Results from classy Conwy

Spaces in these great Spring events


16th Formby Hall

29th Vale Royal


3rd Stockport

13th Helsby

21st Llangollen

28th Knutsford singles

Maxitours at Classy Conwy

Challenging golf on a terrific links course was the order of the day at Conwy.

‘That was a touch attritional! ‘Declared Richard Wakefield.

‘Even the sea gulls had their heads down.’ Noted Steve Heywood.

‘What a course, I loved that challenge today’ Remarked James Francis.

The early starters got the best of the weather before the occasional brief refreshing shower passed through.

There was a team of four Scousers from Formby Hall who played today. They were in an even chirpier mood than normal and found everything I said hilarious. This had nothing to do with last nights football result. I had to keep my distance.

Scoring was exceptionally close with three teams on 79 points, two teams on 80 points and three teams on 81 points!

The back nine was playing about 8 shots easier than the front nine. Phil Young and his Lymm team came home in 43 to finish 3rd, Martin Humphries and his Portal team came home in 44 points to take 2nd but Dave Goodwin(7) and his Sandbach team took the honours after a terrific 45 on the back nine.

Richard Williamson (8) finished the last three holes in two under par in a very impressive finish to his round. Well played chaps! Phil Robinson(6)and talkative talented Paul Woodbine(7) completed the team.

Thanks for your 100% attendance.


Nearest the Pin 13th Jan Heywood Doz AD333

Nearest the Pin 15th Phil Dickens Doz AD333

2’s £115 5 Pro V1 or 11 srixon per two

Steve Heywood Jim Heyward Phil McCurry Phil Young Ed Wilkinson Martin Prescott

Conwy 6th March
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Phil Robinson, Richard Wiliamson, Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine 81 12 Maxitours FJ Chill out top
2 Martin Humphries, Dave Cooper, Keith Shale, Jim Heywood 81 10 Doz Wilson tour balls each
3 Phil Young, Steve Mooney, Phil Pegum, Alan Booth 81 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Kev McEvoy, Pete Ledger, Graham Jackson, Jim Clarke 80 6 Maxitours cap each
5 Mark Foley, Carl Marginson, Ged Manning, Rob Moss 80 4
6 Geoff Bickerton, Henry Petrie, Simon Moorhouse, Martin Prescott 79 2
7= Paul Fell, Mike Lowe, Nigel Ashton, Colin Bryan 79
7= Simon Hemsley, Joe Kirwan, Ian King, Gareth Bradley 79
9 Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, Richard Wakefield, Janet Wakefield 78
10 Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton, Jim Hodges 77
11= Steve Aspinall, Graham Wilkinson, John Fitzsimmons, Keith Berry 76
11= Dave Hughes, Steve Broome, Jerry Salmon, Ken Booth 76
11= Neale Laurent, John Lester, John Harrop, John Hartley 76
11= Phil McCurry, Pete Smith, Neil Pemberton, Phil Dickens 76
11= Denis O’Neill, Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, George Murphy 76
16= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Munro Donald 74
16= Ed Wilkinson, Tim Blackshaw, Pete Atherton, Steve Collier 74
18 Dave McDougall, Pete Maher, Will Todd, Dan Balshaw 72
19 Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, Nigel Armitage, Dave Mason 70

This Thursdays Ringway start sheet

Hole 8 closed

9.00 John Atkin x4

9.09 Colin Roberts x4

9.18 Jim Caldwell x4

9.27 Dave Sarsfield x4

9.36 Paul Price x4

9.45 Graham Blood x4

9.54 Paul Traynor x4

10.03 Sam Leach x4

10.12 Paul Fell x4

10.21 Martin Humphries x4

10.30 Richard Harper x4

10.39 Steve Aspinall x4

10.48 Mick Mahon x4

10.57 Dave Blood x4

11.06 Steve Hall x4

11.15 Paul Evans x4

11.24 Neale Laurent x4

11.33 Paul Salt x4

11.42 Roy Ainsworth x4

11.51 Kev Hart x4

12.00 Rob Kenyon x4

12.09 Lewis Marland x4

12.18 Lee Merson x4

12.27 Peter Maher x4

12.36 Gary Leek x4

12.45 Andy Taylor x4

12.54 Eugenio Fernandez x4

1.03 Richard Blackwellx4

1.12 Geoff Bickerton x4

1.21 Paul Rudkin x4

1.30 Simon Raine x4

1.39 Mark Robinson x4 tbc

1.48Nathan Mills x4

1.57 Andy Dunster x4

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