Results from excellent Helsby

*Next week sees us visit Bramhall Golf Club on Monday (full) and Knutsford Singes on Thursday (spaces.)
Bacon butties and drinks available before play at both these wonderful venues.

**Bolton Old links – sorry due to a date clash this event as been moved to Friday 10th June please let me know if you can’t play/ or wish to enter a team.

** Welsh Classic full

Maxitours at excellent Helsby

Another full field assembled at Helsby golf club in the heart of Cheshire.

The course is situated down a little country lane and it is lovely to see the ancient hedgerows and old oak trees turning a stunning lime green in the Spring sunshine. I was told by an old member a few years ago that this is Cheshire’s very own Magnolia lane!

The course was really excellent and enjoyed by all- thanks to everyone at this traditional Cheshire Club. The half-way house near the car park was open and served terrific food throughout the day. It took me a while to explain to Allan Brown that he was allowed visit the half way house before his round and not just half way round. We got there in the end. Many thanks to the lovely caterers.

I had some great chats with my players today.

Dave Reading has been really struggling with his game but to his credit he is always trying to make the best of a bad situation. ‘ I’m so terrible at the moment I am just hoping my shanks will go a bit straighter than usual today!’.

Alex Jerman is a lovely lad. He is about 40 years old and is always good fun to have a talk with. He had a couple of new excuses today. Apparently, one of the reasons he plays badly is because his shoes are too comfortable. Secondly, when he was 16 he grew over twelve inches in six months so he is still getting growing pains. I’ll write those two down thanks Alex- they are new ones to me and I’ve heard a few in my time.

The final hole at Helsby is a 200 yard brute of a par three. In Steve Heywoods team Steve had a two on the first par 3, his wife Janet recorded a two on the 2nd par 3 and Graham Davenport had a two on the 11th (the 3rd par 3) . Playing partner Chris Lee stepped up to the teams fourth and last par three – could he make it a remarkable quartet?
No. He hit his ball into the daisies.

The golf course has a gentle opening nine holes where you make your score and then a tough back nine to test your nerve. The scoring was low once again reflecting how well the course was designed.
Beating four other teams into 3rd place was the Romiley team of Dave Blood, Ian Smith, Colin Gallimore and Nick Green. They had a super 43 points on the back nine.

Sandbach’s Maxitour Hall of famer and all round great bloke Lewis Marland led his team into 2nd place with 83 points. Team mates Steve Schofield, Phil Dickens and Paul Robinson all had a great day.

Taking top spot with his first ever Maxitours win (it could also be his first win of any description as he is normally useless) was Nigel Uttley(19) and his likeable Heyrose team of Alan Kay (17) Andy Hirst (10) and Jeff Mitchell (19).They had just 38 points on the front nine before picking up 8 points on the 10th hole. After some great putting they managed a one shot win with 84 points! Great golf guys, I am delighted you have won – very well played.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance. Class.


Nearest the Pin 11th Mick Mahon Dozen Wilson Uno
Nearest the Pin 18th James Brown Dozen Wilson Uno

2’s sweep £227.50 7 pro v1s or 16 Srixon AD333 per 2.

Steve Heywood Janet Heywood Graham Davenport Mark Davies Dave Hillier Brian Kelly Andy Corner Paul Yearsley John McAtee

Helsby 22-Apr-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Nigel Uttley, Jeff Mitchell, Alan Kay, Andy Hirst 84 12 Maxitours fj lined Sweater each
2 Lewis Marland, Steve Schofield, Phil Dickens, Paul Robinson 83 10 Maxitoirs Merino sweater each
3 Dave Blood, Ian Smith, Colin Gallimore, Nick Green 82 8 Dozen Titleist AVX each
4 Andrew Wilde, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 82 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Andrew Mansfield, Kevin Hart, John McAtee, Paul Yearsley 82 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, John Morton, Jimmy Ainscough 82 2 Maxitours scorecard holder each
7 Rob Kenyon, Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Mark Williams 82 Maxitours scorecard holder each
8= Jim Caldwell, Jkames Cash, David Lathwood, Don Bailey 81
8= Steve Woods, Jimmy McEwan, John Harker, Jason Atherton 81
10= Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Simon Hemsley, Ian King 80
10= Bob Pickthall, Steve Clayton, Rob Roden, Dave Thomas 80
10= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan, Mike Lowe 80
10= Jim Clarke, Pete Ledger, Chris Clarke, Kev McEvoy 80
14= Dave Hillier, Mark Simister, Brian Kelly, Simon Lewis 78
14= Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson, Colin Berry, Barry Wellings 78
14= Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, Graham Davenport, Chris Lee 78
14= Richard Blackwell, Calum Roy, Ian Roy, Alex Jerman 78
18 Simon Wilkinson, Dave Monk, Barry Wilson, John Linsky 77
19= Dave Lee, Mark Davies, Jimmy Shirley, Adie Price 76
19= Nick Cook, Neil Worthington, Darren Whittaker, Steve Marsh 76
21= Chris Chidley, Eric Robinson, Duncan Cameron, John Johnston 75
21= John Hunt, Denis O’Neill, Phil Watson, James Brown 75
23= Jon Hudson, Mike Hill, Andy Corner, Rob Blaine 74
23= Mike Tarrant, James Wilson, Paul Stones, Keith Fenton 74
25= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Andy Faulkner, Dave Westwood 73
25= Gary Phillips, David Kelly, Ewan McRae, Peter Maher 73
25= Andy Oakes, Steve Hall, Chris Adams, Nick Hargreaves 73
25= Martin Bramwell, Ian Goulty, Peter Veitch, Chris Brown 73
29= Ian Snape, Pete Brown, Brian Johns, Len Green 72
29= Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews, Trevor Webb, Dave Arthur 72
29= Martin Humphries, Keith Shale, Joyce Larkin, Dave Hest 72
32= Dave Marchant, Dave Mason, Alan Turner, Nigel Armitage 71
32= Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 71
34= Ed Pysden, Fred Bridge, Simon Moorhouse, Bernie Mullins 70
34= Neale Laurent, Mark Ellam, Paul McDermott, Sean Ellam 70
36 Mick Jones, Richard Booth, Dan Moss, Mike Keyworth 69
37 Steve Bennett, Allan Brown, Mike Brown, Peter Robinson 67

Bramhall start times
Monday 26th April
9.00 Simon Hemsley x4
9.09 Colin Roberts x4
9.18 Jim Caldwell x4
9.27 Gary Neiles x4
9.36 Dave Blood x4
9.45 Lewis Marland x4
9.54 Neale Laurent x4
10.03 Jim Clarke x4
10.12 Mick Mahon x4
10.21 Dave Goodwin x4
10.30 Paul Gilbert x4
10.39 Les Penson x4
10.48 Paul Fell x4
10.57 Martin Humphries x4
11.06 John Hunt x4
11.15 Dave Sully x4
11.24 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.33 Simon Raine x4
11.42 Gary Phillips x4
11.51 Steve Aspinall x4
12.00 Pete Fotheringham x4
12.09 Dave Stewardson tbc x4
12.18 Kev Hart
12,27 Sam Leach x4
12.36 Roger Percival x4
12.45 Dave Goodwin x4
12.54 Chris Bracchi x4
1.03 Steve Marsh x4
1.12 Peter Dobson x4
1.21 Richard Blackwell x4
1.30 Lee Tilley x4
1.39 Bernard Wood x4
1.48 David smith x4
1.57 Bill Melia x4