Results from The Galvin Green Classic at majestic Mere

*Spaces for 2 fourballs or 4 pairs at Clitheroe next Tuesday!

Maxitours Galvin Green Classic at majestic Mere

A sultry day greeted Maxitours competitors at Mere Golf Club this morning. This famous Cheshire course is getting back to its very best and was enjoyed by today’s players. The closing four holes are perhaps the most spectacular in Cheshire- brilliant.

Thanks to Max all the staff at this resort for their five star hospitality.

Many stars and footballers have lived in the houses which surround this golf course. Rick Astley and even the late George Michael owned a property on the Mere triangle for a short period of time. Today Mark Roberts had a quick chat with Ex Leicester City midfielder Danny Drinkwater as he was looking for his golf ball in the premiership winners prize laurel bush thirty yards to the right of the 13th fairway.

It was great to be back running my events after a family holiday in Corfu. We spent most of the week snorkelling and swimming in the warm Med. We saw a few nice fish and the kids even caught an octopus. We tried to cook it in the evening on the barbeque but it kept turning off the gas.

Anton Ellis is one of the nicest men I have ever met. He has been a member at Knutsford Golf Club for over 60 years and he plays in one Maxitours event each year to show his support for me. Unfortunately, his team are so old they always struggle to remember their handicaps. This year things hit a new low when two of his team struggled to remember their names. Anton redeemed himself with a great shot into the 8th which he coolly converted. He even looked like winning nearest the pin before Alan Jones narrowly pipped him.

Andy Wilde told me that he heard that there is a bunker for every day of the year on the Mere course. His ball went into about 6 month’s worth today as his team could only manage 74 points.

Top milkman Don Milligan turned up with a cream top on. He kept semi skimming his ball across the greens and failed to deliver any birdies.

Scoring was good in today’s event.

Taking 5th place with 84 points was Jim Caldwell(11), Peter Griggs(15), Lee Charnley(6) and Doug Bardon(12). Last week Doug Bardon played like he had two wooden legs but he was excellent today.

Dave Sully(6), Steve Heywood(5) Ian Appleton(16) and Graham Davenport(9) have not been in the prizes at all this year but they were delighted to take 4th place also with 84 points.

Hale Golf Clubs well spoken team of Martin Bramwell(11), brothers Andy Veitch(18), Peter Veitch (11)and the not quite so well spoken Chris Brown(6) took third place with 85 points. Martins lovely wife was also playing today but unfortunately her attractive team finished in last place. Martin was very compassionate: ‘Never mind Gweneth-Did you hear about my birdie at the last?’

Two teams had ‘big day outs’ at the top of the leaderboard.

Graham Jackson(5) from Heyrose helped his on form team of Jim Clarke(9), Richard Taylor Carr(13) and Mark Haggerty(13) score 90 points which looked like a victorious score for the likeable quartet.

Late in the day Leigh golf Clubs Mark Pasquil(12) James Curran(2) Dave Tonge(9) and John Wallis(18) took the honours with a fantastic 92 points Two handicapper James Curran recently graduated from University where he studied Ergonomics. Despite just finishing his useless degree he had a very handy eagle on the first hole to get his team off to a dream start. After 48 points on the front nine they had a solid back nine for a first win in 2018.- Congratulations chaps.

Richard Booth had two 2’s today his most impressive was a holed wedge on the par four 11th hole. If anyone is remotely interested Richard tells me that it was from 105 yards.

Thanks to Mere legend John Gallagher from Galvin Green for his terrific Sponsorship. He is a great bloke and the new Galvin Green Winter/Spring range is the best in the business!

Thanks to all players for your terrific support, Tim.

2’s £255 Mike Sallebank Mark Hagerty x2 Graham Jackson Graham Davenport Simon Wilkinson Gary Hepstead Robyn Cotton Chris Wrighton Richard Booth x2 Neil Powell Barry Jackson

