Results from magnificent Mere

* breaking news Stockport GC are kindly hosting Maxitours on Thursday 9th February 2012

Results from the Mere Golf and Country Club.

The Mere golf and country club was in superb condition for the final Maxitours event of the summer tour. The ‘refreshing’ drizzle didn’t dampen the players spirits and this great golf course was in top condition. Mark Boler and his greenstaff can be proud of the tremendous greens which got nothing but praise all day.

The venue is a playground for the rich and famous, at lunchtime Mere member Sir Alex Fergusson nearly choked on his bacon bap and hid behind his newspaper in the corner of the atrium as he caught sight of Roberto Mancini savouring a fresh pasta dish, complimented with a fine glass of Italian white wine.

When The Mere comes up on the Maxitours rota most players give their shoes an extra polish, comb their hair and put on their smartest golfing outfit. Kevin Barker bucked the trend today as he wore perhaps the worst sweater ever seen at a maxitours event. However this didn’t stop him making great pars on the 5th and 7th holes on his way to a respectable 35 points.

Willie Morgan became the latest Manchester United legend to play on Maxitours and he teamed up with Vale Royal owner Steve Graham. It was Graham who did most of the work appearing on the card 12 times. A birdie on the short twelfth was the highlight of his magical round. ‘The first time I got on the card was when it dropped out of our partners pocket and I trod on it by mistake’ said 8 handicapper Morgan. The home team picked up first prize with their tremendous 44 points.

Gary Garner continued his rich vein of form once again finishing second as he scored an excellent 43 points partnering Mark Green. Mytton Folds Ray Standing and Gary Davies, Andy Cunningham and Roger Percival from Lymm, Paul Granelli and Jonathon Brett from Mere all scored an excellent 42 points in the damp conditions.

Last match in was Kenny Jepsons happy go lucky group of four, ‘Any good wee man?’ asked scotsman Willie Morgan anxiously waiting to collect his first prize. He nearly fell off his chair when Kenny declared both pairs had scored a total of 48 points. ‘I had 22 with my partner and the other two had 26’ smiled Jepson with that famous twinkle in his eye.

Many thanks for supporting today’s event.

Cleveland Masters Results

Nearest the pin 8th Dozen AD333 Ian Hales 2 foot!

Nearest the pin 14th Dozen AD333 Ryan Foley 2 foot!

Last weeks nearest the pin 16th Rob Deconinck Dozen AD333

1st Willie Morgan & Steve Graham 44

Cleveland Wedge each

2nd Gary Garner & Mark Green Heaton Park 43

Srixon bag each

3rd Ray Standing & Gary Davies Myton Fold 42

Cleveland Holdall each

4th Andy Cunningham & Roger Percival 42

Dozen Z Stars each

5th Paul Granelli & Jonathon Brett 42

Dozen AD333s each

6th James Murphy & Cath Rawthore 41

Titleist winter mits each

7th Geoff Haynes & Frazer McCloed 41

Dozen soft feel each

8th Mike Haynes & Ian Hales 41

Srixon cap each

9th Steve Morfitt & Rob Platt 40

Srixon cap each

10th Richard Blackwell & Tony Jennison 40

Srixon cap each

11th Jimmy O’Reilly & John Reilly 40

12th Mark Foley & Ryan Foley 39

13th Mark Robinson & Stuart Coupe 39

14th Mick Mahon & Richard Palmer 39

15th Paul Woodcock & Barry Eddlestone 38

16th Liam Harrison & John Davies 38

17th Larry McDonald & David Muirhead 38

18th Alan Pengelly & Darren Whittaker 38

19th Duncan Evans & Rick Picard 38

20th Alf Shillitoe & Lewis Marland 38

Pete Cleaver & Pete Allsop 37

Carl Mollart & Gary Youell 37

Josh Brand & Phil Byrne 37

Pete Smith & Stuart Codling 36

Chris Meikleham & Kevin Fahy 36

Charles Herbert & Andy Stubbens 35

Martin Beresford & Alex Jerman 35

Ron Sloane & Bob Kwan 35

David Smith & Bernard Wood 35

Bernard Wood & David Smith 35

John Robinson & Gary Lyons 35

Kevin Barker & Dave McCallum 35

Peter Hargreaves & Brian Atherton 34

Carl Kennedy & Guds Ahmed 34

Ian Whalley & Ray Jones 34

John Duff & Bill Richardson 34

Dave McGovern & Terry Tobin 34

Neville Dennis & Jim Cromerford 33

Paul Bennett & Malcolm Brownhill 33

David Henshall & Martin Murray 33

Alan Collins & Alan Noden 33

Tim Owen & Graham Culpin 33

Frank Hindle & Nigel Fairhurst 33

John Neale & John Lawson 32

Gail Heggarty & Chris Heggarty 32

Alan Clough & Terry Davison 32

Richard Preston & James McCormack 32

Ken Jones & Kit Parkington 32

Dave Finney & Colin Roberts 32

Steve Tyrell & Christian Gill 30

Steve Thorpe & Gary Guerriera 30

Dave Marchant & Bob Sinclair 29

Paul Griffiths & Radar Reid 29

Paul Taylor & Steve Daynes 29

Dave Bentley & Fred Bentley 28

Bill Harris & Brian Murray 26

Nigel Ross & Jimmy Eccles 26

Kenny Jepson & Tony Lowe 22

Keith Parsons & Paul Atkinson 22

2’s sweep £130 42balls 6 pro vs or a dozen AD333s each Gary Davies Ryan Foley Stuart Coupe James McDonald Cath Rawthore Willie Morgan Steve Graham

Ringway golf club Am Am

Thursday 3rd November

*can you let me know if you would like bacon baps and coffee available at just £3.70

* please let me know asap if you are unable to play

Course conditions

Play is either from mats on fairways or place in semi rough.

All greens in great condition

11am shotgun start

1st Neville Dennis x4

1st Colin Roberts x4

2nd Richard Blackwell x4

2nd Andy Hall x4

3rd Lewis Marland x4

4th Aikenhead A x4

4th Aikenhead B x4

5th Mike Haynes x4

5th Paul Granelli x4

6th Steve Dunphy x4

7th Pete Holmes x4

8th Peter Cross x2 Alex Jerman x2

9th Paul Crisp x4

9th Charles Herbert x4

10th Ken Jepson x4

10th Paul Taylor x4

11th Adam McKenna x4

12th Paul Woodcock x4

12th Paul Woodcock x4

13th John Stubbs x4

14th Paul Nuttall x4

14th Gary Garner x4

15th Roger Percival x4

16th Ken Jones x4

16th Howard Baker x4

17th Frank garvey x4

17th Moby Rawthore x4

18th Guds Ahmed x4

18th Ian King x4


Steve Jenkinson x4

Tom Jones x4

Barney Ross x4

Mark Richardson x4

Mark Robinson x4