Results from brilliant Bramhall

Room This Friday at Knutsford singles if you fancy a game on the best nine hole course in the North!- Greens are excellent.

Room next Friday at Preston – top 3 inland course in Lancashire

Maxitours at beautiful Bramhall Golf Club

Bramhall golf Club was in terrific condition for the visit of Maxitours today.

All my players had nothing but praise for this classic Cheshire course and the smooth fast greens were appreciated by all. The green keepers are doing a fantastic job.

‘That was amazing for the time of year!’ Announced knowledgeable talented golfer Simon Raine.

‘Magnificent course!’ Declared Russell Cash.

Damon and his bar staff provide the best food and hospitality on the Maxitours rota and there is always a very warm and friendly atmosphere in the clubhouse. Brilliant work guys and girls.

Bramhall think of everything. They even catered for the Tony Evans veteran Alsager team by having a simple door code for them to remember.

My son’s best friend Dom Smith was on work experience with me today and he is a lovely lad and did a great job. I sent him to the bar for a ‘long stand’. He came back 45 minutes later. It’s an oldie but a beauty. I nearly sent him into Bramhall for some tartan paint but he was much too smart to fall for that.

Paul Fell won last week but has asked for a front page apology today as I described his team as ‘Welsh’ in the report. He was devastated and assures me he lives in England despite having a slight welsh twang. Team mate Colin Bryan also wanted to clear things up and he informed me proudly that: ‘I am Welsh and I love sheep.’

Hector Campbell plays the bagpipes. He says it is a real skill but the bagpipes are very hard to maintain and keep in tune, apparently you have to practice hard and carefully look after the reeds, the pipes and the bag.

‘It’s one of the hardest instruments in the world to play. But its much easier than golf.’ He reported.

Millionaire retired lawyer Ian Goulty had a bad twenty minutes. He picked up his ball up on the 9th hole after a series of poor shots. He soon cheered up when he saw his favourite treat in the half way house- millionaire shortbread – always guaranteed to cheer you up after a bad hole!

After teeing off on the 10th he searched for his chocolate which he had lovingly placed next to his bag before spotting a huge crow enjoying his treat on the 18th fairway. Hard toffee Ian.

In todays event three teams shared 4th place on 84 points. As the day progressed the temperature rose and so did the scores.

Simon Raines lovable Northerners took 3rd place on 86 points.

Second place went to Prestburys Geoff Bickerton(3) and his team of Gary Amos(4), Steve Booth(8) and Ian Andrews(11). Geoffs good pal Gary had been keenly watching his less than average performances each week on the results email.

‘You need me in your team to give you a chance.’ He informed Geoff last week. Sure enough with Gary’s huge confidence and self-belief the team had a season high second place finish.

Winning today was Bob Bailey(5) who is a Southerner but still a nice bloke. He runs the senior team at Wilmslow Golf Club and led the way for his team today. Team mate and Former European table tennis champ John Hilton(13) is teaching him how to play ping pong but Bob was showed him how to strike a golf ball today. Steve Austin(15) and retired teacher Gary Smith(8) completed the team.

Well played chaps great scoring.

Thanks to everyone for your support today.


Nearest the pin 12th hole Chris Chidley Doz AD333 (this is hard to believe but true)

Nearest the pin 14th hole Bob Bailey Doz AD333

2’s sweep £215

Lots of 2’s today -3 pro 1s or 7 srixon AD333 : Paul Higgs Stuart Taylor Steven Booth x2 Denis O’Neill John Nuttall Ben Jackson Hector Campbell Mark Hagarty Martin Humphries Ian Fearns Alan Squires Brian Leatherbarrow Andy Corner Chris Ravenscroft Simon Raine Ian Owens Chris Chidley Chris Walley Jim Hodges Bob Bailey John Hilton

