Cavendish start times

Dear Maxitours players,

here are Thursdays start times. Thanks for your support.
I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone.
Many thanks to everyone at Cavendish. This is a great venue for societies or away days or even just a special day out with pals.


12.50pm Simon Hemsley x4
1.00pm Colin Roberts x4
1.10pm Jim Caldwell x4
1.20pm Brian Greenbank x4
1.30pm Jim Clarke x4
1.40pm Lewis Marland x4
1.50pm Mick Mahon x4
2.00pm Paul Fell x4
2.10pm John Hunt x4
2.20pm Dave Sully x4
2.30pm Roger Percival x4
2.40pm Brian Hopkins x4
2.50pm Dave Goodwin x4
3.00pm Lee Tilley x4
3.10pm Richard Blackwell x4
3.20pm Dave Griffiths x4
3.30pm Steve Hall x4
3.40pm Kev Hart x4
3.50pm Chris Gregory x4
Roy Ainsworth x4#
Mike Kirchin x4 #
John Dickenson x4#
Dave Waite x4#