Results from lovely Llangollen

Maxitours at lovely Llangollen

Over 100 Maxitours players enjoyed playing in the Welsh valleys today.
The morning weather was mixed but the clouds soon parted and a lovely afternoon was enjoyed by all. The morning was very atmospheric with the tops of the surrounding mountains covered in a spooky low cloud.
‘It looks like a scene from gorillas in the mist’ Reported Simon ‘Tarzan’ Poucher.
The course was in its usual fine condition and continues to be a real[T1] Maxitours favourite.
‘That was a great afternoon of golf!’ Reported John Kelsall

The later starters had the best of the weather and the scores gradually improved as the day progressed. To be perfectly honest the scores improved until Stuart Hibberts team handed their card in and then they deteriorated a little. Stuart is recognized in the golfing world as the worst player in Maxitours history and the handicap sheet often doesn’t go high enough for me to work out how many shots he gets. He cleaned his clubs specially for today. (Not to get any additional backspin but just to see what numbers were on the bottom of the clubs as they were so filthy he keeps hitting the wrong club.)

Kev Hart had no one to play with this week so I teamed him up with Pete Mahers team. He must have made quite an impression on them with the quality of his golf.
Playing partner and new friend Nigel Koenan shouted across the car park as they parted after the round : ‘Thanks for the game Terry, really enjoyed meeting you!’

Scoring once again average as the damp fairways and cool Spring conditions took their toll.
Roy Ainsworth is surprising everyone with his recent form and he led his team into 3rd with 79 points.
Wilmslows Jim Caldwell maintained his good form despite a handicap cut and took 2nd with 80 points. Liam Pilkington picked up three shots for the team in the middle of the round after overpowering the tough 12th and 13th holes.
Winning was the Welsh based team of Colin Bryan(7), Mike Lowe(10), Paul Fell(5) and Nigel Ashton(9). These lads are at their best when surrounded by sheep and they picked up a hefty seven points on the 16th to ease them into first place. Well played lads – great golf.

Thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance despite a mixed forecast- brilliant.

Nearest the pin 14th Chris Adams Doz D333
#Nearest the pin 18th Barry Wilson DOZ AD333

2’s £220
10 PRO V1 or 24 srixon AD333
Graham Davenport Mark Hoyland Chris Adams Phil Young Andy Stokes Simon Hemsley

Bramall start sheet Monday 24th April
8.45 Colin Roberts x4
8.54 Ed Pysden x4
9.03 Lee Tilley x4
9.12 Dave Goodwin x4
9.21 Andy Taylor x4
9.30 Paul Gilbert x4
9.40 Steve Hall x4
9.49 Martin Bramwell x4
9.57 Paul Fell x4
10.06 Martin Humphries x4
10.14 Tom McGoona x4
10.23 Paul Evans x4
10.32 Lewis Marland x4
10.41 Neale Laurent x4
10.50 Jim Lindsay x4
10.59Jim Clarke x4
11.08 Ian Fearns x4
11.17 Mick Mahon x4
11.25 Peter Maher x4
11.34 Darren Booth x4
11.43 Kev Hart x4
11.52 Jon Hudson x4
12.02 John Hilditch x4
12.11 Dave Sully x4
12.20 Martin Williams x4
12.29 Geoff Bickerton x4
12.38 Paul Salt x4
12.48Dave Monk x4
1.03 Richard Blackwellx4
1.12 Sam Leach x4
1.21 Simon Raine x4
1.30 John Hunt x4
1.48 Jim Caldwell x4
1.57 Paul Higgs x4
2.15Nathan Mills x4
2.24 Richard Bamforth x4
2.32 Gary Owen x4