Tytherington results and Davenport start sheet-times available

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Tues 26th July Davenport-nearly full

Thurs 4th Aug Prestbury-nearly full

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Maxitours at the Tytherington Golf Club

Despite recent heavy rain Tytherington Golf Course was in superb condition for todays Wilson Masters Am Am. This quality golf course is set to become a Maxitours favourite and the feed back from all the players was extremely positive. In fact the only complaint of the day came from Ian Greenough ‘this course just doesn’t suit a big slice’ – I will let the course designer know, thanks Ian.

Early in the day Darren Clarke look-alike Paul Baxter (big smile, portly frame, old and grey) played some magical punch shots and steered his less talented team to a super 86 points.

Colin Lynch was nearly in tears after his bad day, his team could only manage 74 points and he also found out the exhaust pipe on his Ferrari needs replacing.

Mike Lynch told his team not to put him in the twos sweep ‘Leave me out I’m hopeless’ said the humble Lynch. Sure enough the other three members recorded twos and Lynch missed a sitter on the 13th despite a career best tee shot.

Attractive Gail Heggarty always looks immaculate on the golf course and she made a flawless birdie on the tough 16th hole to help earn her team a share of 5th place.

Talented Ben Shaw- who’s mum named him after drinking a bottle of her favourite pop- played some sparkling golf around the turn. Bubbly Dave Ryder and the fizzy Derek Bridgeman also contributed well as they teamed up with Steve Rourke (who was slightly flat) on their way to second place with 88 points.

The golf mad Shrigley Hall lads may not be blessed with good looks but they can certainly play good golf and softly spoken Alan Pengally made an eye catching birdie on the tough 18th hole to ensure a 1 shot victory. Most of the damage was done by single figure players Andy Stubbens and Brian Hopkins, Charles Herbert tended the flag nicely all day.

Wilson Golf’s Malcolm Thornily showed off his companys excellent products as he provided an absolutely superb prize table for todays tremendously well supported event at Tytherington- many, many, thanks Malcolm you are a star. Malcolm teamed up with rising star plus 2 golfer Luke Burrows who eagled the first three par fives!


Nearest the pin 3rd Paul Baxter Wilson Wedge

Nearest the pin 13th Guds Ahmed Wilson Wedge

Longest Drive 9th Luke Burrows Wilson Wedge


1st Charles Herbert, Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengally, Andy Stubbens 89

Wilson Carry Golf Bag each

2nd Ben Shaw, Dave Ryder, Derek Bridgeman, Steve Rourke 88

Wilson putter each

3rd Cath Rawthore, Moby Rawthore, Guds Ahmed Ifty Ahmed 87

Wilson Umbrella each

4th Paul Baxter, John Wreag, Fred Chadwick, Paul Taylor 86

Ultra-Lightweight Wilson carry bag each

5th Chris Heggarty, Gail Heggarty, Malcolm Brownill, Paul Bennett 85

6th Neville Dennis, Jimmy O’Reilly, Frank Massey, John Reilly 85

7th Tom Giblin, George Drakonakis, Mark Foley, Ryan Foley 84

8th Ged Gaffey, Euan Bowie, Stuart Cragg, Ron Hopkins 82

9th Pat Gilsenan, Jeff Wealands, Mike Lynch, Liam Harrison 81

10th Luke Burrows, Malcolm Thornily, Nick Fletcher, Geoff Chu’man 80

11th Ian Ainsworth, Terry Davison, Geoff Haynes, Alan Clough 80

12th Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, John Rigby, Dave Tinling 80

13th Darren Whittaker, Ian King, Pete Myers, Warren Newton 79

14th Paul Bradley, Frank Garvey, John Davies, Frank Garvey 78

15th Dennis Humphries, Richard Godbold, Dave Alcock, Ian Hodgson 78

16th Tony Ramatowski, Pete Waterhouse, Bridget and Frank Elmore 76

17th Phil Regan, Carl Kennedy, Mike Ruddy, Carl Ball 76

18th Colin Lynch, Clint Jolley, Jon Lynch, Pete Roberts 74

19th Kenny Jepson, Jimmy Eccles, Nigel Ross, Tony Lowe 73

20th Kit Parkington, Graham Culpin, Tim Owen, Rick Menzies 73

21st Roy Bramwell, Alan Fairbanks, Ian Greenough, Phil Okill 68

22nd Steve Armer, Colin Davies, Pete Butler, Mike Ferguson 68

23rd Chris Bramwell, Trevor Upton, Mark Freeman, Graham March 63

Lots of 2’s today!! £87.50 2 pro V1 balls or 4 srixon AD333s each Pete Myers Liam Harrison x2 Pat Gilsenan Geoff Haynes Terry Davison Alan Clough Guds Ahmed Ryan Foley Geoff Churchman Chris Heggarty Malcolm Brownhill x2

Davenport Golf Club

Tuesday 26th July

The Shotsaver Challenge- pairs betterball

10.30amNeville Dennis x4

10.40am Ian King x4


11.00am Richard Blackwell x2 Kit Parkington x2

11.10am Alex Jarman x2 Colin Walton x2

11.20am Norman Quick x4

11.30am Geoff Haynes x4 balls

11.40am Lewis Marland x2 Carl Kennedy x2

11.50am Pete Holmes x4

12.00pm Norman Quick x4

12.10pm Moby Rawthore x4

12.20pm Mark Foley x4

12.30pm Moby Rawthore x4

12.40pm Roy Bramwell x4

12.50pm Roy Bramwell x4

1.00pm Amanda O’Brienx2 Pete Cleaver x2


1.20pm Kenny Jepson x4

1.30pm Capt Rigby x4

1.38pm Tom Wilson x4

1.46pm Dave Smith x4

1.55pm Paul Taylor x4

2.03pm Steve Parle x4

2.11pm John Grint x4

2.20pm Dick Perry x4

2.30pm Dave Ryder x2