Results from perfect Prestbury

Space for 1 team at Stockport Monday

Last few spaces at these great venues:
Knutsford Singles Thursday
Llangollen Friday 12th April
Galvin Green Classic at Helsby Thursday 18th April
Fairhaven Weds 24th April
Caldy Thurs 25th April
Vale Royal 10th May
Pleasington 16th May
Bramall Park 21st May
Worsley 23rd May
Romiley 4th June

Maxitours at perfect Prestbury

Wow what a day for golf!!!
Day one of the Cheshire Classic saw Maxitours visit Prestbury Golf Club.
There were many positive comments throughout the day regarding the quality of the greens and general presentation:
‘I can’t see how that course can be any better!’ Said experienced(old) Peter Griggs.
‘Just Phenomenal’ Announced Andrew Aherne.

Not only do Prestbury possess the best greenkeeper in the North but the Clubhouse is also now right up there. Recent work has really improved the ambience and the welcoming soft comfy chairs were enjoyed by all players. Brilliant.

Thanks to Prestbury Captain Steve Hall and his lovely wife who also came down to the Club to wish us well.

The main report will come out tomorrow but as we head into the second day there are three teams tied in the lead. Dave Wainwright’s Hale team, Simon Hemsley’s Bramall team and Jim Caldwell’s Wilmslow team all had 86 points. Wainwrights team had the better back nine and three players in his team managed a two, even Guy Lever managed one- much to everyone’s surprise.

Things will get exciting tomorrow, try and get sa good nights sleep.

Yours in Golf,

Nearest the Pin 7th John Kilner Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 17th Steve Blakeway Dozen AD333

3 pro v1s or 7 srixon Ad333 per 2
2’s sweep £145 Dave Wainwright Guy Levers Ian Ponter Mark Hughes David Kelly Stuart Blake Mike Walker Dave Sully Steve Blakeway Nigel Hallows Neil Fennah x2 Neil Edwards Geoff Ratcliffe Andy Bethell Martin Firth John Kilner Dave Smith

Prestbury 28-Mar-2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1= Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright, Guy Lever, Ian Ponter 86
1= Jim Caldwell, Peter Griggs, Doug Barden, Andrew Aherne 86
1= Simon Hemsley, Al Demmy, Joe Kirwan, Ian King 86
4 Mark Berrisford, Pat Cliffe, Les Pate, Dom Claxton 84
5= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew, Andy Greenalgh, Steve Boland 82
5= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Mark Haggarty, Mike Walker 82
5= Darren Whittaker, Martin Keats, Steve Marsh, Neil Worthington 82
8 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Dave Cooper, Mark Hughes 81
9= Ian Snape , Steve Jones, Len Green, John Gilchrist 80
9= Andy Bethell, Martin Firth, Charles Herbert, Eddie Geary 80
11= Ian Hellens, Steve Blakeway, Nathan Pugh, Paul Robinson 79
11= Sarah Ormrod, Nigel Hallows, Dave Greenwood, Mick Gorrill 79
11= Neil Edwards, Ste Woods, Grant Benson, Geoff Ratcliffe 79
14 Chris Gregory, Christie Beakey, Mick Wain, John Oldfield 78
15 Steve Heywood, Donna Sully, Dave Sully, Janet Heywood 77
16= Peter Maher, Charles Beadle, Russell Humphries, Martin Higgins 76
16= Mark Timperley, Martin Lang, Darren Booth, Gary Seville 76
16= Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton, John Safill, Paul Dickens 76
19= Ged Elton, John Bowden, Neil Fennah, Andy Milmore 75
19= Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, John Hilton, Dan Moore 75
19= Jimmy Shirley, Mark Devaney, Adie Price, Dave Parry 75
22= Geoff Andrews, Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant, Chris Percy 74
22= Kev Hart, Jim Booth, John Anderton, Paul Yearsley 74
24 Tom Baker, Dave Smith, John Kilner, Ronnie Moston 73
25= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth 72
25= Barrie Simpson, Jim Lindsay, Andy Stapley, Andrew Cox 72
27 David Kelly, Stuart Blake, David Wilkinson, Dave Harlow 71