Bramhall 24th April
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Bob Bailey, Steve Austin , Gary Smith, John Hilton 89 12 Maxitours Chill out top
2 Geoff Bickerton, Gary Amos, Ian Andrews, Steven Booth 88 10 Maxitours FJ Shirt
3 Simon Raine, Tim Stanley, Philip Cort, Ian Owens 86 8 Callaway shirt each
4 Martin Bramwell, Andy Veitch, Steve Bates, Ian Goulty 84 6 Maxitours cap each
5 Steve Heywood, Janet Heywood, John Nuttall, Jim Wardle 84 4 Callaway shirt each
6 Phil Robinson, Ricard Williamson, Paul Price, Dave Goodwin 82 2 Maxitours cap each
7= Pete Maher, Ben Jackson, Jonny Reeves, Ian Warwick 82
7= Darren Booth, Marl Timperly, Hector Campbell, Martin Lang 82
7= Kev Hart, Paul Yearsley, Mark Foley, Alan Vaughan 82
10= Paul Traynor, Steve Moores, Rick Margreave, Ian Fearnes 81
10= Martin Humphries, Joyce Larkin , Jim Haywood, Barry Caldwell 81
10= Jim Clarke, Graham Jackson, Norrie Irwan, Mark Hagarty 81
13= Martin Prescott, Phil Singh, Nick Hargreaves, Brian Leatherbarrow 80
13= Paul Fell, Colin Bryan, Nigel Ashton, Dave Cooper 80
13= Martin Williams, Martin Bray, John Tomlinson, Simon Hartland 80
16= Jim Caldwell, Bryce Brooks, Stuart Taylor, Russell Cash 78
16= Gary Owen, Alistair Holloway, Gary Hall, Don Campbell 78
18= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 77
18= Paul Evans, Tony Evans, Alan Read, Martin Sands 77
18= Andrew Williams, Rob Blain, Andy Corner, Anthony O’Rourke 77
18= Andy Dunster, Alan Squires, Lupo Cavallina, Nick Kerin 77
22 Paul Gilbert, Martin Quinn, Dave Madely, Chris Ravenscroft 76
23= Barry Wilson, John Lynsky, Jerry Salmon, Simon Wilkinson 75
23= Tim Spencer, Paul Higgs, Steve Marshall, Barry Pendlebury 75
25= John Harrop, Paul Butler, Chris Burnett, Neale Laurent 74
25= Phil Dickens, Lewis Marland, Neil Evans, Steve Schofield 74
25= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason, Pete Fotherigham, Dave Keen 74
28 Chris Chidley, Duncan Cameron, George Kerr, Jim Meldrum 73
29 John Hilditch, JP, Jo Pratt, Fiona Anderson 72
30 Ed Pysden, Henry Petrie, Fred Bridge, Simon Moorhouse 70
31 Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton, Jim Hodges 69
32 Andy Taylor, Andy Parrington, Mike Eardly, Chris Perry 68
33 Jim Lindsay, Steve Howson, Brian Jones, Andy Stapley 60

Knutsford Singles THIS FRIDAY 28th April

10.39Simon Hemsley x4

10.48 Colin Roberts x4

10.57 Mick Mahon x4

11.06 Dave Buckley x4

11.15 Richard Blackwellx4

11.24 Lee Tilley x4

11.33 Roger Percival x4

11.42 Paul Salt x4

11.51 Paul Gilbert x4


12.09 Peter Maher x4

12.18 Geoff Bickerton x4

12.27 Andy Taylor x4

Preston Friday 5th May

9.30 David Wilkinson x4

9.38 Simon Hemsley x4

9.46 Colin Roberts x4

9.55 Jim Caldwell x4

10.04 Dave Buckley x4

10.13 Martin Prescott x4

10.21 Neale Laurent x4

10.30 Martin Williams x4

10.39 Mick Mahon x4

10.48 Paul Fell x4

10.57 Martin Humphries x4

11.06 Dave Goodwin x4

11.15 John Hudson x4

11.24 Lewis Marlandx4

11.33 Gary Neiles x4

11.42 Paul Salt x4

11.50Dave Monk x4

1.08 Roy Ainsworth x4

1.17 Paul Price x4

1.26 Peter Maher x4

1.35 Jim Lindsay x4

1.43 Richard Blackwell x4

1.52 Andy Taylor x4

2.00 Paul Rudkin x4

2.09 Steve Heywood x4

2.17 Simon Poucher x4

2.25 Lee Tilley x4

2.34 Dave Hughes x4

2.42 Jimmy McEwan x4

2.50 Jimmy McEwan x4

2.59 Ian Reece x4


3.16 John Dickenson x4