Maxitours at brilliant Hazel Grove


Great upcoming Maxitours events this September

Leigh 14th -3 spaces

Helsby 23rd -2 spaces

Bramhall 27th -1 space

Preston 29th -spaces – filling fast

Maxitours at really great Hazel Gove

Hazel Grove is a truly beautiful Cheshire course with great views of the Peak district. It is always incredibly well maintained and loaded with friendly staff and members -this is a must play venue.

Three older members kindly spent 5 hours welcoming my players to their Club and parking our cars so there was room for everyone. They got a free bacon bap for their efforts. The buttys are a bit special and worth the hard work I am sure, thanks very much guys – I really appreciate your time and efforts.

‘That is a great test of golf.’ Announced well-travelled Mike George ‘We all failed the test but we enjoyed taking the exam.’ He chuckled.

Sam Leach and Jonny Barton are two big characters and they are loved by all who know them but there was no sign of these two regulars today. I asked their team mate Chris Walley where they were.

‘They are fishing in Scotland this week. They are hopeless at that as well.’

There was something in the air today. Johnny Eccles drove to the course and with his telephone on his car roof. Luckily he drives like Miss Daisy so the phone was still there despite an eight mile journey and speed bumps on the golf club drive. Simon Ashton remembered his phone but was wearing a pair of slippers.

‘I thought my new golf shoes were very comfy.’ He remarked.

Eighty-one year old wealthy farmer Anthony Bloor recorded his first hole in one for 20 years after his Drive disappeared into the cup on the 9th hole. It couldn’t happen to a nicer man. Well done Anthony.

Conditions were perfect with Mediterranean temperatures and fast running fairways but the sloping Hazel Grove greens got the better of a few teams.

Jim Caldwell(8) won last week at Davyhulme and he was nearly at it again. Team mate James Cash(scr) is a class act and he finished his round with an impressive four gross birdies to move his team into 5th place. Peter Griggs(8) and Prestburys Lee Charnley(5) completed the team.

Retired Ex-Copper Neale Laurent(12) has not played great golf recently as he is back doing some part time policing. Nobody knows why he is back at work as he will never spend his generous police pension. He had a day off duty today and celebrated with a win. Ninety percent of teams scored much better on the 1st nine but Laurents team had two points of guinesss at the half way house and they can home in a super 46 points. Paul Butler(8) Adam Thomas (6) and Paul McDermott all played their part.

Lee Tilley(9) Pete Norbury(17) Dave Rhodes(16) and Ian Sutton(8) also had a tremendous 46 points on their closing nine but a strong finish saw the Saddleworth gentlemen take 2nd place.

Late in the day the Hazel Grove members team blew the field away with a superb 91 points. Retired Last years’ Club Captain Solicitor Simon Ashton(10) led the way Joe Shelley(10) Mike Booth (14) and Bob Dawson(9) all made the most of their local knowledge to secure the win.

Thanks to all for your support.

For your information there are lots of spaces at the rearranged Preston fixture on Weds 29th September. This is a great course if you have never played it!


Nearest the pin 13th Lee Tilley Dozen Wilson Duo

Nearest the pin 15th Tony Jennison (2) Dozen Wilson Duo

2’s sweep £210  4 pro v1 or 10 srixon ad333

Anthony Bloor hole in one x2 Pete Fotheringham Brad Grime Lee Townley Simon Poucher Brian Greenbank John Fitzsimmons Paul Fell Tony Jennison Andy Oakes Ian Sutton

Hazel Grove 6th Sep-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Simon Ashton, Mike Booth, Joe Shelley, Bob Dawson 91 12 Maxitours sweater each
2 Ian Sutton, Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 89 10 Dozen Taylor Made TP balls each
3 Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, Paul McDermott, Adam Thomas 89 8 Under Armour shirt each
4 Andrew Hill, Steve Mobley, Tom Gradwell, 87 6 Under Armour shirt each
5 Jim Caldwell, Lee Charnley, Peter Griggs, James Cash 85 4 Maxitours cap each
6 Dave Buckley, Lester Jackson, John Horton, Steve Tyler 84 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
7 Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson 84
8= Pete Fotheringham, Ian Smith, Dave Alcock, Brad Grime 82
8= Simon Poucher, Graham Shufflebotham, Neil Simpson, Dave Carlisle 82
8= Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryant, Mike Lowe, Paul Fell 82
8= Mike George, Stan Devlin, Toim Tighe, Mark Clare 82
8= Brian Greenbank, Ian Goulty, Chris Brown, Martin Oldfield 82
8= Andy Oakes, Phil Singh, Gary Butler, Martin Prescott 82
14= John Wallis, Tom Milner, Paul Entwistle, Kenny Mather 81
14= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Dan Moore, Tony Jennison 81
16= Fred Bridge, Simon Moorhouse, Henry Petrie, Lee Townley 80
16= Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson, Saj Hashmi, Dave Goodwin 80
16= Gary Neiles, Martin Reilly, Jimmy Ainscough, John Longworth 80
19= Gary Philips, David Kelly, Charlie Beadle, Pete Maher 79
19= Colin Roberts, Carl Deaville, Andy Williamson, Dave Marchant 79
21= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer 78
21= Paul Salt, George Kerr, Pete Brown, Neil Pemberton 78
21= Kev Hart, Andy Mansfield, Carl Marginson, Paul Yearsley 78
24= Dave Greenwood, Eric Barnes, Paul Robinson, Phil Dickens 76
24= Richard Wakefield, Dave Sully, Graham Davenport, Chris Lee 76
26 Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson, Alan Simpson, Colin Berry 75
27= Jack Coleman, Anthony Bloor, Steve Mattinson, Harvey Mattinson 74
27= Chris Adams, Richard Johnson, Steve Hall, Nick Hargreaves 74
29 Phil Stevenson, Andy Wilde, Neil Wheelton, Simon Halliwell 69
30 Chris Whalley, Jim Hodges, Ken Mather, Kevin Reeves 68

Leigh Start times Tuesday 14th Sept

9.00 Simon Hemsley x4


9.18 Jim Clarke x4

9.27 Martin Bramwell

9.36 Jack Coleman


10.03 Ian Hellens x4

10.12 Bob Pickthall x4

10.21 Lewis Marland x4

10.30 Steve Aspinall x4


10.48 Gary Phillips x4

10.57 Neale Laurent x4

11.06 Mick Mahon x4

11.15 Paul Fell x4

11.24 Martin Humphries x4

11.33 Bob Eastwood x4

11.42 Paul Browne x4

11.51 Roger Percival x4

12.00 Sam Leach x4

12.09 Dave Goodwin x4


12.27 Dave Sully x4

12.36 Les Russon x4


12.54 Jim Rymer x4

1.03 Lee Tilley x4

1.12 Simon Ashton

1.21 Richard Blackwell x4

1.30 Dave Monk x4

1.39 Gary Neiles x4

1.48 Kev Hart x4

1.57 Steve Marsh x4

2.06 Andy Buckley x4

2.15 Bernard Wood x

2.24 David Smith x4

2.33 Bill Melia x4

2.42 Bernard Wood x4