Results from glorious Davenport and Prestbury start times.

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Prestbury Thurs 4th August

Knutsford Friday 19th Aug

Lymm Bilyana shootout Tues 30th Aug

The Shotsaver Classic at Davenport GC

The Davenport Golf Course was ‘in the best condition in the history of the club’ according to the Secretary Chris Souter, indeed his sentiments were echoed by all the 96 Maxitours competitors in todays wonderful Shotsaver Classic tournament.

Image conscious Pete Myers has resorted to wearing all black on the golf course after putting on a few pounds in recent months, chubby Rob Tabbron is past caring however, and the misguided builder unfortunately decided a pair of white pants would be a ‘good look’ for todays event.

Terry Davison looked in good spirits as he made a loud entrance into the clubhouse ‘did you hear about my tremendous win our Wednesday section?’ shouted the Geordie. Unfortunately for Terry form is only temporary and he had to rely heavily on the more talented Geoff Haynes today as they recorded 40 points.

Maxitours legends Darren Whittaker and Ian King scored 42 points despite not scoring on the 16th hole. Darren owns a successful holiday caravan park within walking distance of the Davenport course, anyone wishing to take their wife on a caravanning holiday to Stockport please contact me or call into your local Psychiatric hospital ASAP.

Chunky Alex Jerman hit a wonderful drive to within four feet to set up a tremendous eagle on the 277 yard 2nd ‘it landed like a butterfly’ said Alex. ‘It was a good job my partner James Holman is a chiropractor’ continued Alex, ‘my back’s killing me, I’ve just carried him around 18 holes today!’ They were delighted with 44 points and 3rd place.

Brothers Mark and Paul Marshall were doing some serious bonding as they hugged and kissed each other after a wonderful 36 points on the first 13 holes. A poor finish which culminated in a solid three putt at the last for a disastrous seven led to some serious bickering ‘I can’t believe you missed that short one’ said Mark, ‘at least I wasn’t in the pond’ answered Paul quickly. Fourth place went to Manchesters’ Ted Ellis and Chris Dykens who got that Jean Van de Velde feeling as they also could only manage a seven at the last for their 44 points.

Jonny Chan and lucky Moby Rawthore eventually took the honours with a better last 6 holes to win on a card play off with a magnificent 45 points. Jonny enjoys socialising, singing and playing the piano and he was really partying on the course today after a mishit rescue club scuttled onto the green to set up a birdie at the first.

Many thanks to Steven and Jason Ballard from shotsaver for your fantastic sponsorship and to all competitors for your support of todays event, Tim

Nearest the pin 3rd Martin Hall Dozen AD333s

Nearest the pin 16th David Baker Dozen AD333s

1st Jonny Chan & Moby Rawthore 45

Shotsaver s320 each

2nd Mark & Paul Marshall 45

Galvin Green Insula top each

3rd James Holman & Alex Jerman 44

Cleveland backpack each

4th Ted Ellis and Chris Dykens 44

Dozen AD333s each

5th Paul Taylor & Chris Atkinson 43

Titleist cap each

6th Kit Parkington & Ken Jones 43

Titleist bag towel each

7th Mark Robinson & Stuart Coupe 43

3 pro V1s each

8th Ella & Cath Rawthore 43

9th Stewart Cragg & Terry Day 42

10th Captain Rigby & Andy Moon 42

11th Ian King & Darren Whittaker 42

12th Dave Ryder & Toby Powell 42

13th Chris Wakefield & Anne Greenough 41

14th Dick Perry & Frank Byatt 41

Haynes & Davison 40

Royle & Barker 40

Walton & Tabbron 40

Barraclough & O’Brien 40

Stubbens & Hopkins 40

Power & Furmston 40

Newton & Tinkler 39

Hall & Wilks 39

Garvey & Bradley 39

Drakonakis & Myers 39

Wilson & Harper 39

Foley & Foley 39

Eccles & Jepson 38

Clough & Ainsworth 37

Ashcroft & Gilbin 37

Davies & Davies 37

Okill & Greenough 36

Reilly & O’Reilly 36

Massey & Dennis 36

Mottram & Grint 36

Newell & Macbeth 36

Ball & Kennedy 36

Marland & Shillitoe 36

Smith & Melia 36

Blackwell & Firth 35

Parkinson & Mills 34

Parle & Parle 34

Han & Kim 34

Fairbanks & Freeman 34

Bloomfield & Bloomfield 32

Holmes & Breiley 32

Ross & Lowe 31

2’s £110 36 balls 7 pro v1s or 14 ad333s each Alex Jerman, Jon Davies, Toby Powell, Geoff Haynes, George Drakonakis

Start times for Prestbury Thursday 4th August

£25 inc bacon sandwich
Pairs betterball
10.24am Neville Dennisx4

10.33am Colin Roberts x4

10.42am Ian King x4

10.51am Ken Jones x4

11.00am Ernest Power x2
11.09am Roy Bramwell x4
11.18am Roy Bramwell x4
11.27am Gary Garner x4
11.45am Paul Baxter x4
11.54am G Haynes x4
1.00pm Carl Kennedy x2 Frank Garvey x2
1.09pm Steve Armer x4
1.18pm Ken Jepson x4
1.26pm David Smith x4
1.35pm Norman Quick x4
1.44pm Gail Heggarty x4
1.53pm Pete Myers x4
2.02pm Moby Rawthore x4
2.13pm Stuart Eley x4
2.20pm Mark Richardson x2 Lewis Marland x2
2.28pm Debs Mawman x2 Carol Williams x2
2.36pm Terry Gilbert x2 Charles Herbert x2
2.44pm Paul Dalby x2 Iain Bartholomew x2
2.53pm Keegan x4
3.02pm Pete Cleaver x4
3.10pm Fitzpatrick x4
3.20pm Steven Ballard x4
3.30pm Amanda O’Brien x4
3.40pm Victoria Howarth x4

3.49pm Pete Holmes x4