Results from brilliant Bramhall

Maxitours from brilliant Bramhall !!!

Well is was certainly a game of two halves today with the morning starters getting the best of the beautiful weather until early lunchtime when the clouds began to gather and unfortunately the heavens opened for around an hour with some very heavy deluges. Some were caught out with no waterproofs or no umbrellas, Oops !!!! always come prepared as they say fellas.

Bramhall’s greens were up to the task and drained superbly but with the recent hot spell the fairways became like rivers for a short time making it difficult to get a decent contact and some getting “face splatter” shots.

Unsurprisingly the morning players took advantage of the conditions and most of today’s winning scores came from the early birds. Just missing out on top place by 1 point, even though they finished with a double birdie nett eagle finish for 8 points on the last, were the team of Colin Roberts, Carl Deaville, Andrew Williamson and Dave Mason but even this remarkable finish couldn’t quite beat Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer and John Farnsworth who all gelled together like Cameron Smith and Cameron Young on the last day of the Open with the hole looking as big as a bucket for them on Bramhall’s brilliant billiard like greens.

As always a big thank you to Bramhall’s green keeping staff for such a wonderful presentation of the course, to the clubhouse team and catering and to my good friend PGA Pro Matt Turnock for running today’s event in my absence whilst I take a much needed relaxing family holiday.

Today’s results were as follows:

NP 13th – Andy Oakes – 1 Doz Srixon

NP 18th – Simon Willway – 1 Doz Srixon

2’s £355.00 = 4 x ProV1’s or 9 x Srixon AD333’s per 2

Dave Woods, John Atkin, Ed Pysden, Frank Kelly, Simon Willway, Andrew Buckley x 2, Paul Fell x 2, Ben Hughes, John Fitzsimmons, Richard Palmer, Andy Oakes, Janet Heywood, Barry Wilson, John McAtee, Rob Blain, Mike Hill, Paul Calnan, Phil Ashcroft, Josh Forster, Barry Jackson, Andrew Hill


Bramall G.C August 22nd Score OOM
Mick Mahon Dave Westwood Richard Palmer John Farnsworth 94 Maxitours Chill out top each 12
Colin Roberts Carl Deaville Andy Williamson Dave Mason 93 FJ Shirt each 10
Paul Fell Nigel Ashton Colin Bryan Ian Venables 90 Callaway Shirt each 8
Josh Foster Gary Owen Alistair Holloway Anthony Kenny 89 on cpo Callaway Shirt each 6
Warrick Dawson Geoff Bickerton Mike Clewley Kevin Harling 89 Maxitours Cap each 4
Barry Jackson Steve Tate Bob Barrow Chris Meikelham 87 Maxitours bag towel each 2
Gareth Bradley Joe Kirwan Dave Woods Bob Eastwood 86
Jon Hudson Mike Hill Andy Corner Rob Blain 85
Dave Goodwin Andrew Buckley Don Phillips Mike Baker 85
Bob Sutton David Wilkinson Graham Pike John Atkin 85
Paul Gilbert Dave Madeley John Webb Gary Kirkwood 84
Andrew Hill Dave Ashworth Josh Nadin Steve Mobley 84
Phil Ashcroft Mike Jaggs Andy Murphy Martin Davies 83
Martin Prescott Andy Oakes Nick Hargreaves Chris Adams 83
Graeme Grieve Mel Williams Chris Sheppard Ed Pysden 83
Andy Taylor Mike Eardley Chris Perry Andy Strickley 83
Peter Maher Charlie Beadle Nigel Hall Johnny Reaves 83
Neil Laurent John Harrop Ben Hughes Paul McDermott 82
Simon Poucher Brendon Leighton Neil Simpson Steve Bowden 82
Matt Clement Sean Mudalige Mike O’Reilly James Clarke 82
Steve Aspinall Colin Berrry Graham Wilkinson John Fitzsimmons 81
Roy Ainsworth Brian Ankers Mike Verdon Ian Heppington 81
Kev Hart John MacAtee Andrew Mansfield Dean Macfadden 81
Dave Buckley Frank Kelly Simon Willway Paul Konieczny 81
Jason Waite David More O’Ferrell Nick Coleman Paul Calnan 81
Jim Caldwell Joe Wee Simon Maxwell Andrew Aherne 80
Jim Lindsay Andy Stapley Ged Nulty Steve Nulty 79
Steve Heywood Graham Davenport Denis Boud Janet Heywood 78
Lewis Marland Dave Greenwood Phil Dickins Neil Evans 78
Dave Monk John Lynsky Simon Wilkinson Barry Wilson 76
Jim Rymer Mike Dempsey Derek Bowland Pete Newey 75
Martin Williams Martin Bray Mike Kulik Tim Roberts 75
Alison Shipston Frieda Watson James Shipston Phil Watson 74
Russ Sollitt Steve Smith Richard Cooper Craig Savant 73
Ian Lilley John Brooks David Jeffries Chris Hinds 73
Nathan Mills John Barnes Ben Chadderton Rob Norbury 71
Sam Leech Chris Walley Jim Hodges Bob Chesters 71
Josh Street Duncan Cameron Chris Chidley Phil McCurry 40