairways and a testing breeze meant a great day was had by all.

New General Manager Matt Parsley is doing a great job at the Curtis Cup venue and the golf course and hospitality just keep getting better and better. Thank you to everyone at this great Club for a great day.

Steve Aspinall is known as ‘Swampy’ by his mates at his local golf course. It is rumoured that he cleaned his golf shoes once but nobody is quite sure whether or not that is true. I saw Steve tee off at Llangollen last week and he is actually a very good player with a solid swing. Course management is his forte and while the other low handicappers were struggling to control how much to spin they imparted on the ball in the wind Swampy had no such worries as his grooves are cleverly buried under an inch of mud.

As we all know Spring is breeding season and animals are trying to impress their partners in order to mate. There were a couple of cock pheasants that looked magnificent as they walked proudly across the 18th fairway this morning searching for a likely hen. Dave Beavis was out In Llangollen last night with his four ball and despite wearing his best plumage he failed to find a mate. Stick to golf Dave.

There was a steady breeze throughout the day but for the last hour of play the wind picked up dramatically and it could almost be described as gale force. In fact it was so windy late on even Colin Berry reached the par five 14th in two shots and we all know he is hopeless.

Some people are easily pleased and when Ian Hellens found out his teams appalling 69 points was better than seven other teams he had a jig of delight in the Clubhouse and headed off home to proudly tell his wife.

In todays events the main prize winners were out early in the day.

Third place went to the very popular premiership referee Mike Dean(3) and his team of Mike Masser(14) Colin Davies(18) and Henry Kenwright(12) with 83 points.

Finishing 2nd was this years’ Bramall Captain Mike Spencer (12) who likes to prepare thoroughly in order to succeed. His preparation involved buying some land on the great Orme three years ago, building a multi million house and then joining Conwy Golf Club to get to know the course better. This still wasn’t enough to secure victory and he had to settle with the runners up spot playing alongside Joe Kirwan(5), Ian King(7) and Darren Whittaker(11).

Winning their first event of the year today were the Wychwood Park team of Tom Butler(10) Ollie Scoates (6) Sean O’Conner(20) and Gary Nixon(8) They had the front nine of their lives collecting 50 points before reality set in and the limped home in 36 points to take the spoils.

Thanks to all who played today. Yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 2nd Chris Adams Doz AD333

Nearest the pin 15th Mike Spencer/Mike Sallabank 6 AD333s each

2’s sweep £135 4 pro v1s or 10 sricon AD333s

Jim Caldwell Janet Heywood Tom Butler Gary Nixon Paul Wrigley Mick Mahon Colin Berry Craig Jarvis Henry Kenwright Mike Sallebank

Conwy Apr-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Tom Butler, Ollie Scoates, Sean O’Conner, Gary Nixon 86 12 Maxitours Merino sweater each
2 Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 83 10 Footjoy shirt each
3 Mike Dean, Colin Davies, Mike Masser, Henry Kenwright 83 8 Sunice shirt each
4 Mike Sallabank, Colin Shaw, Dave Bolton, James Abbey 82 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Jim Caldwell, Ray Tuft, Bryce Brooks, David Williams 81 4 Maxitours Cap each
6 Jim Clarke, Pete Ledger, Chris Clarke, Graham Jackson 81 2
7= Eugenio Fernande, Steve Lamont, John Linsky, Barry Wilson 79
7= Paul Wrigley, Aiden Hoosen, Matt Kay, Gary Hornby 79
7= Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Nic Hercules, Alan Pratt 79
10= Dave Sully, Donna Sully, Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood 78
10= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 78
12 Ross Birch, Ben March, Gary Owen, Mark Gibbins 77
13= Simon Hemsley, Gareth Bradley, Ian Schofield, Tony O’Gara 76
13= Barrie Simpson, Koos Alders, Martin Morris, Will Paskins 76
13= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Alan Drew, Alan Simpson 76
16 Matt Nelstrup, Dave Wainwright, Richard Wainwright, Seb Marsh 75
17= Paul Gilbert, Craig Rea, Ed Jenkins, Brendan Macnamara 74
17= John Dickenson, Paul Lea, Arthur Gray, Jim Rymer 74
19 Ian Marchant, Craig Jarvis, Paul Lowndes, Dave Jackson 71
20 Ian Hellens, Bill Heywood, Brian Yardley, Steve Blakeway 69
21 David Kelly, Dave Harlow, John Atkin, Stuart Blake 67
22= Garry Dowdle, Steve Sutton, Dave Bigley, 66
22= Pete Birtwistle, Don Milligan, Mick Holmes, Dave Griffiths 66
24 Ian Acton, Jimmy Towers, Steve Broughton, Paul Lyth 64
25 Barry Jackson, Steve Tate, Frank Gibson, Danny Acton 62
26 Pete Sakalas, Paul Farreley, Rob Harney, Eddie Wrigley 60
27 Derek Fortune, Bob Weir, Dave Beavis, Mick Byrne 58

Knutsford Start sheet -This Thursday 26th April

8.50 Brian Greenbank x4

8.59 Pete Barratt x4

9.09 Paul Browne x4

9.18 Jim Clarke x4

9.27 Peter Maher x4


11.40 Mick Mahon x4

11.51 Phil Vokes x4

12.00 Pete Ledger x4

12.09 Simon Poucher x2 Paul Fell x2

12.27 Hilton x1 Geoff Andrews tbc

12.36 Barry Jackson x4

12.45 Simon Ashton x4

12.54 Simon Hemsley x4

1.03 Brian Hopkins x4


Wilmslow Golf Club Monday 30th April

10.00 Colin Roberts x4

10.08 Simon Hemsley x4

10.17 David Kelly x4

10.26 Ed Pysden x4

10.34 Dave Stanhope x4

10.43 Brian Greenbank x4

10.52 Jack Coleman x4

11.00 Lewis Marland x4

11.09 Mick Mahon x4

11.18 Trevor Foster x4

11.27 Nigel Edwards x4

11.35 Paul Evans x4

11.44 Simon Taylor x4

11.52 John Hilditch x4

12.01 Martin Bramwell x4

12.10 Gweneth Bramwell x4

12.18 Roy Ainsworth x4

12.27 Rob Weston x4

12.35 Les Russon x4

12.43 Craig Rea x4

12.51 Simon Ashton x4

1.00 John Dickenson x4

1.09 Steve Heywood x4

1.18 John Hudson x4

1.27 John Stubbs x4

1.36 Richard Blackwell x4

1.45 Bill Melia x4

1.54 Gordon Warke x4

2.03 Chris Ernill x4

2.12 David Smith x4

2.21 David Smith x4

2.30 Steve Parle x4

2.39 Lee Tilley x4

2.48 Brian Hopkins x4

2.57 Mick Fenton x4

Paul Fell x4 1.05 earlier

Dave Whelan x4