Results from Conwy and Fridays Dunham Forest start times

Maxitours at Conwy

Over 100 Maxitours golfers battled through the dreary Manchester rain to be greeted with wonderful blue skies and plenty of fresh sea air at the lovely Conwy golf course.

There were two teams from Didsbury Golf Club who stayed over in Llandudno the night before. More than a few of them desperately required a hair of the dog before play today. ‘I always have fruit juice for breakfast’ said Paul Bayley as he enjoyed an early morning Magners.

With his flat backswing Lee Tilley has won ‘Nearest the Bin’ on several occasions during his career. Today he hit a terrific shot into the 15th hole to win ‘Nearest the Pin.’ He also tapped-in for a birdie to pick up even more srixon balls- great shooting Lee!

In today’s event third place went to the on form Dave Stanhope(11), John Anderton(9), Dave Antrobus(8) and Giles Terry(14) who tamed the wind to score an excellent 86 points. This was beaten on a better back nine by Upton-by-Chesters Mark Killgallen(15), Brian Gibbons(9), Dave Murphy(9) and Rob Lavery(17).

Rory McIlroy can now completely focus on his golf after splitting with his athletic, blonde haired and long legged girlfriend. She has sapped all his energy and severely affected his concentration. Much to his dismay Pleasington’s John Hughes(9) has had no such problems for many years and this translated into his great performance today. He teamed up with Mark Robinson(10), Mike Johnson(8) and Stuart Coupe(10) to record a superb 88 points which took the honours.

Charles Herbert(10) won the Shotsaver Summer Tour Order of Merit by the narrowest of margins as just two points separated him from second placed Malc Wells(1). A strong finish to the season saw the Styal man win The Shotsaver Order of Merit Trophy and a fantastic s320 Tour pro GPS unit. Well played chaps.
1st Charles Herbert 101 points Shotsaver Unit
2nd Malc Wells 99points Dozen Titleist Pro Vs
3rd Bob Vickers 88 points Footjoy shirt

Peter Lees has been professional at Conwy for the past 46 years and he retires at the end of the month. As well as being a terrific Club pro, a fine after dinner speaker and a great teacher he is a lovely man who has been terrific to deal with and I for one would like to wish him a very happy retirement!

Many thanks for your support today, I hope you enjoyed this great links. Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 2nd Malc Wells Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 15th Lee Tilley Dozen AD333s

2’s 2 Pro V1s or 4 srixon balls £122.50 Luke Mighall John Hughes Mark Killgallen Phil Lockett Malc Wells Jay Seddon David Smith Mark Woodhead Richard Palmer Ken Swarbrick Mike Spencer Phil Vokes Stuart Mellish Lee Tilley Roger McMullan Dave Rhodes Andy Hallowes Dave Murphy John Hilditch John Stubbs John Robinson Tom Wilson

Conwy 14-Oct-2013
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mark Robinson, Mike Johnson, John Hughes, Stuart Coupe 88 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Mark Killgallen, Dave Murphy, Brian Gibbons, Rob Lavery 86 10 Footjoy shirt each
3 Giles Terry, Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, John Anderson 86 8 Greg Norman shirt each
4 Pete Hall , Nathan Chadwick, Des Kelly, Phil Lockett 84 6 Titleist Winter Hat each
5 Malc Wells, Phil Sharp, Adam Hart, Bob Vickers 84 4
6 Charles Herbert, Marcus Kaye, Ross Birch, Jay Seddon 82 2
7= Ray Royle, Steve Parle, Dave Smith, Bill Parkinson 82
7= Doug Edmonds, Andy Moon, Chris Ernill, Barry Taylor 82
7= Ian Bartholomew, Ben Luscombe, Geoff Underhill, John Hilditch 82
10= Paul Crisp, Mike Lynch, Trevor Golds, Keith Bowden 81
10= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 81
12 Gary Garner, Phil Ashcroft, Graham Robins, Mark Green 80
13= Mike Spencer, Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Chris Cyprus 79
13= Gairan Bradshaw, Jeff Mellish, Stuart Mellish, Carl Foster 79
13= John Robinson, Martin Murray, Ted Biddlecombe, Dave Henshall 79
16 Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 78
17= Mark Birtwistle, Bernard Wood, John Ormerod, Andy Hallowes 74
17= Al Noden, Roy Kirk, Paul Bayley, Dave Ryder 74
19 Andy Sandham, Dave Blood, Mike Humphries, John Marchmant 73
20 Ted Ellis, Tony Gee, Tom Wilson, Paul Baxter 71
21 Roger McMullan, John Colquitt, Derek Scoular, Andrew Dickson 70
22= Bob Sutton, Steve Foxcroft, David Kelly, Peter Sutton 69
22= Colin Baxendale, Mo Dar, Ross Sellors, Kevin Chisnell 69
22= Chris Dykens, Ken Swarbrick, Bill Melia, Lee Mighall 69
25 Rod Barlow, Ian Neilson, Tom Costley, Alan Brough 68

Dunham Forest Pairs start times
Friday 18th October £25
7.51am Neville Dennis x4
8.00am Colin Roberts x4
8.09am Mark Wheeler x4
8.18am Ian King x4
8.37am Malc Wells x2 Colin Baxendale x2
8.46am Gav Sutcliffex4
8.55am Tony Cooper x4
9.03am Dave Stanhope x4
9.13am Dave Parsons x4
9.21am Richard Blackwell x2 Steve Johnson x2
9.30am Phil Vokes x4
9.39am Dave Collinson x4
9.48am Jason Waite x4
9.57am Gail Hegarty x4
10.06am George Maxwell x4
10.15am Ron Jolley x2 Pete O’Neill x2
10.24am Mick Mahon x4
10.34am Geoff haynes x4
10.43am Dave Blood x4
10.52am Des Kelly x4
11.01am Richard Williamson x4
11.10am Derek Ashford x4
11.19am Sean Kirkby x4
11.28am Dave Keen x4
11.37am Dave Keen x4
11.46am Colin Lynch x4
11.55am Paul Griffiths x4
12.04pm Roy Bramwell x4
12.13pm Dave Crowther x4
12.22pm Charles Herbert x4
12.31pm John Stubbs x4
12.40pm Barry Jackson x4

12.49pm John Hilditch x2 Chris Burrows x2