Results from magical Hopwood

Space at Prestbury Charity event Thursday 21st Oct
First Winter event of the year- Spaces at rescheduled Preston -Monday 25th October

Maxitours at magical Hopwood

The lovely Autumn weather continued and Hopwood was in terrific condition for today’s event so an enjoyable day was guaranteed for all.
Even Dave Goodwin had a smile on his face at check-in.

This friendly Club is really going places with a magnificent course that gets better and better each year. They are also constructing a terrific new driving range exclusively for its members which is due to open next year. Maxitours regular Steve Heywood is next years Captain and he even allowed me to park in his spot today – what a club!

‘I’ve never played here before but that was Phenomenal! I felt like I was in Scotland !’ Announced well-travelled five handicapper Paul Browne.

Jim Clarkes team has struggled all year and the wheels were off on the very first hole this week. Pete Ledger hadn’t put his wheels on properly and one overtook him as he walked down the slope from the 1st tee, Clarke was laughing so much he lost control and his trolley turned over.
Despite their average performance the team always enjoy a pint and talking nonsense to each other for an hour in the bar. Graham Jackson was chatting about the new Bond film but admitted that his favourite Bond movie will always be ‘The Pie who loved me.’

In todays’ event the yellow tees, firm fairways and receptive greens meant scoring was excellent. Sharing 4th place was Dukinfields Paul McDermott, and Chris Burnett with 47 points.

It was Les Russon and Rob Kenyon from Bramhall who won the card play-off to take 4th. Apparently Rob Kenyon has mastered the art of putting. After rolling in more than his fair share of putts he could be heard telling his team in the bar ‘I’ve found the secret! You’ve got to get a sudden feeling in your hands and then hit your putt.’ Thanks Rob we’ll all be trying that one in the Saturday medal.

Two teams had terrific scores of 49 points! Andy Faulkner(11) and Munro Donald(16) will be devastated not to win after a stunning performance. Faulkner even birdied the last to pick up 4 points but they were beaten on the last six holes by the Lymm Golf Club golden oldies Phil Young(10) and Phil Pegun(25). Young is a retired taxi driver and looks a bit like a poor mans’ Robert De Niro. Pegun is a producer for the BBC and produces the radio 4 show ‘The moral maze’. He produced some great shots on the front nine but Youngs birdie on the 16th was the key to their second place finish.

Taking 1st place was Davyhulmes Dave Haycock(18) and quietly spoken Kev Hart(12) A great team effort saw the likeable duo record a best of the year 50 points. Hart scored on the first 3 holes and the last 4 holes and Haycock was solid in the middle of the round. Well played guys great scoring.
Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance once again.

Nearest the pin 13th Nick Cook Doz Wilson Duo
Nearest the Pin 16th Kev Hart Doz Wilson Duo

2’s sweep £185 9 pro v1s or 21 srixon AD333
Paul McDermott Andy Lester Nick Ford Dave Sully Steve Aspinall Dave Thomas Pete Ledger Richard Palmer

Hopwood 14-Oct-2021
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Kev Hart, Dave Haycock, , 50 12 Wilson wedge each
2 Phil Young, Phil Pegun, , 49 11 Wilson wedge each
3 Andy Faulkner, Munro Donald, , 49 10 Maxitours lined sweater each
4 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, , 47 9 Maxitours FJ Shirt each
6 Paul McDermott, Chris Burnett, , 47 7 Maxitours shirt each
5 Dave Buckley, Graham Campbell, , 47 8 Maxitours shirt each
7 Nick Ford, Nick Ford jnr, , 46 5 Maxitours shirt each
8 Steve Yeadon, Garry Owen, , 46 4 Maxitours cap each
9 Simon Probert, Andy Lester, , 46 3 Maxitours cap each
10 Phil Lockett, Terry Broadhurst, , 46 2 Maxitours scorecard holder
11 Ken Booth, John Linsky, , 45 1 Maxitours scorecard holder
12 Dave Sully, Graham Davenport, , 45
13= Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield, , 44
13= Steve Broom, Jerry Salmon, , 44
13= Pete Newey, Phil Sellen, , 44
16= Joe Kirwan, Ian King, , 43
16= Dave Monk, Billy Davies, , 43
16= Steve Aspinall, Alan Simpson, , 43
16= Charlie Beadle, Dave Kelly, , 43
16= Dave Alcock, Steve Mainwaring, , 43
16= Dave McDougall, Phil Woollam, , 43
16= Andy Mansfield , Paul Yerasley, , 43
16= Steve Marsh, Steve Owen, , 43
24= Graham Wilkinson, Peter Stuart, , 42
24= Simon Hemsley, Nigel Hall, , 42
24= Anthony Kenyon, Lou Malone , , 42
24= Dave Cooper, Nigel Ashton, , 42
24= Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson, , 42
24= Jim Hodges , Jonny Barton, , 42
24= Don Campbell, Swamy Narywaya, , 42
31= Peter Coombs, Steve Shaw, , 41
31= John Hughes, Darren Jenkins, , 41
31= Dave Goodwin, Peter Griggs , , 41
31= Bob King, Steve Ross, , 41
35= Howard Johnson, John McCaffrey, , 40
35= Steve Schofield, Paul Robinson, , 40
35= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, , 40
35= Jim Caldwell, David Laithwood, , 40
35= Neil Pemberton, Martin Pugh, , 40
35= Dave Strachan, Bob Bolton, , 40
35= Peter Ingham, Richard Duerr, , 40
35= Mark Morris, Paddy Moran, , 40
35= James Brown, Phil Watson, , 40
35= John Barnes, James Mooney, , 40
45= Jim Clarke, Jim Kenyon, , 39
45= Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, , 39
45= Gary Phillips, Peter Maher, , 39
45= Rob Platt, Steve Barber, , 39
49= Pete Fotheringham , Tim Royle, , 38
49= John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, , 38
49= Paul Browne, David Carlisle, , 38
49= Dave Marchant , Dave Mason, , 38
49= Bob Pickthall, Dave Thomas , , 38
54= Simon Burgess, Steve Merricks, , 37 1
54= George Kerr, Paul Salt, , 37
54= John Hunt, George Murphy, , 37
57 Neale Laurent, John Harper, , 36