Ringway times and parking

Dear Maxitours player,

The overflow car park will be in use next week as there is also a funeral taking place at Ringway Golf Club on Thursday. Please car share if possible and park sensibly.

Many thanks,

Ringway 11am Shotgun
Thursday 7th November
1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Dave Goodwin x4
2a Si Hemsley
2b Bri Hopkins x4
3 Adam Carolan x4
4 Paul Dalby x4
5a Andy Strickley x4
5b Dave Waite x4 tbc
6 Mike George x4
7a Roy Ainsworth
7bGary Neiles x4
8 Barry Wilson x4
9a Simon Poucher x4
9b Dave Griffiths x4
10 Les Russon x4
11a Dave Sully 11
11b Nigel Hallows x4
12a Jim Caldwell x4
12b Dave Blease x4
13 Roger Percival x4
14a Richard Blackwell x4
14b Jim Clarke x4
15 Dave Blood x4
16a Lewis Marland x4
16b Mick Mahon x4
17 John Hunt x4
18a Paul Fell x4
18b Steve Finan x4


tom baker x4