Vale Royal news and handicap info

1 player required.

Dear Maxitours player,

I have spoken to Vale Royal and they are very optimistic about tomorrows event. The course is famous for its drainage and they missed a lot of rain today. I will be down there at 8am and will update my website at 8.10am at the latest to let you know if there are any issues with course conditions.



Bare with me tomorrow if I appear a bit numb but this is new to me too.
.I will have a course handicap table on the day to help

To really help me please can you/ team Captain

1. Download MY England Golf App
2 Do a player search to find your handicap index for each player
3 Do a course search (Vale Royal ,MENS yellow LADIES red) to find out your Course handicap for the day.
4. At check in please give me this information


Thanks Tim