Maxitours from Frosty Ringway !!!

It was a cold frosty start to the morning but the sun was out so it ended up being a bright, although fresh, afternoon for the legions of Maxitours hardened golfers.

Many took advantage of the Coffee/Tea & Bacon/Sausage bap deal from Ringway’s excellent catering team and as always the staff were attentive, courteous and welcoming. Also to James Salt PGA Professional at Ringway G.C along with the rest of his superb team of staff.

Difficult morning conditions meant the greenkeeping staff couldn’t get the greens as smooth as they would have liked but that didn’t stop long supporting Maxitours 10 year veteran Paul Robinson from creating his own personal best of achieving not one but two gross birdies (nett eagles) back to back on the 10th & 11th holes which ended up helping his team to victory on card count back with a magnificent 45 point back 9. He’d never even had one birdie in 10 years prior to today let alone two !!!!

As always a big thank you to my PGA friend Matt Turnock for running today’s event, he said his head was still spinning after a frantic check in with some delays due to motorway accidents.

Today’s results were as follows:

NP 13th – Martin Keates – 1 Doz Srixon

NP 16th – Pete Myers – 1 Doz Srixon

2’s £172.50 = 8 x ProV1’s or 19 x Srixon AD333’s per 2

Mike McKenna, Mike Verdon, Pete Norbury, Steve Blakeway, Dennis Bowd and Graham Davenport


Ringway G.C – 2nd December Score OOM
Phil McCurry Paul Robinson Neil Pemberton Steve Blakeway 88 cpo FootJoy chill out tops 12
Lewis Marland Tony Insley Dave Greenwood Sarah Ormrod 88 cpo Maxitours shirts 10
Garry Smith Darryl Mitton Carl Mason John Hilton 88 Maxitours shirts 8
Dave Sully Graham Davenport Steve Heywood Janet Heywood 85 cpo Maxitours caps 6
Les Russon Steve Merricks Simon Burgess Rob Kenyon 85 Maxitours scorecard holders 4
Steve Aspinall Colin Berry John Fitzsimmons Alan Simpson 83 2
Neale Laurent John Harrop Paul McDermott Paul Butler 83
Bob Pickthall John Hulme Dave Thomas Jerry Salmon 82
Gary Nieles John Longworth Joe Yates Keith Jackman 82
Mick Mahon John Farnsworth Richard Palmer Dave Greenwood 81
Lee Tilley Ian Sutton David Rhodes Pete Norbury 81
Mike George Tim Tighe Stan Devlin Mark Clare 81
Kev Hart Paul Yearsley Andrew Mansfield Dean 80
John Hunt Alison Shipston James Shipston Dennis O’Neil 80
Jim Cox Dave Blood Jack Meredith Colin Gallimore 79
Nigel Ashton Mike Lowe Dave Cooper Colin Bryan 78
Roger Percival Pete Atherton Martin France Ed Wilkinson 78
Nigel Armitage Carl Deaville Dave Mason Dave Marchant 77
Simon Hemsley Gareth Bradley Joe Kirwan Nigel Hall 77
Steve Marsh Martin Keates Pete Darren 75
Stuart Blake Dave Arthur Richard Taylor-Carr Dave Wilkinson 75
Roy Ainsworth Barry Simpson Mike Verdon Steve Collier 75
Ian Snape Dave Snape John Parker Peter Moss 74
Joyce Larkin Keith Shale Willy Gruber Paul Webb 74
Rob Sims Tom Roe John Winstanley Chris Glover 74
Sam Leach Chris Walley John Barton Jim Hodges 70
Dave Monk John Linsky Mike McKenna Barry Wilson 67
Tim Spencer Mark Saxon Barry Pendlebury Paul Higgs 66
Dave Goodwin Phil Robinson Richard Williamson Peter Griggs No card

Eaton start sheet – Thursday 9th December 11am shotgun

1a Ian Hellens x4

1b Mick Mahon x4

2a Richard Blackwellx4

3a Les Russon x4

3b Steve Marsh x4

4 Lee Tilley x4

5a Dave Goodwin x4

5b Dave Griffiths

6 Steve Lamont x4

7a Simon Ashton x4

8a John Hilditch x4

8b Martin Bramwell x4

9 Rob Weston x4

10a Simon Hemsley x4

10b Colin Roberts x4

11 Sam Leach x4

12a Dave Sully x4

12b Dave Blood x4

13 Jim Clarke x4

14a Steve Aspinall x4

14b Neil Edwards x 4 tbc

15a Paul Fell x4

15b Martin Humphries x4

16 Kev Hart x4

16b Gary Neiles x4

17 Bob Sutton x4

18a Neale Laurent x4

18b Lewis Marland x4


Mike Hill

Peter Roche x8

Mike George x4