Nearest the Pin 8th Alan Jones Galvin Green Cap

Nearest the pin 14th Chris Wrighton Galvin Green Cap

Mere 3-Sept-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 John Wallis, Dave Tonge, James Curran, Mark Pasquill 92 12 Galvin Green windstopper top
2 Richard T-Carr, Graham Jackson, Mark Haggerty, 91 10 Galvin Green Insular top
3 Martin Bramwell, CJ , Andy Veitch, Peter Vietch 85 8 Galvin Green shirt each
4 Dave Sully, Steve Heywood, Ian Appleton, Graham Davenport 84 6 Galvin Green Cap each
5 Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Doug Bardon, Lee Charnley 84 4 Galvin Green belt each
6 Les Russon, Tom Parker, Craig Brooks, 84 2 Galvin Green Cap each
7 Alan Jones, Gary Smith, Dan Moore, John Hilton 84
8= Mike Sallebank, Bob Bolton, Dave Bolton, Bob King 83
8= Dave Blease, Chris Wrighton, Alan Vaughan, Don Milligan 83
8= Chris Beakey, Chris Gregory, Mike Wain, Mike Burnside 83
8= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Mark Taylor, Mark Johnson 83
12= Peter Maher, Charles Beadle, Rob Higginbotham, Martin Higgins 82
12= Joe Yates, Alan Forber, John Longworth, Paul Yates 82
14= Dave Bentley, Nigel Uttley, Peter Lawn, Mark Cooper 80
14= Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan, David Brown 80
14= Mark Turner, Graham Barratt, Andy Nolan, Paul Butler 80
17= Nathan Evans, Dan Thompson, Jim Sydney, Lance De Block 79
17= John Linsky, Simon Wilkinson, Steve Lamont, Barry Wilson 79
17= Simon Ashton, Mick Jones, Rick Booth, Peter Roche 79
20 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 78
21= Jimmy Caffrey, Gary Hempstead, Gary Bailey, Pete Hamlett 77
21= Nigel Hallows, Sarah Ormrod, Dave Greenwood, Matt Smith 77
23 Steve Foxcroft, Nigel Eckersley, Graham Pike, Richard Massey 76
24= John Johnson, Alistair Imrie, Martin Oldfield, David Swale 75
24= Max Henderson, Ian Noke, Neil Powell, Michael Thistlewaite 75
26= David Kelly, John Atkin, Stuart Blake, Dave Arthur 74
26= Andy Wilde, Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury, Dave Sarsfield 74
28 Barry Jackson, Andy Tate, Bdave Beavis, Derek Fortune 73
29 Andrew Cox, Brian Johnson, Arthur Nuttall, Steve Howson 72
30 Jim Lindsey, Andy Stapley, Iain Hope, Tim McMahon 71
31= Ron Sloane, Mark Saxon, Tim Spencer, Barry Pendlebury 70
31= Ian Waddington, Andrew Norman, Tom Carroll, Eric Hughes 70
31= Robyn Cotton, Dave Tonge, John Hewison, Arthur Ward 70
34 Steve Parle, Gary Parle, Bill Parkinson, Gordon Warke 69
35= Graham Littler, Brian Hitchen, John Lamb, Tony O.Neill 68
35= Nigel Davenport, Peter Wilbraham, Tony Norton, Rick Heap 68
37 Anton Ellis, Peter Ellis, Chris Roberts, David Treadwell 66
38 Gweneth Bramwell, Tracy Thompson, Michele Rae, Wendy Jenkins 59

Clitheroe start sheet

Tuesday 11th September

10.00Colin Roberts x4

10.08Simon Hemsley x4

10.16 Jack Coleman x4


10.32 Paul Fell x4

10.40 Neil Edwards x4

10.48 Lewis Marland x4

10.57 Mick Mahon x4

11.06 Brian Greenbank x4

11.15 Roger Percival x4

11.24 John Hilditch x4

11.33 Barry Wellings tbc x2 kev hart x2

11.42 Sam Leach x4

11.51 Simon Taylor x4

12.00 Dave Woods x4

12.08 Jim Clarke x4

12.16 Les Russon x4

12.25 Nigel Hallows x4

12.34 Simon Poucher x4

12.43 Ashley Elliott x4

12.52 Nigel Oakes x4

1.01 Peter Maher x4


1.19 John Dickenson x4

1.27 Bob Mottershead x4

1.36 Andy Strickley x4

1.45 John Hudson x4

1.52 Dave Whelan x4

2.03Richard Blackwell x4

2.12 Chris Adams x4

2.21 Andy Dunster x4

2.30 Pete Cotton x2 Des Kelly x2

2.39Mick Fenton x4

2.48 Dave Goodwin x4

2.57Brian Hopkins x4