results from fabulous Laranjal

*Space for 1 team at Vale Royal on Weds 22nd
* Room at North Wales Thurdsay 30th Jan

Maxitours at Stunning Laranjal Golf Course

Wow, what a great day!
Incredible weather, an absolutely class golf course and a wonderful group of golfers made it a day in paradise for Maxitours players today.

‘Magnificent!’ Reported Ian Gemmell
‘That’s the best course on the Algarve!’ Declared Chris Hammond
‘Does it get any better than this?’ Beamed Richard Palmer
‘That was the most enjoyable round of golf I have ever had’ Announced Dave Westwood (who has had his fair share of bad rounds.)

The course was playing easier than usual with calm sunny conditions and fast running fairways. There is a Hairdresser in Quinta shopping centre who also sells second hand pro V1s. I was tempted to do a deal with him when I had my haircut last week. Hundreds of balls are usually lost in this event but the quality of the golf was such by my players I think he will have to stick to selling overpriced shampoo instead.

Simon Hemsley turned his holiday around today with some great golf. Things got off to a troubled start when he elbowed a complete stranger as he put his luggage in the overhead compartment on his outbound flight, he then got stung by a wasp early on in his round today. He managed to elbow his way onto the leader board with some excellent golf as his team took 3rd place overall with 81 points.

Jim Clarkes team are defending their title and they had a solid start with 82 points but they were pipped on the back nine after some great play from Allan Browns team which included Bramall’s Andy Bennett. Andy had the round of his life culminating in his first ever hole in one on the 17th with a solid five iron which gently fell into the cup. Congratulations.

If any players are after a free drink and are wondering what Andy looks like I will happily point him out to you later. He helped his team also including Mike Brown and Neil Worthington to a surprise victory with 82 points

Kev Harts team is currently in 2nd last place. But apparently it’s not his fault.

Tomorrow we play the fabulous Quinta do Lago South course. This beautiful course is Mrs Maxwells favourite especially after she easily defeated her husband there last week. It’s a cracker.

Thanks to Mark from Holidays4golfers for his photography work. Please click on this link to see your team in action!

Get to bed.

Yours in Golf, Tim

Laranjal 17-Jan-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1= Allan Brown, Mike Brown, Andy Bennett, Neil Worthington 82
1= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger, Chris Clarke 82
3 Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Al Demmy, Simon Hemsley 81
4= Alan Konarski, Graham Foden, John Wilson, Paul Davidson 80
4= Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Garry Titchen, Bill Riorden 80
6 Mike Clewley , Mark Clewley, Noel Chapman, Mike Thomas 77
7= Bob Eastwood, Ian King, Ashley Elliott, Peter Robinson 76
7= Peter McCulloch, Ian Gemmell, Pete Roche, Chris Hammond 76
9= Mick Mahon, Munro Donald, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer 75
9= Ian Fenson , Dean McFadden, John McAttee, Andrew Mansfield 75
11= Kev Hart, Jimmy Booth, Paul Yearsley, Dave Haycock 74
11= Dave Goodwin, Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson, Paul Woodbine 74
11= Colin Roberts, Koos Alders, Marc Morris, Ron Sloane 74
11= Roger Percival, Andy Wright, Pete Atherton, Martin France 74
15 Peter Maher, Martin Higgins, Mike Cooksey, Simon Langdon 64

Saturday 18th January Quinta South from 11:36 – 13:04 (12 tee times) 08:32 – 8:48 (3 tee times)
11.20 Peter McCulloch team
11.28 Alan Konarski team
11.36 Peter Maher team
11.44 Richard Williamson team
11.52 Colin Roberts team
12.00 Roger Percival team
12.08 Jim Clarke team
12.16 Joe Kirwan team
12.24 Bob Eastwood team
12.32 Allan Brown team
12.40 Mick Mahon team
12.48 Chris Adams team
12.56 Mike Clewley team
1.04 Kev Hart team
1.12 Dean McFadden team

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  1. Tim, We have a team and I emailed you this morning to ask if it was still available but I don’t think you replied. But we are ready and waiting! Is it still available?

    Rick Shaw, (paddy Moran, russ Sollitt, Phil young )

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