Maxitours at wonderful Warrington

Room for 1 team at Alaster Mackenzies moorland Classic – Crosland Heath next Thursday!

Maxitours from Wonderful Warrington !!!

Huge thanks to my good friend PGA Professional Matt Turnock from Mottram Hall for running today’s event efficiently in my absence:

A dry but cold day made for challenging conditions in today’s event.
Fresh coffee and bacon baps were the pre round order of the day provided by the fantastic clubhouse catering staff which were enjoyed by many players.
A big thank you to Clubhouse Manager Max and his team and to the Professional staff in the Golf Shop for their assistance in the morning.
“The course was well presented and the greens were fantastic” were the comments coming back so well done to the hard working green keeping staff at Warrington G.C.

Scoring was extremely close with no less than three teams tied on 87 points two of whom both had the same back nine scores meaning a best last 6 holes to decide the winners by just 1 point.

Today’s results therefore were as follows:
NP 9th – Pete Newey 1 Doz Srixon
NP 13th – Graham Wilkinson 1 Doz Srixon

2’s £197.50 = 6 x ProV1’s or 14 x Srixon AD333’s per 2
John Harrop, Gary Winston, Jon Hudson, Richard Palmer, John Hunt, Brian Ankers, Pete Newey and Pete Atherton


Warrington Golf Club 30th Nov Score OOM
Jim Clarke Graham Jackson Pete Ledger Kevin McEvoy 87 cpo Maxitours Chill out top each 12
Paul Fell Dave Hest Nigel Ashton Dave Cooper 87 cpo FJ Shirt each 10
Colin Roberts Jim Edgerton Nigel Armitage Dave Mason 87 Callaway Shirt each 8
John Harrop John Hartley Gary Winston Alf Shillitoe 86 Maxitours Cap each 6
Richard Blackwell John Hilton Nigel Hallows Gary Smith 84 cpo Maxitours bag towel each 4
Jon Hudson Mike Hill Rob Blain Andrew Williams 84 cpo 2
Mick Mahon Munro Donald John Farnsworth Richard Palmer 84
John Hunt Dennis O’Neil James Shipston Alison Shipston 83
Jim Lindsay Andy Stapley Phil Pegum Ian Whitehead 83
Gary Nieles Gavib Connor John Longworth Richard Melrose 82
Dave Blood J. Cox Colin Gallimore Ian Smith 82
Les Penson George Kerr Martyn Pugh Jim Meldrum 82
Tom Roe Joe Stanley Sean Mudalige Ed Stbbs 82
Roy Ainsworth Brian Ankers Nigel Clapham Ian Hebbington 81
Dave Hughes Steve Lamont Pete Gold John Prescott 79
Jim Caldwell John Kelsall Steve Perrett John Roome 79
Dave MacDougal Bob Mottershead Mike Dempsey Pete Newey 79
Philip Long Martin Quinn Dave Madeley Glyn Isacc 78
Roger Percival Martin France Pete Atherton Tim Backshaw 78
Dave Sarsfield William Coleman Dave Rhodes Pete Norbury 78
Simon Poucher David Carslile Brendon Leighton Mark Hoyland 77
Dave Monk Mark Dignam John Lynskey Simon Wilkinson 77
Sam Leach Kevin Reeves Mike Piggott Jon Barton 76
Dave Goodwin Paul Price Richard Williamson Dave Greenwood 76
Martin Humphries Paul Webb Keith Shale Jim Heywood 75
Mick Holmes Chris Bracchi Dom Millington Ken Stevens 75
Steve Aspinall Colin Berry Graham Wilkinson John Fitzsimmons 75
Andy Moran Mark Gauci Colin Poole Gary Hempstead 66