Worsley Results and Conwy start times

*SPACES at superb Conwy this Monday!*

Maxitours at Fabulous Worsley Golf Club

Worsley Golf Club was presented in immaculate condition for todays Maxitours event. The course is ranked as one of the very best in Manchester and this was confirmed by the extremely positive feed back from the players. Many thanks to head pro (and all round nice guy) Andy Cory and everyone at his club for making us feel so welcome.

Worsley kindly provide rakes on the first tee for members and visitors to use on their course. Tony Porter made full use of his when he visited 10 bunkers during his eventful round. After his game he took the rake into the pro shop as it needed to be regripped.

Ryan Giggs was trying to do his peaceful early morning yoga session in his upstairs bedroom and he was annoyed to be interrupted by Ron Hopkins who screamed for joy after making an excellent eagle 2 on the 5th hole. Hopkins is well known in medical circles and is rated as one of the top gynacological experts in the country. His pal Colin Lynch reckons he is so good he once wallpapered his landing through his letterbox.

Absent minded Keith Fitzhenry likes to be prepared and he packed his battery, trolley, sun cream, shoes, cap and waterproofs into his car this morning. Unfortunately he forgot his golf clubs. Luckily Craig the assistant pro kindly lent him his set to use and he was delighted to see them returned with the sweetspots all still in immaculate condition.

Stuart Roache is a terrific David Bowie tribute act and he not only has the look of the 70’s legend he can sing like him as well. Unfortunately he let his team of Alan Frazer, Colin Lynch, and Ron Hopkins down when was unable to impersonate a decent golfer today and they had to settle for 4th place with 85 points.

Lee Tilley is playing the golf of his life at the moment and his Saddleworth team of Dean Jagger, Mike and Paul Norbury went out in the wettest conditions and they scored a terrific 86 points for third place.

Second place was the Maxitours legends team of old Neville Dennis, sweet swinging Frank Massey, chipmaster John Reilly and Irishman Jimmy ‘five daughters’ O’Reilly. The team was first out this morning and enjoyed a waterproof free round.

Taking the honours were Phil Ashcroft, Ken Ogden, Graham Robins and Gary Garner who enjoyed their first success of the summer with a majestic 88 points, well played chaps. Many thanks for your support and I hope you all enjoyed your day.

2’s £142.50 3 Pro v1S OR 6 srixon balls each

Frank Massey Paul Bennett Malc Brownhill Malc Wells Dean Jagger Dave Murphy Ken Fletcher Andy Hamlett Ross Sellors John Aikinhead Tony Lowe x 2 Marcus Kaye John Hilditch Gary Hempstead x 2 Mike Johnson Stuart Coupe

Nearest the pin in 2 on 16th Liam Harrison

Nearest the Pin 18th Neil Laurent


Pos Team Players Score OoM
1 Gary Garner, Phil Ashcroft, Graham Robins, Ken Ogden 88 12 Footjoy shoes each
2 Neville Dennis, Frank Massey, Jimmy O’Reilly, John Reilly 87 10 Puma shirt each
3 Dean Jagger, Lee Tilley, Mike Norbury, Robert Norbury 86 8 Dozen z stars each
4 Alan Frazer, Colin Lynch, Stuart Roach, Ron Hopkins 85 6 Greg Norman shirt each
5 Paul Bennett, Liam Harrison, Chris Hegarty, Malc Brownill 85 4 Doz AD333s each
6 Mark Wheeler, Russ Brookes, Dave Murphy, Ken Fletcher 85 2 Cleveland cap each
7= Malc Wells, Adam Hart, Phil Sharp, Ben Jackson 84
7= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Keith Fitzhenry, Richard Palmer 84
7= Charles Herbert, Steve Roland, Markus Kaye, 84
7= Dave Keen, Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker, Ian King 84
11 Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, John Anderton, Giles Terry 83
12 Tim Johnson, Tony Jennison, Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 82
13= Lewis Marland, Steven Boyle, Barry Hayes, Neil laurent 81
13= Pete Tinkler, Rod Price, Mark Stevens, Pete Davies 81
13= John Dowd, Chris Gorton, Lance Amison, Doug Craig 81
16= Ian Ainsworth, Arthur Jowell, Terry Davison, Geoff Haynes 80
16= Iain Perkins, Russell Humpries, Bernard Fee, David Fee 80
16= Mike Lynch, Trevor Golds, Tony Porter, Dave Berry 80
16= Dave Hillier, Paul Crisp, Mark Simister, Brian Kelly 80
16= T. Gee, B. Rigby, T. Harper, S. Cragg 80
21 John Broadhurst, Bill Lucas, Mike Barron, Ruel Spence 79
22= Colin Byrne, Derek Langley, Tony Lowe, John Aikinhead 78
22= Mark Robinson, Mike Johnson, Stuart Coupe, Martin Jump 78
24 Bill Parkinson, Gordon Warke, Chris Dykins, David Pugh 77
25= George Maxwell, Pete Short, Paul Kuiper, Barry 76
25= Gary Hempstead, Gordon Hamlett, Wayne Harris, Mark Davin 76
27= Carl Kennedy, James Murphy, Steve Rhodes, Paul Bishop 75
27= Iain Bartholomew, John Hilditch, Max Henderson, Nigel Craig 75
27= Ross Sellors, Kevin Culwell, Keith Thompson, Mo Dar 75
27= Steve Parl, W. Melia, Andy Moon, R. Barlow 75
31 Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Roy hargreaves, Andy Stubbens 73
32 Bob Eccles, Alan Worthington, Bernard McDonald, Ged Dignan 72
33 Geoff Ward, Ken Turner, John Simms, Kevin Shey 69
34= Wayne Colclough, Steve Johnson, Ken Ashford, Kevin Williams 66
34= Doug Edmunds, Chris Ernill, Ray Royle, David Slane 66
36 Bernhard Wood, Mike Birtwistle, Rodney Mills, Tom Costley 64

Conwy pairs event MONDAY 1st July

£30 person

10.07 Neville Dennis x4

10.16 Ian Fairbrother x4


10.34 John Bent x4

10.43 Dave Stanhope x4

10.52 Geoff Haynes x4

11.01 Mick Mahon x4

11.10 Mark Wheeler x4


11.28 Bob Sutton x4

11.37 Rob Weston x4

11.46 Roger Percival x4

11.55 John Stubbs x4

12.00 Phil Chadwick x4

12.09 Steve Garnett x4

12.18 Lewis Marland x2 R Blackwell x2

12.27 Gary Sinclair x4

12.36 John Burt x2 Ken Ashford x2

12.45 Charles Herbert x4

12.54 Lee Tilley x4

1.03 Anton Johnson x4

1.12 Ian Lilley x4

1.21 Mark Robinson x4

1.30 Iain Bartholomew x2 Mike Barron x2

1.39 Sam Leach x4

1.48 Neil McKinlay x4

1.57 Ed Wilkinson x4

2.06 Jim Rymer x4

2.15 Neil Todd x4

2.24 Roger McMullan x4

2.33 Colin Baxendale x4

2.42 Gary Garner x4