Results from super Stockport

Maxitours at superb Stockport.

Is this the best club in Cheshire? Possibly.

I love this place and the golf course was in absolutely tremendous condition for todays’ event – the
head greenkeeper is right at the top of his game. Famous stewards Sue and Paul are the best for miles around and Rob behind the bar always goes above and beyond. Thankyou Stockport.

I think that there is something strange in the water at Stockport. My players were acting crazily all day…
Nick Ford lost his car keys (found in toilets) Martin Oldfield lost his phone (found in the middle of the fairway). Mike Lythgoe was driving round in circles in the Car park ‘Can you tell me where the exit is?’ Best of all Gary Neiles asked me: ‘Where is the half-way house.’

The registration desk was in the upstairs bar which was at the top of a steep staircase. Just a word of advice for chunky Steve Aspinall: never do a charity climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. Steve’s team mate arrived 5 mins after him and asked if I knew where he was. I told him to follow the heavy breathing coming from the bar area.

Hale’s Martin Oldfield is a successful actor and has appeared on your screens in many dramas. He is always getting royalty cheques through the post. He needs to spend one of the on a new set of waterproofs – or a packet of persil at the very least. When my dog ‘Snoopy’ gets wet he smells bad and we don’t let him in the front room- he had nothing on Martin waterproofs today.

The gentle passing shower (which took all day to pass) meant the course was playing longer than usual and scoring was tough.

Rich Prestbury bankers Chris Adams(11), Nick Hargreaves(11), Andy Oakes(8) and Gary Butler(10) took 3rd place narrowly losing out to less wealthy but more talented Dave Blood(5), Jim Cox(5) Ian George(6) and Jack Meredith(5) from Romiley.

Bramhall GC is only a stones throw from Stockport and four of their members took first place today. Steve Merricks(5) had a day out and shot 1 under himself, Chris Grine(13) was class , Steve Rosier (14) and Rob Kenyon (14) also chipped in well as their 85 points won by two. Well played chaps, really excellent.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance,
Another great day and I managed to stay dry.

2’s sweep £250 6 pro v1 or 15 srixon each
Chris Brown Les Evans Nigel Haynes Neil Ritche Carl Margison Paul Yearsley Norrie Erwin Josh Street Damon Lawrenson Pete Flowers Darren Booth

Nearest the pin 16th Darren Whittaker Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 18th Nick Hargreaves Doz AD333

Stockport 04-Apr-2022
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Grine, Steve Rosier, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 85 12 FJ Chill out top each
2 Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Ian George, Jack Meredith 83 10 FJ Shirt each
3 Chris Adams, Andy Oakes, Gary Butler, Nick Hargreaves 83 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Dave Goodwin, Dave Snape, Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson 82 4 Callaway shirt each
5 Martin Humphries, Joyce Larkin, Paul Webb, Rod Marsh 82 2 Callaway shirt each
6= Ian Goulty, Andy Veitch, Chris Brown, Martin Oldfield 81 Maxitours bag towel each
6= Steve Aspinall, Ken Booth, Graham Wilkinson, John Fitzsimmons 81
6= Munro Donald, Denni Greenup, Simon Raine, Andy Faulkner 81
6= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Nick Moores, Tony Jennison 81
6= Les Evans, Ron Parry, Nigel Parry, Nigel Haynes 81
6= Gary Neiles, Gavin Connor, Richard Melrose, Henry Melrose 81
12= Graham Jackson, Tony Taylor, Pete Ledger, Jim Clarke 80
12= Martin Williams, Martin Bray, Neil Ritchie, Mike Lythgoe 80
14= John Hilditch, JP, Dave Cooper, Ben Baldwin 79
14= John Newton, Dave Roberts, Neil Clarke, Dave Linton 79
14= Ken Clarke, Gary Whittaker, Peter Maxwell, Gav Spencer 79
14= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Ross Birch, Carl Marginson 79
18 Graham Wright, Trevor Roberts, Daryl Codling, Mark Browne 78
19= Dave Madely, Paul Gilbert, Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright 77
19= Norrie Erwin, Paul Salt, Josh Street, Les Penson 77
21 Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan 76
22 Neale Laurent, John Harrop, Adam Thomas, Darren Burgess 75
23= Mick Mahon, Gary Clough, Nick Howarth, Frank Hindle 74
23= Jonny Reeves, Nigel Hall, Hugh Bilby, Dave Keen 74
23= Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair, Carl Deaville, Colin Roberts 74
23= Dave McDougall, Phil Woollam, Dan Balshaw, Will Todd 74
23= Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 74
28= Stuart Blake , Nigel Eckersley, Graham Pike, David Kelly 73
28= Tom McGoona, Bob Yould, Steve Moore, Richard Moss 73