Ringway results + Prestbury start sheet (times available)

Maxitours at Ringway Golf Club.

The warm temperature, glorious sunshine and stunning Autumnal colours at todays event made the 108 Maxitours players feel great to be alive!

Ringway Golf Club is a favourite Maxitours winter venue due to the quality of the greens and the freshness of the bacon sandwiches. Today’s event was the popular Am Am format, this is where it is so easy to lose lifelong friends by picking your ball up before asking the rest of you team ‘I don’t get a shot here, do I?’

Paul Taylor always looks smart on the course but it has been noted that he has only one colour in his wardrobe at home and today he turned up in yet another black outfit. Despite his plain clothing Paul hit some dazzling shots as he led his Hopwood team to a terrific 85 point haul. Mike Sweeney surprisingly pulled his weight as he made a stunning birdie on the tough 17th hole.

Retired PE teacher Pete Holmes made a welcome return to Maxitours after a spell of lucrative supply teaching, today however he couldn’t control his team members as they misbehaved on the greens to record just 77points –could do better Peter!

Barry Harrison has struggled for form all summer, today he played great as the Denton team destroyed the testing course and scored 88 points. Even Dave Collinson was on fire and as I sat twiddling my thumbs in the clubhouse I watched him stroke home a birdie putt on the 18th with more confidence than a Balottelli penalty.

Richard Preston hit a great 7 iron to around three feet on the 16th hole and cheerfully signed the nearest the pin marker, as he passed the green three holes later he noticed his marker had somehow been left off the green. Ken Halton subsequently played his shot to 3 feet and he happily signed the marker. The situation was explained to me and I asked them both how far away they were. It was a fascinating study –in fact it was the exact opposite of two fishermen exaggerating the size of a catch, after a couple of hours both players sportingly agreed to share the spoils.

Andy Stubbens was nearest the pin on the 13th.

Many thanks to Fiona the most helpful Secretary in Cheshire , she is not only attractive but very nice as well. Thanks also to highly respected professional Nick Ryan who always goes the extra mile to make Maxitours feel very welcome.

1st Footjoy GTX golf shoes each

2nd Dozen ProV1 balls each

3rd Dozen Taylor Made Pentas each

4th Dozen Taylor Made tp balls each

5th Dozen Taylor Made tp balls each

Nearest the Pin 13th dozen Srixon soft feel Andy Stubbens

Nearest the pin 16th dozen Srixon Soft feel Richard Preston/Ken Halton

2’s £127.50 40 pro v1s balls 4 pro V1 balls each Mick Holmes, Pete Holmes, John Wreag, Geoff Friar, Ian George, Colin Byrne, John Routledge, Josh Evans, John Stubbs, Ian Jones.


Shotsaver Order of merit points

1st Steve Dunphy 88pts 12

Dave Collinson

Barry Harrison

Ian George

2nd Paul Taylor 85pts 10

Mike Sweeney

Ian Bardsley

John Wraeg

3rd Charles Herbert 84pts 8

Ross Birch

Andy Stubbens

Brian Hopkins

4th Moby Rawthore 83pts 6

Cath Rawthore

Mark Foley

Jimmy Murphy

5th Paul Crisp 83pts 4

John Braithwaite

Mike Lynch

Jeff Wealands

6th Frank Garvey 82pts 2

Paul Bradley

Sean Reilly

John Davies

7th Paul Nuttalls team 82pts

8th John Aikenheads team 80pts

9th Neville Dennis team 79pts

10th Chris Meiklehams team 79pts

11th Colin Roberts team 78pts

12th Pete Holmes team 77pts

13th Alex Jerman/Cross team 77pts

14th Richard Blackwells team 77pts

15th Gary Garners team 77pts

16th Ian Kings team 76pts

17th Lewis Marlands team 75pts

18th Paul Woodcocks team 74pts

19th Andy Halls team 74pts

20th Chris Cyprus team 73pts

21st Mike Haynes 73pts

22nd Kenny Jepsons team 72pts

23rd John Stubbs team 72pts

24th Guds Ahmeds team 71pts

25th Adam McKennas team 70pts

26th Paul Granellis team 69pts

27th Howard Bakers team 69pts

Prestbury Golf Club Pairs betterball.

Thursday 10th November 11am shotgun- spaces available!

1st Ken Jones x4

1st Frank Garvey x4

2nd Mike Haynes x4

2nd Chris Cyprus x4

3rd Dave Collinson x4

4th Paul Granelli x4

5th Richard Blackwell x2 John Neale x2

5th Barney Ross x4

6th Ian King x4

7th Guds Ahmed x4

7th Moby Rawthore x4

8th Neville Dennis x2 Carl Kennedy x2

9th Geoff Haynes x4

10th Gary Garner x4


11th Ken Lawton x4

12th Mick Mahan x4


13th Jason Waite x4

14th Simon Helmsley x4


15th Chales Herbert x4

15th John Wraeg x2 Paul Taylor x2

16th Alex Jerman x2 Dave Becket x2

17th Peter Hargreaves x4

17th Roger Percival x4

18th Pete Holmes x4

18th Colin Roberts x4