Maxitours at Wychwood

Happy Christmas everyone, thanks to each and every one of you for all your support this year. I hope you have a safe, Happy and healthy Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who played today and my good friends Matt and Moby for covering the event after tthe Mrs and I went down with Covid first thing this morning.

The report is short tonight as I haven’t felt this ill since Aguero scored that late winner ten years ago .
Well done to the winning Denton team. A great score by 4 regulars and really nice guys however they will be hit with 2 shot deduction each as that score was excellent!.

Nearest the pins James Shipstone and David Linlon.

1st Maxditours lined sweater
2nd Maxitours FJ shirt
3rd Callaway shirt
4th Maxitours shirt
5th Maxitours Cap

2’s £140 4 pro V1s or 9 srixons per 2 Richard Palmer Dave Goodwin Paul Salt Garry Owen Mark Bone Alistair Holloway Andrew Kelly James Shipstone Dave Linton

Wychwood Park December 16th 2021 POINTS
Simon Hemsley Gareth Bradley Chris Church Joe Jkirwan 75
Bob Eastwood Mark Clewley Mike Lamb Ashley Elliott BACS
Gary Nieles BACS C. Parks G. Conner J. Morton 79
N. Drummond D. McGuinness A. Stone G. Wilson 68
P. Ledger BACS £27.50 J. Clarke C. Clarke G. Jackson £27.50 cash 82
Adam Carolan S. Mudaliga BACS J. Beesley J. Kenyon 78
B. Pickthall BACS E. Thomas J. Salmon S. Broome
Josh Brand Adam Green P. Fotheringham M. Keates 77
M. Mahon D. Westwood R. Palmer J. Farnsworth 69
S. Blakeway P. Salt C. Chidley D. Cameron 75
D. Blood J. Cox S. Jenkinson C. Gallimore 74
M. Rawthore M. Naeem C. Herbert N. Griffiths
G. Smith £55 BACS D. Mitton J. Mitton D. Greenwood BACS £27.50 86
G. Sutcliffe P. Rigley P. Sutcliffe G. Hornby 79
D. Buckley G. Campbell P. Stewart J. Makin 75
Colin Roberts C. Deaville D. Marchant N. Armitage 81
S. Best G. Bickerton M. Hannan E. McNichol 76
S. Leach J. Hodges S. Haskins J. Barton 70
L. Russon R. Kenyon S. Merricks S. Burgess 77
M. Jones I. Cole D. Moss S. Ashton 77
J. McEwan J. Atherton S. Woods C. Bland
G. Owen £27.50 Cash M. Bone A. Holloway A. Kenny 92
D. Goodwin P. Robinson I. Snape R. Williamson 70
G. Dixon P. Keenan L. Cole G. Bradshaw 82
R. Blackwell J. Hilton T. Jennison C. Marshall 80
S. Marsh P. Myers D. Whittaker Neil 73
L. Tilley D. Rhodes I. Sutton P. Norbury 69
J. Shipston A. Shipston D. Linton Phil Young 80