Wonderful Wilmslow + Prestbury start sheet ***10.45am shotgun****

Maxitours at Wonderful Wilmslow

The first Maxitours visit to the fantastic Wilmslow Golf Club was a tremendous success. The Club manager Keith Melia made us all feel very welcome and the Autumn sunshine and stunning scenery ensured a very enjoyable day.
‘This beats a normal Monday morning at work’ said a delighted Paul Dalby as he whistled his way onto the first tee.

Wilmslow Golf Club held the European Tours’ Manchester Open which was won by Nick Faldo in 1982. The superb venue entertained all the top players from Europe and Australia . Thirty years later one of the older Wilmslow members thought he saw Greg Norman on the course today, and I had to reassure him it was only the aggressive swinging and Golden haired Mark Green.

I must admit I got a little excited myself a little later when I spotted Craig Stadler setting up to hit his approach shot into the 18th green. I soon calmed down after recognising David Fellowes’ unique backswing and follow through.

‘I’m really looking forward to playing today’ remarked Andy Sandham ‘I hit everything with a nice little draw and this course suits me.’ Playing partner Dave Collinson nearly fell over ‘I’ve never seen you hit a little draw. You either hit a slinging out of control right to left shape or a snap hook out of bounds.’

The car park at some Maxitours event can sometimes be quite impressive. Today Colin Lynch turned up in his trademark Black Ferrari California . Unfortunately this was overshadowed by his son’s bright orange Lambourghini.

Competitive Steve Best was so keen to play today he was even prepared to be paired up with a partner he had never met ‘Is he any good Maxi?’ he inquired. Steve was hoping for a young, strong, talented, big hitting and athletic partner who looked like he would guarantee plenty of birdies. You could see him trying to conceal his immense disappointment when he was introduced to Tony Ball. The two battled their way to a very average 36 points.

On the golf course Gary Garner (7) and Mark Green (12) were on fire as they scored 25 points on the front nine, unfortunately they couldn’t keep it up as they returned in just 18 to take 4th place. Lee Tilley(11) and Dave Rhodes(12) failed to score any points on the second hole however a strong finish by the charismatic Saddleworth businessmen saw them finish in a career best third position.

Second place went to Moby Rawthore (3) and Pete ‘For gods sake don’t tell the wife I’m playing’ Moores (11). A terrific birdie by Moores on the 1st hole helped them on their way.

Taking todays honours with a magnificent 47 points were the likeable Tytherington duo Martin Firth (7)and Andy Taylor (14). These two big hitters from Mexico(?) are regularly in the prizes however a two shot Maxitours general play reduction should slow them down a little! Great golf chaps, very well played.

9th Hole Nearest the pin Barry Harrison Dozen AD333s
17th Hole Nearest the pin Bernard ‘ I hit a beautifully flighted six iron’ Fee Dozen AD333s.

2’s sweep 4 pro V1s or 8 srixons £82.50 John Bent Paul Dalby Cath Rawthore Dave Ryder Richard Palmer Martin Murray Andy Sandham

Wilmslow 05-Nov-2012
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Martin Firth, Andy Taylor 47 12 Cleveland Wedge each
2 Moby Rawthore, Pete Moores 45 11 Titleist carry bag each
3 Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes 43 10 Titleist umbrella each
4 Gary Garner, Mark Green 43 9 Dozen AD333s each
5 Bill Coleman, Dave Jagger 42 8 Dozen AD333s each
6 Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant 41 7 Cleveland Winter mitts each
7 Paul Sherlock, John Gregory 40 6 Titleist Winter hat each
8 Brian Hopkins, Peter Whitehurst 40 5 Cleveland winter hat each
9 Andy Sandham, Dave Blood 40 4
10 Pete Holmes, Mark Breiley 39 3
11 John Bent, Paul Dalby 39 2
12 Alan Pengelly, Andy Stubbens 39 1
13= Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 39
13= Colin Lynch, John Lynch 39
13= Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 39
16= Jeff Andrews, Colin Roberts 38
16= Cath Rawthore, Neil Griffiths 38
16= Eddie Stirling, Henry Narraway 38
19= John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilly 37
19= Dave Parsons, Ian Johnson 37
19= Geoff Sherbern, Dave Moore 37
19= Dave Ryder, Dave Henshall 37
19= Jeff Wealands, Pete McManus 37
19= John Stubbs, John Royle 37
25= Tony Wilson, Frank Havard 36
25= Steve Best, Tony Ball 36
25= Kevin Seaton, Lewis Marland 36
25= Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson 36
25= David Fellowes, Neil McKinlay 36
30= Ian Taylor, Steve Cooke 35
30= Malc Wells, Alex Pritchard 35
30= Mick Mahon , Richard Palmer 35
30= Barry Harrison, Dave Colllinson 35
30= Ian Perkins, Berhard Fee 35
35= Simon Helmsley, Marcus Green 34
35= Colin Byrne, Dave Barrow 34
35= Rob Hands, Arthur Holmes 34
38 Keith Thompson, Colin Baxendale 33
39= Terry Davison, Geoff Haynes 32
39= Derek Payne, Bill Ross 32
39= Alan Noden, Roy Kirk 32
39= Rhoddri Jones, Gethin Morgan 32
43 Ray Ward, Jeff Cogswell 31
44 Ian King, Darren Whittaker 30
45 Martin Murray, John Robinson 28
46 Ted Biddlecombe,Alan Collins 27

Prestbury Golf Club AM AM
Thursday 15th November 10.45am Shotgun start

1a Geoff Haynes x4
1b John Bent x4
2a Neville Dennis x4
2b Colin Roberts x4
3 Dave Parsons x4
4a Pete Bedford x4
4b John Stubbs x4
5a Charles Herbert x4
5b Alex Jerman x2
6a Alan Pengelly x4
6b David Blood x4
7 Ian King x4
8a Moby Rawthore x4
8b Mick Mahon x4
9a Gary Garner x4
9b Bob Sutton x4
10 Al Green x4
11a Jim Caldwell x4
11b Sean Kirkby x4
12 John Hignet x4
13 Eddy Sterling x4
14a Malc Wells x4
14b Iain Bartholomew x2 Richard Blackwell x2
15a Robert Rhodes x4
15b Giles Terry x4
16 Pete Holmes x4
17b Sarsfield x4
18a Lewis Marland x4
18b Gav Dixon x4

Reserves: Dave Bentley x4