Cleveland Masters Mere results and TUESDAYS start times at Sandiway

The Cleveland Masters sponsored by John Gallagher.

Many thanks to all who played on Thursday in the Cleveland Masters at Mere. Thanks also to Karen Gallagher who really enjoyed running the day for me, and I gather she did a great job in my absence.
Apparently Maxitours players are not the best looking golfers she has seen however they are an incredibly nice group to deal with.
I have just received the results from Karen and I have never seen as many people enter the 2’s sweep, this just goes to prove that men find it very hard to say no to an attractive blonde.
I gather the course was in terrific condition and the weather was good so many thanks to the wonderful Mere resort for their hospitality.

Congratulations to all the winners, a great score by Laurie Cole’s strange talking team from Staffordshire. Well played also to second placed Colin Byrne and Steven Ballard, I have given these guys a couple of lessons and I can only presume they had far more than their fair share of lucky bounces!

A big thank you to John Gallagher from Cleveland/Srixon for once again providing a terrific prize table.
I look forward to seeing you all next week at Sandiway, I will be the fat but nicely tanned lad with his computers in the corner. (this all inclusive holiday is killing me).
Yours in golf,

86 Points – Laurie Cole, Gavin Dickson, Hugh Thomas, Kevin Beattie
Cleveland Hybrid club each

83 Points – Colin Byrne, Tony Ball, Steven Ballard, John Aitkenhead
Cleveland Wedge each
81 Points – Neville Dennis, John Riley, Ian Taylor, Jim O’Reilly (back 6 – 27 points)
Dozen Z Stars each
81 Points – Gary Garner, Gary Davies, Ray Standring, Mark Green (back 6 – 26 points)
Srixon Cap each

80 Points – Matt Selt – team
80 Points – Mark Robinson team
79 Points – John Bent team
78 Points – Dave Sarsfield team
77. points – Darren Whittaker team
Josh Brand(Roger Percival’s team)
Lewis Marland team

Nearest the pin 8th – Gav Dickson
Nearest the Pin 14th – Dave Parsons

2’s Competition £162.50 4 pro v1s or 9 srixon AD333s each
Dave Harlow 8th (Bob Sutton)
David Arthur 14th (Bob Sutton)
Phil Volkes 8th (Malc Wells)
Paul Dalby 3rd & 14th (John Bent)
Tony Wilson 14th (Mick Mahon)
T McDonal 8th (Matt Selt)
Alan Clough 3rd (Geoff Haynes)
Mark Robinson 14th
Gavin Dixon 8th (Laurie cole)
Kevin Beattie 3rd & 12th (Laurie Cole)

Sandiway Golf Club
Tuesday 30th October 11am shotgun start

1a Neville Dennis x4
1b Bob Sutton x4
2a Paul Woodcock x4
2b Chih Hu x4
3 Tony Lowe x4
4 Mike Dobson x4
5 John Aikenhead x4
5a Mick Mahon x4
5b John Bent x4
6 Peter Coughlin x4
7a Gary Garner x4
7a Alan Green x4
8 Ian King x4
9a John Stubbs x4
9b Moby Rawthore x4
10a Pete Holmes x4
10b Charles Herbert x4
11 Malc Wells x2 Mike Travis x2
12a Carl Kennedy x2 Richard Blackwell x2
12b Andy Taylor x4
13 Richard Preston x4
13b Ian Bartholomew x2 Pengelly x2
14 Ben Davies x4
15a Mike Sutton x4
15b Malc Brownhill x4
16 Colin Byrne x4
17a Geoff Haynes x4
17b Paul Taylor x4
18a Colin Roberts x4

res Gary Whittaker x2
Dave Parsons x4
Alan Noden x8
Dave Collinson x4
Gary Sinclair x4
Worthington x2
Mike Sandbach x4
Sean Kirkby x4