Galvin Green Classic at fantastic Fairhaven

The Galvin Green Classic at fantastic Fairhaven

What a great day! Nearly every course in the North West was closed today but the famous Fairhaven links was well and truly open and enjoyed by all the Maxitours players.

The staff did a great job serving our guys before play. It was the busiest they had been for months and they were brilliant. Thanks to all players for supporting the caterers after their long hard Winter.

Dave Madely is one of the nicest guys in the World. He is a well-known supporter of clubhouse caterers and stewards and he polished off two pints and a Maxitours record three omelettes before his round. Dave continued his support of the Fairhaven catering team with a long stay in the half way house and then had another meal and a couple more pints in the clubhouse after play.
He followed it up with a bag of salt and vinegar crisps for dessert.- brilliant.

A mild breeze and no rain made for testing but very enjoyable playing conditions. The greens were excellent so plenty of putts were falling.
The toughest holes for teams to score on today were the 7th 8th and 17th and the easiest was 15th followed by the 12th and the 4th so teams playing those holes twice will have scores adjusted.
Competition was close on the shortened course and teams made mince-meat of the 4 par 5 holes!!

Mike George(9) from Sale GC keeps an immaculate scorecard- that’s normally the only good thing about his game. Today he played great however and alongside Chris Iceley(18), Jim Fletcher(11) and Gordon Tilsley(14) they took 4th with 89 points.

David Waites(10) Accrington team were also on good form and they took third place. It was good to see Pete Houston(14) playing again and Conor Taylor(9) and Jordan Brown(4) completed the Lancastrian quartet.

Mike Tarrant(12), James Wilson(7), Steve Halliwell(16) and Paul Stones(13) came down through the mist from their home in the remote Darwin hills and were delighted to be playing on the firm Fairhaven turf. A great team performance also saw them score 89 points for 2nd place after a card play off.

Congratulations to Richard Blackwell(13) and his Mottram Hall team for their excellent performance today. Two gross birdies on the 12th hole saw them pick up an impressive 8 points as they had a best of the season 50 points on the easier back nine. Steve Austin(13) John Hilton(13) and Ferrari driving Colin Lynch(14)completed the team
Well played chaps great golf.

Many thanks to John Gallagher the Galvin Green rep and all-around nice guy for sponsoring today’s event and looking after my players so well throughout the year. Please take a look at Galvin Green website for some quality golf clothing. It even makes me look smart sometimes.

Thanks for your support- 100% attendance again – superb.

N pin 2nd John Oldfield Doz Srixon AD333
N Pin 17th Paul Dalby Doz Srixon AD333
2’s sweep£155 4 pro v1s or 9 srixon AD333 per two
Ed Wilkinson Roger Percival Paul Dalby Steve Aspinall Chris Gregory Steve Austin Mike Tarrant Dave Bowers Conor Taylor Munro Donald John Gallagher Brad Brine

Fairhaven 10-Mar-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Richard Blackwell, Steve Austin, John Hilton, Colin Lynch 90 12 Galvin Green insular
2 James Wilson, Mike Tarrant, Steve Halliwell, Paul Stones 89 10 Galvin Green shirt
3 David Waite, Pete Houston, Conor Taylor, Jordan Brown 89 8 Galvin Green Warren belt
4 Mike George, Chris Iceley, Jim Fletcher, Gordon Tilsley 89 6 Galvin Green Warren belt
5 Martin Humphries, Frank Brocklebank, Adrian Brown, Dave Hest 88 4 Galvin Green water proof cap
6 Mickey Gray, Warren Newton, Matt Jansen, Pat Keenan 88 2 Galvin Green cap each
7 John Gallagher, Gary Corbett, Dave Lloyd, Huw Anthony 88
8= Neale Laurent, Gareth Winston, Jack Schofield, John Lister 87
8= Dave Bolton, Mike Sallebank, Bob King, Bob Bolton 87
10= Roger Percival, Pete Atherton, Martin France, Ed Wilkinson 86
10= John Dickenson, Dave McDougall, Paul Lord, Lyndon Stott 86
10= Steve Aspinall, Alan Simpson, Ken Booth, John Fitzsimmons 86
10= John Owen, Martin Keates, Drew Folland, Kev Hawkins 86
14= Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, Graham Davenport, Mark Rowden 85
14= Dave Griffiths, Don Milligan, Andy Hall, Chris Bracchi 85
14= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, Rob Anderton 85
14= Hugh Mullin, Dave Bowers, Neil Higgins, Andy Burns 85
18= Chris Gregory, John Oldfield, Brian Charlton, Mick Wain 84
18= Dave Madely, Mike Bannest, Dave Glough, Mark Hudson 84
20= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan, Ron Cobain 83
20= Nick Sullivan, Andy Halstead, Martin Hesketh, Frank Kelly 83
22 Gary Neiles, Ian Philps, Peter Heyes, Martin Finney 82

Dunham Forest start times
Thursday 19th March

8.00 Si Hemsley x4
8.09 Colin Roberts x4
8.18 Jim Caldwell x4
8.27 Chris Lister x4
8.36 Mike Kichin x4
8.45 Phil Young x4
8.54 Andrew Cox x4
9.03 Phil Vokes x4
9.12 John Lindsay x4
9.21 Dave Blood x4
9.30 Jim Clarke x4
9.39 Lewis Marland x4
9.48 Steve Aspinall x4
9.57 Simon Poucher x4
10.06 Kev Hart x4
10.15 Paul Evans x4
10.24 Peter Maher x4
10.33 John Hunt x4
10.42 John Hilditch x4
10.51 Sam Leach x4
11.00 Russsell Sollitt x4
11.09 Jim Rymer x4
11,18 Mick Mahon x4
11.27 Dave Greenwood x2 Ian Neilson x2
11.36 Roger Percival
11.45 Paul Fell x4
11.54 Les Russon x4
12.03 Martin Humphries x2 Ray Tennant x2
12.12 Richard Blackwell x4
12.21 Bri Hopkins x4
12.30 Gary Neiles x4
12.39 Pete Walters x4
12.48 Dave Goodwin x4
12.57 Pete Fotheringham x4