Maxitours at Perfect Prestbury

*Please note Stockport 4th April is a team of 4 event (was advertised as pairs)*
Space at these terrific venues!
Teams of 4 at Vale Royal 30th March , Stockport 4th April and Llangollen 11th April !!

First day of the Maxitours Cheshire Classic at Prestbury

Another amazing days golf was enjoyed by Maxitours players at Prestbury Golf Club.
Intelligent Mike Lowe declared: ‘That is a proper golf course!’
Simon Raines announced: ‘It has been a long time since I played Prestbury but t is even better than I remembered!’
‘Superb.’ Beamed Steve Blakeway
‘Amazing course.’ Stated Peter Maher.

I enjoyed working at this great club for a couple of years in the early 1990’s and the members were terrific with me. I still really love visiting here. The greens were always excellent but ‘not at their best until May.’ Head Green keeper Mark Crossley has changed all that and the greens are pure and playable for 12 months of the year. Brilliant.
Even Frank Hindle struggled to think of anything to complain today about which is a first.

Mark Saxon was excited about his first big event of the season but he made the schoolboy error of cleaning his clubs, polishing his shoes, putting on a fresh leather glove and he even washed his bag towel. He was guaranteed to struggle.

Perfectionist Gary Greer and his team were also excited and they arrived 3 ½ hours before their tee time in order to be prepare properly. They had so much time on their hands they decided to have a look at the views over the Edge in Alderley and arrived back still two and a half hours before their allocated time and headed to the range. They teed off at just after one and looked absolutely shattered.

The perfect conditions meant scoring was excellent. Even John Webb (Webby) had a two on the 8th.

Birchwood legend Steve Aspinall, Ken Booth, Graham Wilkinson and John Fitzsimmons are in 4th place with 89 points. Paul Fells Carden park team are in 2nd place alongside the Dukinfield quartet led by Paul Butler with 90 points.

Late in the day Wolstantons’ Gary Ellis, Ian Hassall, Robert Sutton and Mark Taylor had a wonderful 95 points. A huge cheer erupted as chunky Ian Hassall holed his approach on the last as the team picked up seven points. ‘Everything went right today!’

There is everything to play for tomorrow and the famous Mottram Hall back nine should sort the men out from the boys.

Janet Heywood showed the men how to do it on the 17th hole. As the big hitters were missing the green with a wedge Janet used her educated hands to caress her driver to within a foot of the hole to win nearest the pin. Excellent.

Sleep well everybody.

Yours in golf,

2’s £227.50 3 pro v1s or 7 srixons per 2 Steve Blakeway Ralph Postlethwaite Jonny Reeve Steve Perret Dave Cooper Graham Wilkinson x2 Ken Booth Chris Burnett Andy Taylor Chris Brader John Farnsworth Pete Hoctor Janet Heywood Richard Blackwell John Hilton Dave Snape John Webb Dan Balshaw Brian Greenbank x2 Andrew Cowan x2

Nearest the pin 7th hole Steve Perrett Dozen AD333
Nearest the pin 17th Hole Janet Heywood Dozen AD333

Prestbury 24 Mar 22
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Gary Ellis, Rob Sutton, Ian Hassall, Mark Taylor 95
2= Paul Fell, Dave Cooper, Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan 90
2= Paul Butler, John Hartley, Jack Schofield, Chris Burnett 90
4 Steve Aspinall, Ken Booth, Graham Wilkinson, John Fitzsimmons 89
5= Munro Donald, Simon Raine, Andy Faulkner, Ralph Postlethwaite 88 1
5= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Gary Smith, Kirk Hilton 88
7= Jim Caldwell, Lee Charnley, Steve Barlow, Steve Perrett 87
7= Steve Woods, Jimmy McEwan, Tony Hope, John Harker 87
9 Gary Greer, Dave Turney, Roger Bannard, Mark Alebon 85
10= Gav Spencer, Simon Burgess, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 84
10= Paul Thompson, Gary Seabourne, Mark Sayer, James Brereton 84
12 Johnny Reeve, Hugh Bilby, Peter Maher, Nigel Hall 83
13= George Kerr, Paul Salt, Steve Blakeway, Norrie Irwin 82
13= Tim Jones, Peter Norbury, Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 82
13= Dave Snape, Ian Snape, Steve Jones, John Parker 82
16= Frank Hindle, Dave Westwood, Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth 81
16= Dave Blood, Richard Margreave, Paul Trainor, Phil Hudson 81
18 Darren Whittaker, Pete Myers, Nick Cook, Neil Worthington 79
19= Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton, Jim Hodges 78
19= John Webb, Paul Gilbert, Martin Oldfield, Kev Hart 78
19= Mark Saxon, Tim Spencer, Brendan Poynts, Barry Pendlebury 78
22 Les Evans, Ron Parry, Bert Carter, Neil Jackson 77
23= Andy Taylor, Andy Strickley, Chris Perry, Chris Brader 76
23= Adam Carolan, Joe Stanley, Jim Kenyon, Tony Tighe 76
25= Martin Humphries, Adie Brown, Joe Rennox, Keith Shale 75
25= Janet Heywood, Steve Heywood, Dave Sully, Donna Sully 75
27 Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Sarah Ormrod, Helen Braddock 73
28 Dave McDougall, Phil Woolem, Steve O’Brien, Dan Balshaw 72
29= Dave Goodwin, Richard Williamson, Dave Greenwood, Phil Robinson 71
29= Dave Marchant, Dave Mason, Carl Deaville, Colin Roberts 71
29= Peter Veitch, Martin Bramwell, Brian Greenbank, Andrew Cowans 71
29= Simon Poucher, Dave McGuiness, Andy Stone, Neil Drummond 71
29= Eric Coates, Darren Bossans, Cliff Mason, Chris Hulme 71

Mottram start sheet
Friday 25th March
9.00 Colin Roberts
9.09 Jim Caldwell x4
9.18 Dave Goodwin x4
9.27 Gary Phillips x4
9.36 Dave Blood x4
9.45 Munro Donald x4
9.54 Paul Fell x4
10.03 Les Evans x4
10.12 Steve Aspinall x4
10.21 Lewis Marland x4
10.30 Martin Humphries x4
10.39 Neale Laurent x4
10.48 Mick Mahon x4
10.57 Ian Hellens x4
11.06 Dave Sully x4
11.15 Sam Leach x4
11.24 Richard Blackwellx4
11.33 Les Russon x4
11.42 Steve Marsh x4
11.51 Andy Taylor x4
12.00 Dave McDougall x4
12.08 Paul Gilbert x4
12.17 Hotel guests
12.26 Neil Drummond x4
12.35 Neil Edwards x4
12.44 Martin Bramwell x4
12.53 Ian Snape x4
1.01 Hotel guests
1.09Lee Tilley x4
1.19 Paul Higgs x4
1.28 Gary Greer x4
1.37 Gary Ellis x4
1.47 Gary Ellis x4
1.56 Paul Thompson x4
2.07 Adam Carolan x4