Maxitours at Conwy

*spaces at lovely Davenport next Thursday*
Maxitours at Conwy Golf Club

Conwy Golf Club was enjoyed by one hundred and ten competitors who teed off in today’s event. The course was so good considerate Giles Terry actually hit his tee shot onto the roof of the green keepers sheds as he played the 17th hole so that he could go over and thank the lads personally for all their terrific work.

The sun really came out for a glorious afternoons golf, Steve Brown was in the bar ‘I think its clouding over and getting dark’ he said before his long suffering mates pointed out he was looking through the dark tinted window.

Ron Hopkins is a Maxitours regular and world renowned gynaecologist and he played once again this week. Rather worryingly he lost his putter on 2nd hole and has absolutely no idea where he put it.

Steve Garnett(11) from Davyhulme Golf Club played with his talented twin boys today- Sam(+1) and Josh (scr). He thought his team mates were pointing out dead sheep on the welsh hillside all the way round. ‘It’s STILL EWE’ they kept telling him as he happily three putted most of the tricky Conwy greens.

Dave Stanhope’s(11) day went from bad to worse. First he was drawn to partner tubby Dave Antrobus(7), then he was narrowly pipped into 3rd place on a card play off in the main event after scoring a career best 43 points. Most upsetting of all for the High Legh member was when his post round packet of crisps were blown off the balcony just seconds after he opened them. Devastated Stanhope nearly fell through the railings as he tried in vain to rescue his favourite nibbles.

Second place went to Kevin Reeves(17) and Bob Chester(8) from Lymm. Kevin is a well known vet who specialises in greyhound rehabilitation. He has been known to chase a few rabbits himself during his round but today Kevin stayed on the fairways and was delighted to take second place with 43 points.

Late in the day the wind dropped a little and Charles Herbert(16) and Ross Birch(10) made the most of the conditions to score an excellent 45 points. Ross had a tremendous finish when he picked up 4 points on both the tough 16th and 18th holes after making excellent birdies. Well played chaps.

Many thanks to all players for your terrific support today, Tim.

Nearest the Pin Phil Vokes Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin Cairan Bradshaw Dozen AD333s

£110.00 32 balls 3 pro vs each or 6 srixons
Barney Ross Paul Sherlock John Farrell Ian Fairbrother Guy Hall John Stubbs x2 Bobby Aston John Hughes x2 Ed Wilkinson

Conwy 01-Jul-2013
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Charles Herbert, Ross Birch 45 12 Cleveland Wedge each
2 Bob Chester, Kevin Reeves 43 11 FJ Merino Sweater each
3 Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus 43 10 Dozen Pro V1s
4 Phil Vokes, Barney Ross 43 9 FJ Shirt each
5 Ian Bartholomew, Dave Mackey 42 8 FJ Shirt each
6 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 41 7 Greg Norman shirt each
7 Jim Clarke, Neil Topping 41 6 Greg Norman shirt each
8 Nigel Davenport, Neil Gowans 41 5 Dozen AD333s
9 Dave Murphy, Phil Murphy 41 4 Ashworth cap each
10 Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 41 3 Ashworth cap each
11 Paul Hodgson, Bobby Aston 41 2
12 Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock 41 1
13 Ed Wilkinson, Dave Wilkinson 41
14= Gavin Sutcliffe, John Farrell 40
14= Phil Smeathers, Giles Terry 40
14= Mickey Gray, Matt Jansen 40
14= Jordan Young, John Hughes 40
14= Steve Garnett, Sam Garnett 40
14= Rob Farnon, Geoff Guest 40
20= John Sullivan, Warren Newton 39
20= Jim Rymer, Paul Lea 39
20= Mick Fenton, Alistair Culpan 39
23= Stuart Blake, David Kelly 38
23= Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 38
23= Lee Tilley, Dean Jagger 38
23= Gary Sinclair, Paul Rushton 38
23= Mike Barron, Ruel Spence 38
23= Sam Leach, Keith Barratt 38
23= Kevin Chisnell, Mo Dar 38
23= Brian Hopkins, Nolan Sculler 38
31= Ian Ainsworth, Arthur Jowell 37
31= Ian Fairbrother, Paul Wrigley 37
31= Phil Chadwick, Nigel Eckersley 37
31= Ken Ashford, Steve Rayer 37
31= Tony Jennison, Patrick Keenan 37
31= Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 37
37= Tony Andrews, Steve Foxcroft 36
37= John Stubbs, Ian Trow 36
37= Stuart Coupe, Mark Robinson 36
37= Neil Todd, John Ratledge 36
41= Brian Gibbons, Rob Lavery 35
41= Frazer Mackenzie, Graham Pike 35
41= Mike Barrett, Josh Garnett 35
44= Robert Weston, Dave Chambers 34
44= Lewis Marland, Neil Laurent 34
44= Roger McMullan, Ron Hopkins 34
47= Malc Wells, Cleve McCurdy 33
47= John Farnsworth, Steve Brown 33
47= Keith Thompson, Matt Wightman 33
50= Neil McKinlay, David Arthur 32
50= Ged Bradshaw, Keiran Bradshaw 32
52= Bob Sutton, Denis Bamford 31
52= Ian Lilley, Chris Norburn 31
54 Pete Lowe, Steve Hindley 30
55 Adam Hart, Ben Jackson 26

Davenport Golf Club Start times

Thursday 11th July £20 Pairs Betterball

10.10 Neville Dennis x4

10.20 Colin Roberts x4

10.30 Ian King x4

10.39 Malcolm Wells x4

10.48 Chris Lee x4

10.57 Dave Stanhope x4

11.06 Geoff Haynes x4

11.15 Mick Mahon x4

11.24 Mark Wheeler x4

11.33 Carl Kennedy x4

11.42 Lewis Marland x2 Colin Baxendale x2

11.51 George Maxwell x4

12.00 John Burt x2 Richard Blackwell x2

12.09 Paul Woodcock x4

12.18 Gail Heggarty x4

12.27 Steve Parle x4

12.36 Alan Noden x4

12.45 Alan Noden x4

1.03 Ian Perkins x4

1.12 John Stubbs x4

1.21 James Emmett x4

1.30 Roy Ainsworth x4



1.57 Mark Robinson x4

2.06 Pete Holmes x4



2.33 Dave Chambers x4

2.42 Charles Herbert x4