Results from stunning Vale Royal

*Room for 2 teams has just come free in the Welsh Classic 10th and 11th June- at Conwy and North Wales!*
Room at Pleasington for 1,2 or 4 players next Thursday- Open Qualifying course
Space at Bramall Park 21st and also Worsley 23rd May

Spaces in Knutsford ‘East Cheshire Hospice’ Charity Golf Day Thursday 13th June please contact Letty Whitehead if you wish to play in this fine event for a great cause 07989 748995

Maxitours at Superb Vale Royal

Maxitours visited stunning Vale Royal in the heart of Cheshire for today’s event.

The course is a firm favourite with my players and once again Vale Royal didn’t disappoint. A superb Clubhouse and beautifully presented course greeted the competitors.

It was also great to see the Captain of Vale Royal down at the Club welcoming our players – he is a class act- Thank you.

The report is shorter than usual as I promised to watch my son in a cup match tonight!

There was a huge localised hail storm at twelve o’clock which flooded the ninth and tenth greens. Incredibly Simon Pouchers group on the far side of the course only got a gentle dusting of small hails stones when the holes near the clubhouse were underwater for twenty minutes. Fortunately the weather was glorious before and after the downpour and the day was still a huge success.

Simon Hemsley checked in and announced he had a new player with him, Simon Allport. The name rang a bell with me ‘Is he a plumber from Macclesfield? I asked. ‘I actually need a plumber at the moment.’
‘No he’s a hugely successful multimillionaire strategic financial planner ’ Replied SIimon.
‘Oh right, do you know if he is any good with a plunger?’

Knutsfords Dave Stanhope is focussing well on his target at the moment when he plays his shots rather than choosing one of 57 different methods to take the Club away. This is producing some fine golf from this lovely man. Despite having Phil Smeathers, Giles Terry and Tom Jarvis in his team he managed to finish in 6th position.

Rob Kenyons’ Bramall team were 5th and Rob Platt from Silkstone always come over the hills to play the gem that is Vale Royal and his Barnsley men were delighted to take 4th spot.

Andy Buckley and Craig Schietaert played in their first Maxitours today and I teamed them up with regular players Dave Cooper and Dave Okell. The quartet debutised with an excellent 86 points and third place.

The Hale team of Brian Greenbank, Dave and Mike Wainwright and Guy Levers play most weeks and for the last three years they have been hopeless. Something clicked a month ago and they have had three podium finishes. Today they took 2nd place and for Liverpool fan Greenbank this topped one of the best weeks of his life. Unfortunately, it is all going to go pear shaped when Liverpool lose the title on Sunday.

Taking the honours was Paul Fells(6) Carden Park team who between them recorded five two’s. Colin Bryan(10)Ian Venables(13) and Carl James(10) all contributed well, Congratulations chaps very well played!

Thanks to all players for your support and speedy golf, brilliant.


Nearest the Pin 10th Hole Mike Webb Doz AD333
Nearest the Pin 16th Hole Colin Berry Doz AD333
(Tornado pilot Dave Sully recorded two twos as did Ian Gillot, Paul Fell and Colin Bryan which was excellent considering there are only three short holes at vale royal.)

2’s £230 4 prov1 or 9 srixon Ad333 per two
Jim Caldwell Ian Gillot x2 Graeme Grieve John Pratt Richard Palmer Dave Sully x2 Paul Fell x2 Colin Bryan x2 Carl James Ian Walters Chris Heyes Graham Pike David Okell Barry Jackson

Vale Royal 10-May2019
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Ian Venables, Carl James 89 Cutter and Buck waterproof top
2 Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright, Guy Levers, Brian Greenbank 88 Maxitours FJ shirt
3 Andy Buckley, Dave Cooper, David Okell, Craig Schietaert 86 Dozen Taylor Made TP balls
4 Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt, Carl Mollart, Ian Gillot 85 Callaway shirt each
5 Rob Kenyon, Neil Lingwood, Steve Merricks, Gav Spencer 84 Callaway shirt each
6= Dave Stanhope, Tom Jarvis, Giles Terry, Phil Smeathers 83 Maxitours cap each
6= Frank Massey, Geoff Burgess, Dave Torkington, Geoff Parks 83 Maxitours towel each
8= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, Jim Kenyon 82
8= Ed Wilkinson, Pete Atherton, David Silcott, Roger Percival 82
8= Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, John Hilton, Chris 82
11= Matt Roe, Mike Webb, Dave Marchant, Dave Mason 81
11= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Chris Diggle, Paul Tovee 81
11= Ian Walters, Chris Heyes, Dave Stewardson, Mike Wilkinson 81
14= Ed Pysden, Simon Moorhouse, Graeme Grieve, Fred Bridge 80
14= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 80
14= Brian Hopkins, Gary Bresnahan, Darren Whittaker, George Bresnahan 80
14= John Safill, Chris Sharpe, Mark Willcockson, Neil Millar 80
18= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Alan Hoy, Graham Wilkinson 79
18= Dave Sully, Ian Appleton, Steve Heywood, Denis Boud 79
18= Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Alan Forber, Joe Yates 79
18= Richard Williamson, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 79
18= Simon Ashton, Rick Booth, Mick Jones, 79
23= John Hilditch, Helen Featherstone, John Pratt, Simon Walton 78
23= Gerry Salmon, Steve Broome, Phil Lockett, Chris Evans 78
25= Peter Maher, Charles Beadle, Gerry John, Martin Higgins 77
25= Tim Bessant, Paul Barlow, Dave Doe, Will Kelly 77
27= Eugenio Fernandez, John Fitzsimmons, John Linsky, Simon Wilkinson 76
27= Graham Pike, Jeremy Lawton, Mike Taylor, Nigel Davenport 76
29= Simon Hemsley, Mike Spencer, Joe Kirwan, Simon Allport 75
29= Dave Greenwood, Sarah Ormrod, Phil Gow, Chris Evans 75
31 Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Derek Fortune, 73
32 Ged Keary, Rob Harris, Paul Waring, Charlie Rooney 72

33rd John Atkin team 72pts
34th Bob Coley team 72 points
35th Jim Caldwell 71 pts
36th Pete Entwistle 70pts
37th Jack Coleman 65 pts