results from magnificent Manchester

2 Spaces have just come free next Tuesday in the team of 4 event at superb Romiley (was Lymm)- let me know if you wish to play
Please note-Times at Dunham on 3oth July all moved 30 minutes earlier!- Set your alarm.

Maxitours at High Class Hopwood

Maxitours visited Manchester Golf Club (Hopwood) today.
The course has improved magnificently in recent years and there was no sign of that trend stopping with so many positive reports from my players throughout the day.

‘The Greens are absolutely fantastic.’ Announced Dave Horsley.
Affluent Simon Burgess from Macclesfield thinks this is his favourite course in the North and Paul Woodbine who is an expert at everything to do with golf thinks that: ‘Hopwood is the finest test of golf in Manchester’.

Catering manager Steve Flett and his safe staff did a brilliant job as usual.

Richard Blackwell nearly hit one of the twelve deer that reside in the wood to the left of the 14th hole. These beautiful beasts are shy creatures and stay in the deep undergrowth so they live peacefully and are rarely disturbed. They were startled by the lack of accuracy shown by the Mottram man.

The new government rules stipulate they face masks are to be worn in shops next week but a few players today were asking where you can buy them from.
‘You can borrow Graham Jackson’s bandit mask – he’s got a few of them spare in his golf bag’ Chuckled his team mate Mark Hagerty.

In my events players are photographing any shots which are close to the pin as markers are not put out for sanitary reasons at the moment.
Steve Hall is an optimist and he needed to choose wide angled landscape on his phone to fit his ball and flag on the same photograph.
He was 12 yards away and the green is only 13 yards wide.
You were only beaten by about half the field Steve – very unlucky.

In today’s event there were 8 teams in the lead on 82 points before a flurry of excellent scoring in the middle of the day as the wind completely dropped. Bramall’s Les Russon(11) Steve Rosier(16) Ken Clarke(16) and Paul Carroll (16) took 3rd with 87 points
Swinton Parks Paul Verdon(7) Andy Mansfield(18) Jay Smethurst(11) and Mike Davies(24) matched that score with a better back nine to finish second.

Leading the way today was the on-form Lymm team of Martin France(2) Ed Wilkinson(5) Roger Percival(5) and Pete Atherton(11). Despite a handicap reduction after a recent win this likeable foursome got off to a great start with Percival playing the first three holes three under par. A strong back nine saw them collect 88 points and moved them to the top of the XENTUM order of merit

Well played chaps great score

Thanks again everyone for your 100% attendance. What a great day.

Yours in golf,

Nearest pin 13th Les Russon Dozen Srixon ad333
Nearest pin 16th Rob Platt and John Hunt -cant be separated!! 6 srixons each

2’s £182.50 3pro 8 srixons
Mike Clewley Rob Platt Paul Fell Steve Gowerie Tony Bray Josh Street Russell Sollitt Roger Percival Martin France x2 Mike Davies Jay Smethurst Les Russon Will Lancaster Chris Lee Mark Pasquall

Hopwood 16-Jul-2020
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Roger Percival, Martin France, Andy France, Ed Wilkinson 88 12 Footjoy chillout sweater
2 Andrew Mansfield, Paul Verdon, Jay Smethurst, Mike Davies 87 10 Maxitors Footjoy shirt
3 Les Russon, Steve Rosier, Paul Carroll, Ken Clarke 87 8 Under armour shirt each
4 Richard Blackwell, Mark Austin, Andy Hamlett, John Hilton 84 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 John Wallis, Mark Pasqual, John Moorhead, Dave Tongue 83 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Neil Edwards, Ian Cooper, Ste Woods, Damon Lawrenson 83 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Simon Hemsley, Ian King 82
7= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Dave Marchant, Nigel Armitage 82
7= Paul Allen, Mike Clewley, Steve Hall, Gary Butler 82
7= Paul Gilbert, Chris Ravenscroft, Craig Rea, John Webb 82
7= Brian Greenbank, Chris Brown, Peter Veitch, Tony Bray 82
7= Paul Fell, Mike Lowe, Dave Cooper, Colin Bryan 82
7= John Hunt, Alisin Shipstone, James Shipstone, Denis O’Neill 82
7= Dave Buckley, Jim Spears, Will Lancaster, Pete Stewart 82
15= Phil Robinson, Peter Griggs, Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine 81
15= Ian Hellens, Steve Blakeway, Phil Robinson, Josh Street 81
17= Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Paul Yates, John Longworth 80
17= Steve Marsh, Steve Owen, Bri Hopkins, Niall Lynch 80
19= Eddie Ellis, Adam Carolan, Dave Horsey, Joe Stanley 79
19= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Mark Hagerty, Steve Gowerie 79
19= Russell Sollitt, Rick Shaw, Paddy Moran, Steve Smith 79
19= Rob Kenyon, Gary Whittaker, Lord Lingford, Simon Burgess 79
23 Dean Jagger, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 78
24= Martin Humphries, Andy Hall, Dave Hest, Kieran McCarthy 76
24= John Cox, Andrew Cox, Joe Mann, Alan Burton 76
26 Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Alf Shillitoe, Neale Laurent 75
27= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood 71
27= Mark Rowden, Steve Heywood, Chris Lee, Graham Davenport 71
29 Rob Weston, Trevor Webb, Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews 70