Hazel Grove results and Tytherington Start times


next great events- only 2 four balls left
Tytherington AM AM 30th May £20 -best layout in Cheshire?
Sandiway AM AM 4th June £30- best course in Cheshire?

Many thanks to Top Coach and PGA Pro Matthew Turnock who ran todays event whilst I was enjoying my Super Bocks in Portugal:

I was greeted as I walked into the the clubhouse by a smiling Malc Wells and James West (son of the late Roly West, much respected PGA Pro) just as their full English breakfasts arrived, I think they’d camped out especially to fill up in the knowledge of the tough conditions that lay ahead.

The weather initially looked to be fine and the early starters definitely had the best of it with clubhouse leaders John Reilly and Jimmy O’Reilly posting a respectable 40 points. Soon after the pairings of Paul Dalby and Phil Vokes plus Mark Wheeler and Dave Murphy matched that score but by then the weather was taking a turn for the worst with rain, hail and sleet sweeping the course at regular intervals.

Just before 5pm the weather at last finally improved for the remainder of the field with some glorious sunshine.

As Dave Antrobus, Dave Harlow, Dave Stanhope and Phil Smeathers sat in the clubhouse contemplating what could have been I offered them the remainder of my generous bowl of chips much to their delight “We never get chips from Tim” was the reply “you can definitley come again” they said.

Geoff Chapman and Mike Kulik had a mare and before leaving enquired “What’s the lowest score today” to which I confirmed that their 24 points was indeed bottom of the pile. They felt no better when I told them that the next worst score of 25 points was by Carl Kennedy who did not even have a partner !!!!!!!! The demoralised pair were consoled by the uncontrollable laughter of their partners Martin Williams and Neil Richie.

As the day drew to a close Richard Blackwell and Andy Hamlett came in with 41 points which was looking like winning until Dan Houghman and Gary Hempstead came in with a superb 43 points.

Winner of Nearest Pin on the 13th was Lee Parr and Nearest pin in 2 on 18th was Marcus McKechnie.

There were three 2’s but the only entrant was Warren Simister (Jimmy O’Reily, George Maxwell and A. Bradley unfortunately did not enter) who wins approx. £90 worth of balls.

NB – A high lob Pinseeker Sand Iron was handed in – I will pass on to Tim for reclaiming at either Tytherington next Thursday 30th or Sandiway on 4th June.

Hazel Grove 24-May-2012
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Dan Houghman, Gary Hempstead 43 12 Fj Aqualite shoes each
2 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 41 11 Footjoy shirt each
3 Mark Wheeler, Dave Murphy 40 10 Dozen T-Made Rocketbalz each
4 Paul Dalby, Phil Vokes 40 9 Cleveland umbrella each
5 Mike Hall, Des Kelly 40 8 Dozen T-Made burner balls
6 John Reilly, Jimmy O’Reilley 40 7 Cabreta leather Glove each
7 Barry Harrison, A. Bradley 39 6
8 Phil Kuiper, David Woodhead 38 5
9 David Antrobus, Dave Harlow 38 4
10 Dick Perry, Brian Mottram 38 3
11 David Collinson, Dave Hookes 38 2
12 John Farrell, Micheal McCurdy 38 1
13= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 37
13= Malcolm Wells, James West 37
13= Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers 37
13= George Maxwell, Mark Woodhead 37 2 for Warren Simister
13= Mark Simister, Warren Simister 37
13= Pete Hall, Marcus McKchnie 37
13= Brian Hopkins, Steve Savage 37
20= Simon Carless, Ian Wadsworth 36
20= L. Parr, Ian Taylor 36
20= Frank Byatt, Brian Hopkins 36
20= Gav Sutcliffe, Brett Sutcliffe 36
20= Gary Garner, Ken Ogden 36
25= Martin Jump, Stuart Coupe 35
25= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 35
25= Colin Baxendale, Keith Thompson 35
25= Peter Brown, Graham Jackson 35
29 Mike Campbell, Adam Hart 33
30 Martin Williams, Neil Richie 32
31= Dave Keen, Charles Rooney 31
31= J. Burt, Alan Washington 31
31= Joe Corrigan, Gregg Brown 31
34 Mark Robinson, Waz Achtar 30
35 Carl Kennedy, 25
36 Geoff Chapman, Mike Kulik 24
Geoff Haynes, Arthur Jowle No returned card
Terry Davison, Alan Clough No returned card

The Tytherington Club AM AM Start sheet
Thursday 30th May 2013.
AM AM £20 Per person

10.30 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.39 Neville Dennis x4
10.48 Colin Roberts x4
10.57 Paul Cooper x4
11.06 Ian King x4
11.15 Malcolm Wells x4
11.24 John Bent x4
11.33 Dave Stanhope x4
11.42 Carl Kennedy x4
11.51 Mick Mahon x4
12.00 Mark Wheeler x4
12.09 Lewis Marland x4
12.18 Jim Caldwell x2 Dennis Humphries x2
12.27 Gail Heggarty x4
12.36 Ian Lilley x4
12.45 Pete Holmes x4
12.54 Mark Robinson x4
1.03 John Neale x4
1.12 Alan Noden x4
1.21 Alan Noden x4
1.30 Colin Baxendale x4
1.39 Gary Garner x4
1.48 Iain Bartholomew x4
1.57 Howard Baker x4
2.06 Ian Perkins x4
2.15 Eddie Ellis x4
2.24 Dave Blood x4
2.33 Laurie Cole x4
2.42 Dave Chambers x4
2.51 Paul Bennett x4
3.00 Carl Kennedy x4
3.09 Charles Herbert x4