Maxitours at Cavendish and Worsley start times

‘for when the one great scorer comes to write against your name he writes not that you won or lost but how you played the game’

Cavendish Golf Club Am Am

There were a few nervous sheep in Derbyshire as Maxitours once again visited the terrific Cavendish Golf Club in Buxton.

In 1925 Dr Alastair Mackenzie designed the course and the excellent layout was one of the reasons Bobby Jones chose him as the architect for his Augusta course which was built just 8 years later.

‘That’s a great course but I thought you said it was flat’ said a gullible and sweaty Roger McMullen after his round.

Before play Neville Dennis proudly showed me his thirty five year old Cavendish scorecard which showed an ‘ace’ on the par three 4th hole. Today Neville could only manage a ‘2’ on that particular hole which officially confirms he is now twice as bad as he used to be.

Buxton is also famous for its pure water and erratic Lewis Marland seemed to be searching for the Buxton spring as he visited nearly every hazard on the course.

Phil Mickleson at the US Open, Jimmy White at the Crucible, Ivan Lendl at Wimbledon and Mark Wheeler(12) at Cavendish are four sports giants who narrowly missed out on the title of their dreams. His Upton by Chester team of Dave Murphy (11), Russell Brookes(7) and Ken Fletcher(9) all played great and they returned a score of 81 points to take the early lead.

Barry Harrison(7) has been struggling with his game and he looked as confident as an Australian batsman before he went out to play today. Luckily he was backed up by his terrific Denton team of Andy Bradley(6), Dave Hookes(5) and Steve Jenkinson (9) who had 3 twos! They recorded a terrific 88 points to take the title late on the day by a resounding 7 shots!

Nearest the pin 4th Steve Jenkinson Dozen Soft Feel
Nearest the pin 17th Nigel Davenport Dozen Soft Feel
2’s £127.50 sweep 3 pro V1s or 6 srixons per 2 (Richard Palmer had four putts from inside three feet on the par threes and missed em all!) Nick Howsley Andy Barstow Dave Murphy Dave Keen Pete Lloyd Steve Hackett Ian King John Royle Phil Chadwick Paul Lea Mark Newton-Jones Stuart Hall Mike Dobson Steve Jenkinson x3 Dave Hookes