Room for 1 player at Stockport tomorrow and Portugal start times

Dear Maxitours player,

There is room for 1 or 2 players to join Craig Dysons team (nice lad, single figures) tomorrow at Stockport 11am shotgun – let me know if you can play- remember Winter wheels for electric trolleys. Push/pull trolleys normal wheels permitted.

Below are the start times for the first two days of our annual trip to the Algarve in January.

The weather has been great for the previous three years tournaments and is currently 23 degrees.

It should be another terrific trip!
Yours in Golf,


Maxitours Quinta do Lago Classic
Friday 17th January Laranjal from 09:52 – 11:44 (15 tee times)

9.52 Joe Kirwan team
10.00 Bob Eastwood team
10.08 Allan Brown team
10.16 Mick Mahon team
10.24 Chris Adams team
10.32 Mike Clewley team
10.40 Dean McFadden team
10.48 Kev Hart team
10.56 Peter McCulloch team
11.04 Alan Konarski team
11.12 Peter Maher team
11.20 Richard Williamson team
11,28 Colin Roberts team
11.36 Roger Percival team
11.44 Jim Clarke team

Saturday 18th January Quinta South from 11:36 – 13:04 (12 tee times) 08:32 – 8:48 (3 tee times)

8.32 Peter McCulloch team
8.40 Alan Konarski team
8.48 Peter Maher team
11.36 Richard Williamson team
11.44 Colin Roberts team
11.52 Roger Percival team
12.00 Jim Clarke team
12.08 Joe Kirwan team
12.16 Bob Eastwood team
12.24 Allan Brown team
12.32 Mick Mahon team
12.40 Chris Adams team
12.48 Mike Clewley team
12.56 Kev Hart team
1.04 Dean McFadden team

Sunday 19th January Quinta North from 10:00 – 11:52 (15 tee times)
Play will be from tournament positions with leading groups teeing off last

Monday 20th January Quinta South from 12:08 – Optional round we have approx 40 people playing – (including shared buggies on this round only)