The Maxitours Legh Arms Classic at Prestbury Results


Results from the Legh Arms Open Prestbury Golf Club 5th May 2011.

The Maxitours summer series began in some style at the fantastic Prestbury Golf Club today.

The course was in magnificent condition and all 92 players were extremely complimentary about the way the course was presented, many thanks to Club Secretary Neville Young and his excellent team.

There was a GMP speeding awareness day taking place at the golf club today and this led to a small police presence in the car park. Several Maxitours players seemed a little more nervous than usual, Peter Smith nearly missed his 3rd shot on the par 5 sixth hole as a copper looked on, Jay Seddons golf actually improved as he was literally ‘keeping his head down’ as much as possible.

Charles Herbert and Andy Stubbens always look immaculate and play well together, after a good shot Charles can often be seen gazing admiringly at Andys composed follow through, the couple are known as the Kate Middleton and Prince William of Cheshire golf, congratulations to both of you on your 45 points.

Manchester United ambassador Frank Stapleton was delighted after his teams progression to the Champions league final the talented Irishmans mood improved even more when he birdied the tricky 11th.

Ex rally driver Stuart Coupe was playing some nice golf with back to back birdies on 10 and 11. He needed a pit stop however after he lost his power steering on the sharp right hander 14th hole and his ball skidded out of control into the trees. All four wheels unfortunately fell off soon after.

Jay Seddon proved there is more to his game than 350 yard drives when he won the nearest the pin with a delicate wedge on the 175 yard par three. Tom Jones hit an unusually good shot on the 17th. (couldn’t resist Tom, sorry)

Kevin Barkers golf must have improved as three years ago he was hitting perhaps the most impressive shanks I have ever seen, today a more relaxed Barker teamed up with Peter Smith for a great 44 points, this was matched by quality builder Andy Taylor and scaffolder Martin Firth (they told their current job they were picking up supplies today)

The honours went to Ricardo Richardson and Darren Whittaker who returned 46 points, Whittakers birdie on the testing 5th hole was the highlight of their round. Happily for the rest of us both players will lose a shot from their handicaps for the rest of the summer tour.

The next event is at Pleasington,(perhaps the best inland course in Lancashire) this is filling fast as the course is a real gem, tee times are between 9am and 2pm please confirm your availability asap.

Many thanks to Pete Myers who owns the magnificent Legh Arms in Prestbury for his sponsorship of todays event. I hope you enjoyed today, thanks for playing. Tim.

7th Jay seddon £25 voucher for Legh Arms

17th Tom Jones £25 voucher for Legh Arms

2’s 117.50 9 proV1s each

9 balls each Martin Firth Stuart Coupe Colin Owen Jay Seddon

1st Titleist Carry bag each 46

Ricardo Richardson Darren whittaker

2nd Galvin Green Windcheater 45

Charles Herbert Andy stubbens

3rd Titleist backpack each 44

Kevin Barker Peter Smith

4th Dozen Z Stars each 44

Andy Taylor Martin Firth

5th Srixon cap each 43

John Taylor & Nigel Bloxidge

6th Srixon cap each 42

Colin Roberts & John Rigby

7th Footjoy socks each 42

Neil Laurent & Gareth Winston

8th footjoy socks 42

John Aikenhead & John Russell

Pete Myers & Victoria Howarth 41

Chris Earnhill & Geoff Ward 41

Stuart Coupe & Mark Robinson 41

Mike Daggitt & Paul Wilson 40

Lewis Marland & Alf Shillitoe 40

Colin Owen & Mike Lee 40

Ian Wilkinson & Steve Hindley 39

Malcolm Nash & Mark Brown 39

Frank Garvey & Paul Bradley 38

Neville Dennis & Lee Parr 38

Steve Armour & Alan Reid 38

Frank Stapleton & Tommy McCormack 38

Ian Hayles & Liam Harrison 37

Gaz Hibbert & Trevor Golds 37

Steven Ballard & Gary Denhan 37

James Caffrey & Graham Ferrari 37

Blake Norton & Jay Seddon 36

Ken Jones & Kit Parkington 36

Marcus Kaye & David Cole 36

Mark Richardson & Andy Dutton 36

Moby Rawthore & Steve Rourke 36

Glynn Richards & Simon Lee 35

Mike Haynes & Norman Quick 35

Patrick Keenan & Tom Jones 35

Bob Sinclair & Rob Deconinck 34

Bernard Wood & David Smith 34

Brian Atherton & John Duff 34

Ian King & Brian Walsh 33

Robert Nelson & Jim Clarke 33

John Neale & John Lawson 33

Jimmy Eccles & Kenny Jepsum 32

Kevin McKenna & Peter McKenna 31

Stuart Eley & Mike Lythgoe 30

Peter Hargreaves & Alan Reid 29

Carl Kennedy & Ben Barraclough 27