Marvellous Manchester Hopwood results and Cavendish times (spaces)

**limited spaces in the team of 4 AM AM at Cavendish next week**

Marvellous Manchester Hopwood

A blustery day greeted the full field of Maxitours competitors at the marvellous Manchester Hopwood Golf Course today.

This phenomenal course is now a favourite venue for many players and PGA Pro Brian Connor and his dazzling wife Geraldine run a terrific service for their members. Everyone also enjoys the cuisine and it was interesting to note the Cheshire based members of the tour ask for ketchup or red sauce with their bacon baps, the Lancastrians favour brown sauce or as I was informed it is known to the locals -Manchester gravy.

‘Last minute’ Steve Parle normally rushes on to the 1st tee chewing his bacon sandwich or tucking him self in. This week he read an article on the importance of correct preparation so he arrived 2 hours before his tee time, read the paper and had a leisurely lunch. He then went through a full warm up and practice session on the range and putting green. On the first hole he sliced his tee shot into the deep rough and as he tugged his trolley through the long grass the wheel fell off.

‘Mark Wheeler had some bad lies out there’ said scouser Dave Murphy about his playing partner. ‘His worst one was when he told me he was on form.’

Wild swinging Frank Hindle is famous for marking his first ball of the day FH1 if that is lost he then marks his second ball FH2. Towards the end of his round FH11 was seen whizzing over the railway line running alongside the 18th fairway.

In todays event due to the excellent greens the scoring was very good. Even Mike Hall(21) and Des Kelly(16) managed 44 points! Scratch golfer John Russell teamed up with ‘I nearly get a shot a hole’ Gary Denman(18) and they also played great golf to accumulate 45 points.

Aging Darren Whittaker(15) and young Alex Elliot(2) also teamed up well together. Alex had two birdies but was outdone by his fifteen handicap partner who incredibly birdied the 5th, 8th, 12th and 18th holes to secure second place.

Taking the honours today was the retired accountant John Royle and his good pal the retired policeman John Stubbs. The wealthy duo usually settle each week for mid table mediocrity but today they ‘had a day out’. Both contributed 9 times as they scored 47 points in one of the performances of the year. Great golf chaps.

Many thanks to all players for your support today.
Nearest the pin 13th Geoff Haynes Dozen Srixon soft feel
Nearest the pin 16th John Stubbs Dozen Srixon soft feel
£142.50 42 pro 9 V1 balls or 18 srixon soft feel balls per 2 Carl Kennedy x2 Mark Brierley Mike Hall Ian Pruden