Results from Brilliant Bramall Park

Great Upcoming Maxitours events
Spaces at Vale Royal next Friday 1st June – this course is in terrific condition – filling fast!
Room at Fixby Thursday 7th June -home of the famous Lawrence Batley trophy- one of the best courses in the country- don’t miss it!

Maxitours at Brilliant Bramall Park

Wall to wall sunshine greeted Maxitours players at leafy Bramall Park today.

This is a brilliant Golf Course set in the Stockport suburbs. Head pro Craig Daggitt does a great job and he always contacts me before the event to see if he can be of assistance- thanks Craig , top man.

The golf course was superbly presented and as well as a highly skilled greens who were team hand cutting the greens when I arrived this morning there was a party of six volunteer members proudly weeding around the practice green and tidying up the car park for us- which says a lot about this great Club.
The new Clubhouse interior and balcony also look great after recent renovations.

‘That is a Fantastic Maxitours venue! The course was brilliant and the pint of Wainwrights is also spot on!’ Reported well-travelled Sam Leach who knows even more about beer than he does about golf. There were plenty of positive comments throughout the day:
‘Great Course!’ Koos Alders
‘Fantastic!’ Marc Morris
‘Excellent!’ Munro Donald

The greens were very firm and true and staying on the putting surface was a problem for the less talented strikers of a golf ball. I told Dave Griffiths about the importance of changing your wedge regularly or at the very least keeping grooves mud free to get some much needed backspin in the bouncy conditions. ‘You mean you are allowed to clean your grooves? Replied Dave.

It’s a very well known fact that Roy Ainsworth(26) has dragged many of his playing partners down to his level over the years. Poor Adam Princep is his latest victim and he has seen his handicap double since joining Roys team at the start of the year. (Luckily it isn’t actually as bad as it sounds as the Warrington man has crept from a 1 to a 2 handicap.) The team finished in 15th place today.

It is great to see that Phil Smeathers(6) was back to his best after his recent illness. He is a lovely bloke who has been great with me over the years, The middle section of the Bramall course is very tough but big Phil destroyed it with eight pars on the bounce as he helped his Knutsford team into 7th place. If you have a spare half hour he will happily talk you through each hole as at least three people in the Bramall bar this afternoon will testify.

Brian Hopkins played with his new set of Titleist AP3 irons and he was excited to be taking the wrappers off some of his clubs in the Clubhouse before play. Brian struck his tee shot within 120 yards of the 1st green and then incredibly holed his virgin wedge. This helped his team take third place on a card play off. Mark Taylor(9) Tim Wrigley(20) and Mike Powell(11) completed the Shrigley team.

Heyrose’ Paul Walton(15) Warrington’s stunning Anne Greenough (6) and Mottrams’ Steve Dobson (28) took 2nd place. County table tennis player Anne is also a class golfer and she impressively made 4’s on the tough 10th and 11th holes to earn her team 6 valuable points. A couple of chip ins on the back nine from Steve also helped the cause.

Earning their first ever victory today were Knutsfords multi millionaire Jim Clarke(12) and his pals Pete Ledger(18) Pete Booth(16) and Graham Jackson(9). Jim has worked hard on his golf this winter and is now reaping the rewards although it was a great team effort from the likeable quartet. Well played chaps!
Thanks to all who played. I hope you had a great day.
Yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 4th Barry Jackson AD333s
Nearest the Pin 18th Chris Adams AD333s
2’s £180 4 pro v1s each or 10 srixons
Ben Kinsey Mick Mahon Bri Hopkins Mark Taylor Dave Greenwood Robbie Brown Martin France Ed Wilkinson Dave Henshall Chris Adams Barry Jackson John Ogden Steve Leavitt Andy Hall

Bramall Park 15-Dec-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Jim Clarke, Pete Ledger, Pete Booth, Graham Jackson 84 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Paul Walton, Anne Greenough, Steve Dobson, 84 10 Maxitours suit carrier
3 Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor, Mike Powell, Tim Wrigley 82 8 Sunice shirt each
4 Tom Butler, Eddy Sterling, Matt Cheffins, Sean O’Conner 82 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Ian Venables, Ben Kinsey 82 4 Maxitours scorecard holder
6 Dave Blease, Carl Marginson, Rob Whittle, Pete Short 81 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
7= Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers, Giles Terry, Tom Jarvis 80
7= Ed Pysden, Ken Jee, John Ogden, Steve Leavitt 80
9= Olivier Troalen, Louis Troalen, Robbie Brown, Ben Aardewerk 79
9= Rob Ormerod, John Delaney, Dave Greenwood, Nigel Hallows 79
11= Mike Sallebank, Dave Bolton, Arthur Little, Drew Folland 78
11= Simon Ashton, Andrew Hill, Mick Jones, Paul Abbott 78
13= Eddie Ellis, Nigel Eckersley, Jim Kenyon, John Selby 77
13= Sam Leach, Jonny Barton, Chris Walley, Jim Hodges 77
15= Roy Ainsworth, Steve Collier, Mike Verdon, Adam Princep 75
15= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Munro Donald, John Farnsworth 75
15= Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 75
15= Paul Bayley, Dave Henshall, John Kirk, Roy Kirk 75
19 Chris Adams, Paul Allen, Paul Wilde, Simon Pooler 74
20 Simon Hemsley, Garteth Bradley, Darren Whittaker, Ian King 73
21= Barrie Simpson, Koos Alders, Marc Morris, Martin Cox 72
21= Dave Bentley, Nigel Utley, Keith Edmondson, Mark Cooper 72
23 Paul Rudkin, Mike Lomax, Craig Gorton, Chris Wrighton 71
24= Dave Dean, George Ross, Keith Dooley, Denis Price 69
24= Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Derek Fortune, Steve Walsh 69
24= Dave Griffiths, Mike Fenton, Andy Hall, Pete Birtwistle 69
27 Rob Weston, Trevor Webb, Tony Andrews, Steve Foxcroft 68
28 Garry Smith, Alan Jones, Lee Wolstenholme, Lee Murphy 66

Vale Royal AM AM start sheet Friday 1st June
8.30 Colin Roberts x4
8.39 Jim Caldwell x4
8.48 Simon Hemsley x4
8.57 Brian Greenbank x4
9.06 Mike Stuart x4
9.15 Jack Coleman x4
9.24Dave Stanhope x4
10.30 Lewis Marland x4
10.39 Mick Mahon x4
10.48 Paul Evans x4
10.57 Jim Clarke x4
11.06 Paul Fell x4
11.14 John Newton x4
11.22 John Hilditch x2 Simon Walton x2
11.30 Graham Littler x4
11.48 Pat O’Dowd x1 Jimmy Caffrey x2 – 1 player required
11.57 Peter Maher x4
12.06 Gweneth Bramwell x4
12.15 Dave Sully x4
12.18 Les Russon x4
12.27Paul Gilbert x4
12.36Munro Donald x4
12.54 Steve Parle x4
1.03 John Hudson x4
1.12 Graham Pike x4
1.21 Terry Hines x4
1.30 Richard Blackwell x4
1.39 Dave Whelan x4
1.48 M Sparke x4
1.57 Brian Hopkins x4
2.06 John Stubbs x4
2.15 Joe Yates x4
2.33 Tom Baker x4