Maxitours Ringway start sheet

Dear Maxitours players,

Here is Thursdays start sheet at Ringway.
As usual play is permitted from fairway using mats or balls can be moved and played from the first cut.
There are a few wet spots on the course but it is holding up well and the greens are excellent.

The short 8th hole is out of play due to path work.
Bacon barms and coffee will be available for just £5 but Ringway caterers are now cashless.

Ringway Thursday 24th November

11am shotgun

1a Colin Roberts x4

1b Steve Aspinall x4

2a Mick Mahon x4

2b Gary Neiles x4

3 Dave Blood x4

4 Andy Taylor x4

5a Paul Wrigley tbc x4

5b Simon Ashton x4

6b Andy Dunster x4

7a Kev Hart x4

7b Simon Hemsley x4

9a Paul Salt x4

9b Dave Monk x4

10a Richard Blackwellx4

10b Lee Tilley x4

11 Roger Percival x4

12 Paul Brookshaw x4


13 Sam Leach x4

14a Geoff Bickerton

14b Jim Clarke

15a Simon Poucher x4

15b Paul Higgs x4

16 Dave Goodwin x4

17a Martin Humphries x4

17b Neale Laurent x4

18a Jim Caldwell x4