Superb Sandiway and MONDAY’S TIMES at Wilmslow

Maxitours at Superb Sandiway

Sandiway was the magnificent setting for todays Maxitours Event. The Golf Club made us feel very welcome and it was a really special touch when the Club Captain said a few words to make us all feel very welcome during registration.

The famous old course was really well presented for todays event and many Maxitour regulars were playing Sandiway for the first time. Mark Breirley is not easily impressed but even he commented ‘Beautiful, beautiful- what a fabulous track’ this sentiment was echoed by all todays competitors.

On my return from holiday it was remarked that I wasn’t as tanned as expected. I can assure you that the weather was lovely however it is very hard for the sun to penetrate the roof of the ‘all you can eat’ restaurant.

There is a famous saying ‘if you can’t play golf wear a cap.’ there is also the saying ‘if you can’t play golf get a good partner.’ Bob Sutton has finished last in his previous two outings so today he put on his cap and played with one of Knutsford Golf Clubs top stars Stuart Blake. He was totally overjoyed to finish in a highly respectable 32nd position.

It was fascinating to sit in the clubhouse and watch the variety of methods used to ascertain who was closest to the pin on the 18th. Gary Whittaker who took the honours was so close he could use his putter grip to confirm he was nearest. Earlier, the Intelligent Paul Dalby used the flagstick as a measure for his excellent shot. Gary Garner preferred the one foot directly in front of the other tightrope method to see if he was closest. Paul Newnes nearly pulled a hamstring as he goose-stepped his way across the green after hitting it to thirty feet early on in the day.

Just one shot separated the top ten pairings in todays highly competitive event. Six pairings scored 42 points to finish tied for 5th place.
Richard Preston and Andy Bannister from Mere scored an excellent 43 points to take fourth spot. Shrigley Halls Lee Turner and Andy Bethell finished third with a stronger back nine. Second place went to Cheshire regular Cath ‘4 birdies’ Rawthore who played with her talented daughter Ella.
Taking first place with a strong back nine finish also on 43 points was Graham Aspinall and Ben Davies. Aspinall was under performing on the front nine until Eddie Ellis fizzed a terrific recovery shot out of the trees into Aspinalls cheekbone. Eddie was unhappy to see so much distance taken his off his great recovery shot but soon cheered up when he saw how it seemed to lead to a marked improvement in his pals game. Aspinalls parred the 17th and 18th to bring home the bacon.

Thanks to everyone for your support and to Karen Gallagher and Matt Turnock for their help in running todays event.
Happy Golfing, Tim!

2’s sweep £182.50 5 Titleist pro vs or 10 srixons AD333s
Bob Kwan Colin Byrne Cath Rawthore Malc Wells Alex Pritchard Iain Bartholomew Jonty Geek Paul Bennett Paul Sherlock Barry Eddlestone Mike Wilson Garry Smith Richard Stockdale

Nearest the pin in two 8th Ben Davies Doz AD333s
Nearest the pin 18th Garry Whittaker Doz AD333s 1st tee

MONDAY 5th November
Wilmslow Golf Club
Pairs £25
10.00 Neville Dennis x4
10.09 Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Ian King x4
10.27 Mick Mahon x4
10.36 Woodcock x4
10.45 Geoff Haynes x4
10.55 John Stubbs x4
11.04 Paul Taylor x4
11.13 Gary Garner x4
11.22 Ray Ward x4
11.31 Charles Herbert x4
11.40 Colin Byrne x4
11.49 Al Green x4
11.58 Moby Rawthore x4

10th tee
10.00 Pete Holmes x4
10.09 Iain Bartholomew x2 Carl Kennedy x2
10.18 Colin Baxendale x4
10.27 Dave Parsons x4
10.36 Paul Woodcock x4
10.36 Al Noden x4
10.45 Al Noden x4
10.54 John Bent x4
11.12 Rob Hands x4
11.21 Paul Crisp x4?
11.30 Eddie Stirling x2 Rhodri Jones x2
11.39 David Blood x4
11.48 Lewis Marland x2 Malc Wells x2
11.57 Colin Baxendale x2 Iain Perkins x2