Carden Park results

Great Upcoming events
Manchester Hopwood £22.50 Thursday (room for 2 players)
Crewe Am Am £20 Tuesday 27th Aug- spaces for 3 teams
Ringway Shotsaver pairs £25 5th Sept- spaces filling fast
Reddish Vale Srixon masters £20 Thurs12th Sept-inc free ball fitting +sleeve of srixon balls-spaces

Many thanks to all the players who attended the very enjoyable Carden Park Trip this weekend. The spirit and camaraderie amongst the players was brilliant all weekend.

The results are shown below.

Pairs betterball
Monday 19th Aug

Mark Richardson + Andy Dutton 43pts 12

Dozen z stars

Mark Marshall +Rob Moore 43pts 11

Greg Norman shirt

Mark Robinson + Stuart Coupe 42pts 10

Greg Norman shirt

Bob Kwan + Robert Kwan 40pts 9

FJ Glove

Trevor Watts + Simon Maxwell 40pts 8

Rob Tabbron + Colin Walton 40pts 7

Mick Mahon + Frank Hindle 39pts 6

Mike Johnson + Paul Bishop 39pts 5

John Reilly + Jimmy O’Reilly 38pts 4

Neville Dennis + Frank Massey 38pts 3
GwenWilson + Amjad Butt 38pts 2

Tony + Pam Ramatowski 36pts 1
John Swift + Maureen Jolley 33pts

Ian McDowell + Barry Greening 33pts

John Farnsworth + Dave Westwood 31pts

Mark Tabbron + Steve Halton 28pts

Nearest the pin 15th Pam Ramatowski Greg Norman shirt
Nearest the pin 17th Simon Maxwell Greg Norman shirt

Sunday 18th Aug
Nicklaus course Team of 4 AM AM

Mike Johnson Stuart Coupe Mark Johnson Paul Bishop
85pts Dozen Z Stars each

Maureen Jolley John Swift Amjad Butt GwenWilson

83pts Greg Norman shirt each/balls

Mark Marshall Rob Moore Bob Kwan Robert Kwan
79pts Greg Norman shirt each

Neville Dennis, Jimmy O’Reilly, John Reilly, Frank Massey

Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Frank Hindle, Dave Westwood

Mark Richardson, Andy Dutton, Ian McDowell, Barry Greening

Trevor Watts, Simon Maxwell, Tony and Pam Ramatowski

Rob Tabbron, Colin Walton, Rob Tabbron, Steve Halton