Maxitours at Classy Crewe

Maxitours at Classy Crewe

Crewe is a terrific Cheshire course with oodles of character and charm. The back nine is a classic with three or four great risk and reward holes to test your strategic skills. I love it here.

The bacon Sandwiches were great and the recently renovated clubhouse looks first class. Thanks to Nathan and his team for all their help today.

It was the second hottest day of the year but nothing stops Stuart Hibbert from playing. Stuart is now famous in the North West as having the highest Maxitours handicap and he is formally recognized as the worst ever player in Maxitours history. He teed off early this morning but team mate Paul Evans feared that the heat was already too much. ‘Stuart wants to enter the two’s- I think he might be delirious’.

Dave Buckley thought he had made a two when he hit his driver to six inches on the par four 12th . Unfortunately he was aiming at the 16th green and walked off with a par.

Alex Jerman is a lovely bloke and a crow expert. He loves them. So much so that he joined Wilmslow Golf Club which has a crow with a golf ball in its mouth as its emblem. Today he saw a crow on the 13th which he thought looked in distress. Bird lover Alex was desperately thirsty himself but in an act of great heroism he carefully poured the last drops of his bottled water into a sprinkler head for the crow. The bird totally ignored him and flew off to a nearby lake.

Pete Newey is a great bloke from Birmingham. I can’t understand anything he is talking about. Today it took me three minutes to work out he was saying ‘Mid table mediocrity’ When he handed his card in.

In today’s event scoring was once again close and the legend of Maxitours players integrity continues to grow.

Dukinfields’ Neale Laurent took third place with 85 points. The Bramall team led by Rob Kenyon was leading for much of the afternoon with 86 points before the Sandiway quartet of Gary Neiles, Richard Melrose, Henry Melrose and Paul Hurst took the lead late in the day. Seven handicap Henry Melrose caught fire and played his closing eight holes three under par. Excellent.

Thanks to everyone for your support, Tim

Nearest the pin 5th Ian Flavell Dozen AD333

Nearest the pin 8th Don Bailey Dozen AD333

2’s £185 7 pro V1s or 15 srixon AD 333

Don Bailey Jim Caldwell Gary Leek Andy Oakes Karl Marginson Alex Jarman Kenny Stevens

Crewe 9th Aug 22
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Gary Neiles, Richard Melrose, Henry Melrose, Paul Hurst 86 12 FJ Chill out top
2 Dave Williams , Hugh Bilby, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks 86 10 Doz Taylor Made TP5X
3 Neale Laurent, Mark Turner, John Harrop, Paul McDermott 85 8 Callaway shirt
4 Jim Caldwell, Don Bailey, Steve Barlow, Russell Cash 85 6 Callaway shirt
5 Alex Jarman, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 84 4 Maxitours bag towel each
6 Karl Marginson, Noel Houlihan, Neil Shelmerdine , Mark Foley 84 2 Maxitours cap each
7= Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Mark Bone, Alan Gale 83
7= Peter McElkerney, Keith Perry, Keith Swindell, Alan Owens 83
7= Dave Kelly, Pete Maher, Charlie Beadle, Johnny Reeves 83
7= Jimmy McEwan, Mark Devaney, Steve Woods , Neil Edwards 83
11= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe, Colin Bryan 82
11= Mike George, Mark Clare, Tim Tighe, Stan Devlin 82
13= Simon Hemsley, Martin Berrisford, Marcus Green, Joe Kirwan 81
13= Dave Buckley, Paul Jones, Dave Shafer, Al Thomas 81
13= John Atkin, Bob Sutton, David Wilkinson, Richard T-Carr 81
13= Mike Dempsey, Pete Newey, Jim Rymer, Hamish Ogilvie 81
17= Gary Leek, Malcolm Bates, Alan Campbell, Stuart Smith 80
17= Steve Hall, Chris Adams, Chris Oakes, Nick Hargreaves 80
17= James Shipston, Denis O’Neill, John Hunt, Alison Shipstone 80
17= Gavinder Sehmi, Paul Salt, Martin Pugh, George Kerr 80
17= Bob Kwan, Andy Adshead, Mark Richardson, Andy Scott 80
22 Dave Stewardson, Ian Flavell, Dan Gurney, Dave Kane 79
23 Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens, Neil Evans, Steve Schofield 78
24 Colin Roberts, Nigel Armitage, Carl Deaville, Dave Mason 77
25= Paul Browne, Dave Carlile, Dale Wallace, Simon Poucher 76
25= Paul Evans, Tony Evans, Stuart Hibbert, Dave Pearson 76
27 Mark Birtwistle, Ian Neilson, Dave Smith, Barry Rigby 75
28= Dave Monk, Barry Wilson, Jerry Salmon, John Lynsky 71
28= Andy Taylor, Chris Perry, Mike Eardley, Paul Hadlee 71
30 Martin Humphries, Roy Adkins, Keith Shale, Paul Webb 70

Stockport Monday 15th Aug

8.57 Simon Hemsley x4

9.05 Colin Roberts x4

9.13 Rob Platt x4

9.22 Paul Gilbert x4

9.31 Martin Bramwell x4

9.40 Jon Hudson x4

9.54 Dave Buckley x4

10.03 Dave Goodwin x4

10.12 Paul Fell x4

10.21 Matt Cheffins x4

10.30 John Hilditchx4

10.39 Neil Laurent x4

10.48 Lewis Marland x4

10.57 Steve Aspinall x4

11.06 Sam Leach x4

11.15 Jim Rymer x4

11.24 Simon Raine x4

11.33 Mick Mahon x4

11.42 Russ Sollitt x4

11.51 Dave Monk x4

12.00 Gary Phillips x4

12.09 Roy Ainsworth x4

12.18 John Hunt x4

12.27 Mike George x4

12.36 Kev Hart x4

12.45 Dave Sully x4

12.54 Martin Williams x4

1.02 Ian Hellens x4

1.10 Nigel Uttley x4

1.19 Tim Spencer x4

1.28 Les Russon x4

1.39 Jim Lindsay x4

1.48 Mark Hagarty x4

1.57 Simon Poucher x4

2.06 Richard Blackwell x4

2.15 Andy Buckley x4

2.24 Andrew Cox x4

2.30 Dave Holden x4

2.33 Nathan Mills x4

2.42 Lee Tilley x4

2.50 Dan Moss x4

2.59 Andrew Hill x4